Model-actor Brent Javier tries his luck again in showbiz

Limang taong nawala sa sirkulasyon ang actor-model na si Brent Javier. Saad ni Brent, "In order for me to have recall with certain people, that I have to do a lot of things again just so people, ‘Oh, I remember him from that commercial!’ Because I think that there are still a lot of people that still remember me. And I just wanna spark their interest again.”

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang model-host na si Brent Javier, na ngayon ay dalawang buwan nang nasa pangangalaga ng Mercator Artist & Model Management ni Jonas Gaffud.

Gaano na bang katagal si Brent sa modelling at showbiz industry?

“Well, I guess in the entertainment industry, including modeling, around eight years... close to there,” pahayag ni Brent.

Unang nakilala si Brent nang manalo siya sa Mossimo Bikini Summit noong 2003.

ACTING CAREER. Artista rin si Brent.

Kuwento niya, “I’ve done a lot of guestings. I’ve done a lot both for GMA and ABS.

“It’s been a while, like, I sort of stopped for a bit.

"That’s why I’m trying to be more active and trying to get myself back up there and reintroduce myself to the public again.”

Limang taon daw na nag-lie low si Brent sa pag-aartista. Bakit siya huminto?

“There are a lot of factors. I mean, just at that point in my life, I felt like it wasn’t the right thing for me.

“Also, I was with my girlfriend for a really long time—that played a factor as well.

“Just a whole bunch of things, like, I would almost call it negative momentum.

“Well, there are still people that wanted to get me for certain things, but, to be honest, like I wasn’t in the right head space, I guess.

“I pick my projects, like I would still do certain things here and there.

"Like, I would do a fashion show here, a shoot there, but it wasn’t like before.


“When I first started, I was doing shoots every day. I was doing fashion shows every day.”

Nakagawa rin siya dati ng isang pelikula, ang Loving You (2008), under Regal Entertainment, Inc.

“I was the boyfriend of Yasmien Kurdi,” sabi ni Brent tungkol sa role niya sa pelikula.

FIVE-YEAR HIATUS. Ano ang ginawa niya for five years?

“Well, there’s a point when I laid low here, but I was modelling a lot abroad, like there’s Thailand or Singapore.

“While I was here laying low, I was just enjoying being in a relationship at that point.

“Like I said, I picked in shows, some of the projects that I did.”

PARTING WAYS. Limang buwan na raw silang hiwalay ng karelasyon niyang si Karen Pamintuan, na isa ring host.

“We recently parted ways, but it’s mutual. It wasn’t a bad breakup.

“We’re kosher towards each other—it’s a term that we use in Canada, it’s a slang in Canada which means, like civil...

"Yeah, everything’s, yeah, civil, exactly.

“It’s a slang way of saying everything’s all good.”

Half-Filipino, half-Canadian si Brent.

“I’m a dual citizen, yeah. I was born and raised in Toronto."

Lima at kalahating taon tumagal ang kanilang relasyon.

No chance of getting back?

“I mean, I wouldn’t… anything’s possible but right now…”

Is he still hurting from the breakup?

“I’m on a transitional phase, to be honest.

“It was five and a half years, that’s quite a long time, so I feel, like, right now, I do not know how to act still. You know what I mean?


“It’s just different ‘coz when you’re in a relationship, everything’s so relationship-based.

“But now that I’m back being single again, I think I forgot how it is to be single.

"So, for me, yeah, it’s pretty big adjustment.”

How is he coping?

“Just trying to stay busy. Luckily, Jonas [Gaffud] has been helping me get a lot of work.”

EASY DECISION. What made him go to Mercator?

“Well, for me, it was pretty easy decision because, obviously, Jonas has been doing well with his talents.

“It’s not like a secret or anything, you can see that his talents had been doing well, and that he’s been doing well.

“So for that reason, on top of the fact that when I first started, I think he first started too, so…"

Sino ang gumawa ng hakbang para sa paglipat niya sa Mercator?

“I did, I face-booked him. I asked him if we can meet up. I want to run by him if he would be interested.”

SHOWBIZ COMEBACK. Bakit siya nagbabalik sa showbiz?

“Like I said, at that point, I wasn’t in the right head space, but I think, at this point, it’s something that I want.

“I feel the drive towards it and it’s something that I haven’t proven to myself to be successful yet in—showbiz in particular.

“So, I take it as a challenge, and I think it’s kaya, but I know it’s all potential.

“I’m not polished, like even yung Tagalog ko, so it’s a lot to be improved on.


“But I think if the right elements come together, along with luck, which I think has to do with everything, then you know, it’s something that could happen.”

Dagdag niya, “I’d really, I’d like to target going to more of hosting, but I’m not ruling anything out.

“But I realize that in order for me to have recall with certain people, that I have to do a lot of things again just so people, ‘Oh, I remember him from that commercial!’

“Because I think that there are still a lot of people that still remember me. And I just wanna spark their interest again.”

SOAP OPERA. Okay lang ba sa kanya na gumawa ng soap opera?

Sagot ni Brent, “Like I said, the Tagalog thing is the thing that holds me back because…

“I’m not saying I’m a good actor, but when I have to think about the Tagalog, on top of acting, it really slows down the whole process.”

May acting and hosting workshops daw siya under Beverly Vergel.

Hindi pa siya nakakapag-soap opera.

“That’s what I was referring to, I was supposed to be on a soap before, I wouldn’t mention names or whatever, but it’s my Tagalog that was a hindrance for me.”

May Tagalog tutor si Brent ngayon.

“Yeah I do, I’m currently talking classes about twice a week.”

Ayon pa kay Brent, “I’d love to do action. But I think I’m more suited to do like the love stuff.


“Even talking with Miss Bev, like she broke down my personality and what I’m suited for and everything.

“And she said that the way I am, like in acting, obviously you play someone else, but you do something personal about the character that you bring from your own life.

"So, yeah, I know what she’s saying, so I’d probably be suited for that more.

“But I’d love to do everything, like comedy kung kaya. Pero I’m not sure, like I don’t have a lot of experience.

"So I don’t know which exactly I’ll be strong at.”

SUPERMODEL. Isa si Brent sa maituturing na male supermodels dito sa Pilipinas.

Pero aniya, “I don’t know, if you were to say that to me, I don’t know how to take that.

“Like, I appreciate it, I don’t actually like agree with it.

"But, yeah, I mean I’ve done my share in the modelling industry.

“I feel, like, I think there’s still time and if I’m gonna do it, it has to be now.

“I can’t wait another couple of years and then decide that I wanna do it.”

Sa palagay ba niya ay naabot na niya ang peak niya as a model?

“Well, yeah, probably I have. My only step would be to try somewhere else, like go back to Canada or the States and model there, or Europe or something.”

May dalawang projects si Brent ngayon—isang lifestyle show with Shamcey Supsup na in the works pa at ang Touchdown ng Mercator TV.


Touchdown in the sense of like touching down in a place and featuring Filipinos that are doing well whether here or abroad, exceptional Filipinos.

“It’ll be on the Internet, webisodes.”

Ilan sa mga lugar na ginaglugad at gagalugarin ni Brent ay ang Amerika at Canada, kung saan pupuntahan ni Brent sa Toronto ang international male model na si Paulo Roldan.

Una muna niyang ginawa ang "Road to Miss Universe" episode na ipalalabas na sa Lunes, November 19, kung saan tampok sina Shamcey, Queenierich Rehman, Venus Raj, at Janine Tugunon.

Bilang host ay nais tularan ni Brent ang paborito niyang si Mario Lopez.

DREAM LEADING LADIES. Given a chance to be in a soap, sino ang gusto ni Brent na maging leading lady?

“Anne Curtis," sagot niya.

“Yeah, I’ve met her, we’re acquaintances.

“She’s doing really well right now and you know it seems like she’s doing her thing, so it’ll be good to be able to work with her.

“She’s like around my age too.

“Maybe Judy Ann Santos, because the soap that I was supposed to do where I was really bad [in Tagalog], she was the star. So if I could do better in this craft.

“She was the lead and I was supposed to be in that show but didn’t go through.

“So anyway, I just like to prove myself.

“Honestly, I don’t wanna be picky, I don’t wanna be like the guy that you know… I welcome whoever they will pair me up with.


“I’ll be open to anyone.”

Anong role ang gusto niyang gampanan?

“I’ll leave that up to my manager,” sagot ni Brent.

What about gay role?

“If it’s the right time for my career, like, I mean, I don’t think that may be my ideal role for starting, but if I’m doing it for a little bit…

“I mean, leading Hollywood actors have done the same so if I can do it and I can do it well then yeah.”

Tatalikuran na ba ni Brent ang modeling?

“I think modelling will always be there.

“I still enjoy it, I just don’t enjoy doing it as much like as often, not as much. Been there, done that.

“Everyone has their time.”

Nude modelling or pictorial…

“I would do it if it was proper, like I’m not gonna do it just to do it.

“Have I? Like full frontal? No, no. I’ve been naked but nothing was showing.

“For Cosmo, I was only holding a book; that was just a book.”





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