Iwa Moto stands by revelations about marriage with Mickey Ablan and miscarriage: “I just told that because it’s the truth. Hindi nakakataas ng pagkababae ko yun!”

Despite the flak she is getting days after revealing that she and her ex-boyfriend Mickey Ablan tied the knot on October 2009 and subsequently lost their child due to a miscarriage, sexy actress Iwa Moto remains unfazed. She said, “Basta ako, so far, mula nung nagsalita ako hanggang ngayon, did I prove anyone wrong? So far, lagi, pag nagsasalita ako, I always have a back-up plan na may proof ako. I admitted that I was married. And I’m still married right now so there

Four days after finally speaking up about her one-year marriage with her now ex-lover Mickey Ablan, Iwa Moto looked happy and relieved.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the former GMA-7 talent late afternoon yesterday, December 3, on the set of TV5’s Enchanted Garden at the Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal.

Iwa enters the second chapter of the show as a “deceitful” villain along with the new characters played by JC de Vera, Eula Caballero, and Bing Loyzaga.

Chatty and lively, it was difficult to imagine that Iwa, who is currently in a seven-month relationship with Pampi Lacson—the estranged husband of actress Jodi Sta. Maria—is caught up in a controversy at the moment.

Iwa’s confession at the contract signing of her new endorsement with Titan X3 on November 30 was unexpected after a period of denying.

Iwa finally admitted to marrying Mickey on October 2009 and having a miscarriage along the way.

The reasons as to why she and Mickey had to deny their status included safeguarding her career and relations with the Kapuso network and a “someone” that she and Mickey “had to protect.”

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In a separate article about the November 30 contract signing, Iwa was also reported to have touched on a past controversy—one that dealt with Jodi being linked to Mickey three years ago.

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Iwa said, “Ang sinabi ko, yung totoo, na three years ago, my ex-husband and Jodi had an affair.”

The actress’s statement was uttered as a defense from the allegation that she was the reason—the third party—behind Jodi and Pampi’s separation.

Jodi, star of ABS-CBN’s morning soap Please Be Careful With My Heart, is now rumored to be dating Jolo Revilla, son of actor-politician Bong Revilla.


Meanwhile, Mickey, a mixed martial arts fighter, is currently in a relationship with comedienne Janna Dominguez, with whom he has a daughter with.

In the same report, Iwa stated, “Sa kasamaang-palad, hindi ako yung kabit… pero klaro na hiwalay na sila noong naging kami ni Pampi.

“Pero ang masakit nun, Jodi knows na kasal kami ni Mickey nung time na yun. Alam niya, and they had a relationship for, like, three months.”

HOW PAMPI SEES IWA. Iwa did not hesitate to face PEP along with another member of the press upon arriving on the set of Enchanted Garden.

The interview kicked off with an inquiry about Aberya, a film entry at the CinemaOne Originals 2012 film festival.

Iwa topbills the said project with Will Devaughn and Mercedes Cabral.

The actress mentioned how in that film she braved taking on her most daring role yet.

Asked if the scenes will make her boyfriend feel unfcomfortable when he sees it, Iwa replied, “Magiging uncomfortable siya kasi… Actually, sabi ko sa kanya, panoodin niya.

“E, kasi sabi ko sa kanya, dun mo makikita yung acting, dun mo makikita kung ano yung different side ko.

"Kasi he knows me for being Aileen—that’s my real name.

“But, sabi ko, there’s a different side ng pagkatao ko when I’m Iwa, when I’m portraying something.”

While he does not get jealous, Iwa says Pampi is one to get affected by her doing a kissing scene: “Kahit daw mga smack-smack.”

Iwa continued, “So, ayaw niya raw panoorin pero… never naman niya ako pinagbawalan.

“In all fairness, alam niya yung shooting na yun.”

Iwa even calls up Pampi to give a blow-by-blow account on the things happening on the set.

“Tinatawagan ko siya, ‘Mahal, ito yung scene ko ngayon. Mamaya may kissing scene. Mamaya gagawin ko na yung love scene.’


“So, parang sa kanya, ‘Okay.’ Basta hindi niya lang ’ata kaya panoorin talaga.”

Pampi, son of Senator Ping Lacson, has no objections about his girlfriend being a sexy star.

Perhaps this is because he came into her life when Iwa had already established her sexy image.

“We go way back as friends,” told Iwa.

“We became friends like two years ago. Tapos, constant yun na nag-uusap kami. Hanggang sa nawalan na ng communication tapos nagkita uli…”

Iwa clarified that she had already broken up with Mickey before her friendship with Pampi began.

“Ah, no. I met Pampi when my ex and I broke up. That’s the time I met him.”

She narrated, “Medyo nagtutulungan kami nung time na yun. We’re talking, we’re confiding in each other.

“Pero other than that, wala. As in … sexually, hindi kami interested with each other dati. Sobrang magkaibigan lang kami.”

How exactly did their friendship start?

Iwa said, “Kasi we have common friends, both us are from [the] south.

“So, lahat ng common friends namin, parang, ‘Wow!’

"Hindi sila makapaniwala na kami yung mag-boyfriend-girlfriend ngayon kasi magkaibang-magkaibang tao talaga [kami].

“At saka, wala e, from our past? Parang medyo mahirap talaga nga namang imadyinin na kami ngayon.”

Part of being in a relationship is accepting each other’s past. This Iwa knows to be true for her and Pampi.

“Of course. Ganun naman ata, e. If you’re in a relationship, you should know everything and just accept.

She attests to the fact that this relationship is, by far, the most mature she has been in.

“Yes. And he is the most mature,” Iwa said smiling.

“Kasi may iba kasi na medyo oldies na pero kung kumilos parang elementary.

"So, siya yung pinakamalumanay, pinakamahaba yung pasensiya.

“Like, kanina lang, inaasar ko siya, inaaway-away ko siya, pero parang, [sabi niya,] ‘O, okay ka na? Sige na, maligo ka na kasi hahatid na kita.’"


Iwa described Pampi: “Hindi siya yung para patulan ako.

"Kasi minsan, ang mga babae, di ba? May mga tantrums… basta may mga mood swings ang babae, monthly mood swings. So, di ba?

“Siya lang ang kauna-unahang lalaki na inintindi talaga ako nang todo.”

What does she feel Pampi sees in the real Aileen Iwamoto?

The actress mused, “Ewan ko. Well, lagi niyang sinasabi na ibang-iba daw ako. Sobrang iba kasi ako sa bahay namin.

"Sa labas ng set, I’m a different person.

“Di ako lumalabas, I don’t drink. I don’t…yung mga gimik, hindi ako naggaganun.

"Maggaganun ako kung may mga event or kung obligado, basta parte ng trabaho. Pero other than that, hindi.

“Tapos sabi niya sa akin, masyado daw ako maalaga sa mga family ko. Sobrang different.

“Kasi nga, ang nakikita ng mga tao is yung nagpapa-sexy.

"Pero sabi niya, ‘You’re different pala.’ Kasi sobrang family-oriented ko daw. Masyado nga daw akong maka-pamilya. Iba daw ako mag-isip.”

Pampi, according to Iwa, likes to tell her “Alam mo, ikaw, mabait ka…”

Iwa beamed, “May mga maliliit na rason siya na, ‘Alam kong mabait ka kasi…’

“Ginagano’n niya ako lagi. So, nakakatuwa.”

Pampi and Iwa manage to stick together in spite of the criticisms their relationship is getting.

“I think I don’t deserve it. I think we both don’t deserve it.

“Pero wala naman kaming maggagawa, e. Kasi hindi namin kontrolado yung utak ng ibang tao, di ba?

The actresss said that she and and Pampi talk it out: “Whatever we say, kung magsabi man kami ng totoo, meron pa ring magbabaliktad ng lahat, gagawing masama… kahit na wala akong sinabi na masama.

“Kapag binabasa ko naman yung mga sinasabi ko, parang wala naman akong sinabing masama.

“Siguro, iba lang talaga yung dating sa tao. So, parang sabi ko, hayaan na natin.


“Sabi niya rin sa akin na, ‘Ganito lang yun. I’m always at your back. So, kung anuman yung mangyari, alam ko naman yung totoo, e.’”

A thought keeps Iwa strong: “Pero definitely, once na may taong manakit sa akin, hindi na rin siya makakapayag.

“Sabi niya, ‘Yung mga fans nga na nangba-bash sayo, hayaan mo na yung mga yun. E, wala tayong maggagawa, hindi ka nila trip, e!’”

Iwa mentioned that she has been receiving hate tweets from a number of netizens which is why she decided to keep her Twitter, as well as her Facebook account, private.

The actress, while she has been become infamous for being unapologetically vocal about the controversies she gets involved in, has always stood her ground.

“Sa akin kasi, I would say sorry if I’m telling a lie or if I did something wrong.”

Iwa shared, “I posted something on my Facebook account. Sabi ko, ‘I’m tired of fighting alone. If telling the truth is a crime, then arrest me.’ Parang ganun lang yun, e.

“Kahit naman magsinungaling ako, magsabi ako ng totoo, kung imi-misjudge ng tao, imi-misjudge pa rin nila at papatungan pa nila ng kung anu-ano.”

“PARTNERS IN CRIME.” How does Iwa think will she and Pampi get through the controversy they are in now? Does she foresee obstacles like their ex-significant others perhaps?

The actress replied, “Hindi din. Kasi ano kami ni Pampi, e… Actually, para kaming partners in crime.

“Bago ako gumawa ng action, I consult him.

"Kasi ano, siyempre, ina-acknowledge ko siya bilang naging parte ng buhay niya yung tao.”

Pampi, according to Iwa, trusts her.

“Sabi niya sa akin, ‘As long as you’re not telling a lie, I’m at your back all the way.’

“Pero sabi niya sa akin, once na nagsalita daw ako ng kasinungalingan, siya daw mismo ang tatawagin ako at aawayin niya ako.


“So, parang ganun, e. You have to have guidance.

"He’s kind of like my… yung nagga-guide sa akin na as long as you’re not telling a lie.

“’Kasi kahit na bali-baliktarin ng tao yung kuwento, bali-baliktarin nila yung tanong, hindi ka naman nagsisinungaling, e. Yun at yun ang isasagot mo.’

"Yun yung lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin.”

ON MICKEY ABLAN’S DENIAL. In a portion of the interview, PEP got Iwa’s reaction to Mickey’s apparent denial about the things she recently disclosed.

Groping for words, Iwa uttered, “Pa’no ba? Actually… yung buong family ko, galit sa kanya.”

She firmly continued, “Pesonally, natatawa ako sa kanya. And I feel bad for him. How could a father do that, di ba?

“Ewan ko kung literal bang wala siyang puso pero… I don’t know.

“Siguro, ito na lang. Why would I reveal that?

"Yun ba yung bagay na makakatulong sa career ko? Ikakasikat ko ba yun? Ikagaganda ba yun ng buhay ko? Hindi, e!

“I just told that because it’s the truth.

"Hindi ko sinabi yun para ano man, kasi hindi naman nakakataas ng pagka-babae ko yun, e.

“Kahit kanino mo itanong yun, hindi nakakataas ng pagkababae ko yun!

"And God knows that I’m not telling a lie.

“And kung i-deny man niya, pa-interview siya, hahaba lang ito. At baka pagsisihan niya nang husto.

“I’m not threatening anyone.

"Pero siguro, he’s just trying to protect himself kasi ngayon may partner na nga siya.

"And siguro, hindi alam ng partner niya lahat. Siguro ganun.”

Iwa also went on to say that she has confidence in her relationship with Pampi.

“Pampi knows everything. As in when I say everything, literal na everything yun,” she said with conviction in every word.

“I don’t keep a secret, even the smallest secret, I don’t keep it from him. He’s like my priest na dun ako nagko-confide.


“Pampi knows everything and Pampi accepts me for who I am. Alam niya lahat ng pinagdaanan ko.”

At a slower pace, Iwa continued, “I’m just tired. Kahit naman anong sabihin ko, e. I-deny man nila, maglalabas ako ng pruweba, what’s the point?

“Basta ako, so far, mula nung nagsalita ako hanggang ngayon, did I prove anyone wrong?

"So far, lagi, pag nagsasalita ako, I always have a back-up plan na may proof ako.

“I admitted that I was married. And I’m still married right now so there’s the marriage certificate.

“Why would I lie about my baby? Ano’ng mangyayari sa akin kung gagawin ko yun? Ano’ng ikabubuti sa akin nun?”

NOT AFRAID TO LOVE. As previoulsly confirmed, Iwa and Mickey’s annulment is underway.

She told, “It’s in the process but medyo, siyempre, matagal talaga yun dahil a lot of Filipinos are getting annulled. Medyo pahirapan kami.”

Randomly asked about her view on divorce being legalized in the Philippines, Iwa laughed, “Hell, yeah!”

She took back her amused expression and said, “Not because I want to get married again or anything like that, but because I want to be free.

“Sabi ko, tuluyan lang akong makakalaya once I’m Aileen Iwamoto again, di ba? Yun na lang iniisip ko.”

Will her disastrous first marriage keep her from getting married again or ever loving again?

Iwa answered, “No. Ako kasi, sabi ko, I’m not afraid to love and get hurt over and over and over and over.

"I know that every time I get hurt, I’m one step closer to that person I’m meant to be with.

“Wala talagang assurance, e. There’s no such thing as assured love.”

She agrees that love is a leap of faith.

“Yes. Kung siya, di siya. Kung hindi, move on. Ako, I’m still young.


“Ang dami pang dadating sa buhay ko. Marami pang mangyayari sa buhay ko and I’m open to everything.”





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