Kuh Ledesma, Kean Cipriano, and Paulo Avelino: Tales of gift-giving

Paulo Avelino, Kuh Ledesma, and Kean Cipriano revealed their Christmas shopping habits.

Three celebrities related their tales of gift-giving during the Christmas season.

Kuh Ledesma wants to plan ahead for her Christmas shopping.

The Pop Diva said, “I wanna prepare my gifts early cause I’m always rushing and nakaka-stress.

“But [on] Christmas I’d like to be able to visit, you know, underprivileged children, maybe bring them toys and all that.

“Pero alam mo, kami sa Hacienda Isabella, I’m preparing already my clothes na hindi ginagamit, toys and whatever. Whatever things I have that I feel, nakatago lang.”

Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay is an events place owned by Kuh.

She continued, “And usually I put up a bazaar and then I give them play-money.

“And then namimili sila nung things kong luma. Ganun, it’s really fun,” she related.

KEAN CIPRIANO. One might be surprised to know that Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano also joins the Christmas rush in malls during the holidays.

We asked him where he usually goes Christmas shopping.

He replied, “Kung saan maraming sale, kung san [may] discount. Pero iba-iba, e.

“Kasi lagi, every year, lagi sinasabi na, o dito mura, o dito mas mura, o dito naman maraming sale or whatever.”

He also revealed a strange “tradition” he has with his brother.

Kean said, “Kami ng brother ko, we always do this… Kasi while everyone is cramming for gifts and all, kaming magkakapatid naka-steady lang kami sa bahay, hindi pa kami namimili ng regalo.

“Gusto namin, last minute. So on the 24th, dun kami [namîmili]. Lagi yun.

“Siguro, mga five years na naming ginagawa or seven years na naming ginagawa ng kapatid ko na on the 24th, mag-aano kami, magla-last-minute shopping kami.

“Kasi nag-aabutan kami ng kahit mga 9pm, yung tipong naghahabol na kami. Yun yung ritual namin.”

Who are the people who would usually get presents from him?


“That’s actually hard to answer. I don’t wanna say. Kasi baka mainggit yung iba, e, manghingi rin ng regalo sa ‘kin, e.

“Pero, kung sino yung masulat ko sa listahan ko ng tunay kong kaibigan, mga inaanak ko...”

How about your bandmates?

“Well, depende rin sa ‘min, depende rin. May times na nagbibigayan kaming regalo, may times na hindi.

“Actually, it depends on the mood or kung anuman.

“Pero, it’s not really about giving gifts. It’s about who you’re gonna celebrate, the one who has this birthday on the twenty-fifth and how you’re gonna celebrate with him,” Kean said, meaningfully.

PAULO AVELINO. Baguio-raised actor/model/TV host Paulo Avelino finds it hard to enumerate the people he would want to give Christmas gifts to.

He said, “I try whenever I get the time to do Christmas shopping. ‘Cause in our industry, ang daming dapat regaluhan, e.

“From the bosses, to your production staffs, your manager, the people that work under you, parang ang dami mong pwedeng regaluhan.

“So, as much as possible, I try to choose, to handpick or to give something personal to the people I give gifts.”





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