Christian Bautista says 2013 is still an “empty slate”

Christian Bautista’s Christmas wish: “That I may be a good example here in this crazy, wild entertainment industry.”

2012 has been “very good” for Christian Bautista.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Christmas party of the Belo Medical Group for its employees, the singer said, “I had a good concert called X Class. Then the Rama Hari now.

“God has been really giving me blessings left and right that I haven’t even asked or imagined.

“So, it’s been a good celebration of my ten years, and I’m excited on what will happen for the next ten years. We’ll see.”

When asked where he plans to take his career next year, he replied, it’s still an “empty slate.”

Going to Indonesia may be part of it, “I wanna do something there,” he said.

Locally, he wants to broaden his horizons.

The Kapamilya star continued, “We’ll see if we can do more acting jobs. We’ll see if I can do something with my music na I’ve never done before. Anything’s possible, e…

“Pero what’s sure is I wanna stick to my core, but I wanna do something else that will really be accepted, loved by the new generation that we have right now.”

The next step for him: explore and experiment!

A collaboration may be in the offing. Another musical is a big possibility. A TV project sounds good.

Smiling, the singer said, “Dapat something exciting talaga to capture everyone’s heart.

“It’s good to do the same thing, but sometimes there’s a need to do that other thing that will capture everyone’s heart and attention and yet not leave your core audience na hinahanap mo.”

CHRISTIAN ONSTAGE. Performing is not just about having the talent.

The ward of Carlo Orosa underlined the importance of preparing.

“Dapat aaralin ko siyempre yung kanta,” he said.


But doing a musical is a different story.

“Hindi ka lang kumakanta, e, umaarte ka pa… I have to really invest a lot of time to put the songs and the character into myself and myself into the character.”

Given the rigid rehearsal, how does he protect his voice?

“It’s both experience and technique.

“So, in the beginning, siyempre pag nagsisimula ka pa lang kumanta, di ka pa marunong, kanta ka lang nang kanta, tapos mawawala yung boses mo.

“Later on, you’ll learn as you do voice lessons. Kasi, there are ways to save your voice through different ways of singing.

“So yun ang nalalaman namin sa theater and the other lessons that we take.”

Given the chance, he wants to work with KC Concepcion in a musical.

“Mahilig din yun sa theater, so I think it’s exciting if we get to work with each other."

CHRISTMAS WISH. Christian happily shared his family’s Christmas plans.

“The Bautistas, [they have a yearly family reunion]. There’s gonna be costumes, singing, and dance.”

And this year’s theme is “Filipiniana.”

Is Carla Dunareanu, his girlfriend, going to join them?

“Yes, she is. It’s her first time.”

What’s his Christmas gift for her?

“She wants a dog bag. What do you call that? Yung parang bag na fashionable for a dog.”

As far as his lovelife is concerned, it’s been “very good” so far.

Is there anything else he would ask for?

“My wish this Christmas is still for all to love each other, work for each other, understand each other, unite… to unite!”

How about a wish for himself?

Animatedly, he answered, “That I may be a good example here in this crazy, wild entertainment industry.”

Note: In an earlier version, we said "2013 has been ’very good’ for Christian Bautista." We have made the correction: It is 2012 that has been "very good" for the singer-actor; it is 2013 that remains an "empty slate."






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