Roderick Paulate "amazed" that ’80s singer Rick Astley still remembers him

Rick Astley, the English singer who popularized the song "Together Forever," mentioned actor-politician Roderick Paulate in a recent interview. Astley said, “I met Roderick Paulate. He was a big star there and the team told me he did an impersonation of me so we got him on stage..."

Natuwa ang actor-politician na si Roderick Paulate nang malaman nito ang mga papuri sa kanya ng English singer na si Rick Astley sa interview na lumabas sa 7 Days in Dubai newspaper kahapon, February 26

Ang “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “Whenever You Need Somebody,” at “Together Forever” ang ilan sa mga kanta na pinasikat ni Rick noong late ’80s.

Para sa 47-year-old singer, ang kanyang concert sa Pilipinas noong August 2008, na ginanap sa Araneta Coliseum, ang isa sa mga hindi niya makakalimutan dahil sa mainit na pagtanggap ng mga Pilipino.

Nagkaroon din siya ng pagkakataon na makilala nang personal at maka-duet si Roderick.

Hindi naman makapaniwala si Roderick dahil naalaala pa siya ni Rick.

Sabi niya sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal), " It feels great na naalaala pa niya ako. Amazed na amazed ako ..."

ALL-TIME FAVORITE. Sa panayam sa kanya ng 7 Days in Dubai, sinabi ni Rick na ang concert niya sa Araneta Coliseum ang kanyang “all-time favorite.”

Lahad niya, “I played in the Araneta Coliseum—where Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier.

“As a kid, they were legendary and the Thrilla In Manila was one of the biggest fights of Ali’s career.

“I knew all about that stadium so when I heard I was playing there, I was thrilled.

“There were posters of Ali and Frazier in the dressing room. I couldn’t believe it. The gig was bonkers.

“I met Roderick Paulate. He was a big star there and the team told me he did an impersonation of me so we got him on stage.


“He came on and I had an acoustic guitar strumming the chords to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’

“He started singing it and I almost fell over. He’s quite a petite guy but his voice was amazing.

“He started dancing around and the crowd went bonkers.

“It was a really good night—great fun.

“When you’re in a part of the world, you haven’t been to or you don’t know anything about, it’s a big thing to walk out and people sing ever word of every one of your songs.”





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