Christine Bersola-Babao apologizes to those who were offended by her column about homosexuality

“I may hv limited knowledge of d politically correct language of the LGBT community but in God’s name, I hv PROFOUND LOVE & RESPECT for gays,” Christine Bersola-Babao posted this on her Twitter account earlier to apologize for her “Being Gay” column yesterday, March 11, on Philippine Star.

Humingi ng paumanhin ang TV personality na si Christine Bersola-Babao para sa kolum niya kahapon, March 11, sa Philippine STAR na may titulong “Being Gay.”

Sa kanyang Twitter account kaninang hapon, March 12, ito ang pakiusap ni Christine (@ChristineBBabao): “Do NOT shoot the messenger.”

Sa nasabing kolum, sinubukang sagutin ng Good Morning Club host ang tanong na ito: “What should a parent do if the child shows early signs of being gay?”

Sa tulong ng isa sa mga Trio Tagapayo ng programang Face to Face, ang family counselor and psychologist na si Dr. Camille Garcia, sinubukang sagutin ng TV5 host ang madalas na tanong tungkol sa paksa.

Sa ikalawang katanungan na “Should parents be alarmed and arrest the situation? Or encourage it?” sinagot ito ni Dr. Garcia ng: “Arrest the situation, yun ang tama.

“But most parents encourage the situation. Tatanggapin agad.

“Let’s be moral in making the child understand the situation, di ba yun ang dapat? We tell our child, ‘Anak, mali ito.’”

Kung si Christine naman mismo ang tatanungin tungkol dito, ito ang isinulat niya sa kanyang kolum:

“Now, if you ask me what if my son grows up to be gay? I will not encourage it.

“But will I accept? A mother will always accept her child.

“A mom may not agree with all of her child’s choices or preferences, but in the end, being a kind human being is more important than what your gender is.”

Nabanggit din ng asawa ng Bandila news anchor na si Julius Babao kung paano nila ipinaliliwanag sa kanilang three-year-old na anak na lalaki ang pagkakaiba ng mga kasarian.


Isang halimbawang ibinigay ni Christine ay ang kaibahan ng mga laruang panglalaki at pangbabae

“As a mom who has a three-year-old son named Nio, my personal take on the matter is this: Nio, when curious, plays with his big sister’s toys.

“But we always point it out to him that those are toys for girls, and these are toys for boys.

“We compare toys so that he will understand.”

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. Iba-iba ang naging reaksiyon nga mga nakabasa ng kolum ni Christine, ngunit karamihan sa mga ito ay negatibo.

Tulad halimbawa ng sinabi ng Twitter user na si Paul Agoncillo (@pauliphonik): “Playing rough games does not make a man straight, nor playing girl toys make him gay.

“And choosing to wear clothes that are "very masculine" also does not make one straight.

Nagbigay rin siya ng reaksiyon sa pagiging “messenger” ni Christine sa nasabing isyu.

Ani Paul, “What was posted was NOT merely a transcript of your ‘interview’ with Dr. Camille Garcia. It also included your pov.

“You talked about your son and how he was taught the difference between toys for boys & girls.”

Para naman sa Twitter user na si Neil Michael Namoro (@neilnamoro): “wow. a wee bit insensitive and bigoted, are we, christine bersola? geez.”

Ayon naman sa Twitter user na si Harvey Sorrow (@HarveySorrow), “Sorry but Christine Bersola’s article paints a very maBABAO and inaccurate picture of what happens during the formative years of a uranist.”

“I APOLOGIZE.” Sa mga sunud-sunod na Twitter posts ni Christine kanina, sinagot niya ang ilang Twitter followers niya na nagbigay ng opinyon tungkol sa kanyang isinulat.


Kasabay nito ay humingi siya ng paumanhin, kasama na si Dr. Garcia, sa mga taong maaaring na-offend sa kanyang kolum.

Narito ang ilan sa mga huling post ni Christine:

“it is unfortunate that readers fr the LGBT community mistook Dr Camille Garcia’s words as mine. She has ruffled feathers bec of her pov.

“She knows this but stands by her own because that is her opinion as a child psychologist.You dont have to agree w her. She understands that.

“Dr Camille said that if you hv issues regarding her pov, feel free to email her at and she will answer ur questions.

“Dr Camille apologizes if her pov hurt & angered the LGBT community. But she says those r her own opinions as a clinical psych.

“I may hv limited knowledge of d politically correct language of the LGBT community but in God’s name, I hv PROFOUND LOVE & RESPECT for gays

“To the People I’ve HURT with the article quoting DR.CAMILLE Garcia’s pov, I APOLOGIZE from the bottom of my heart.”





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