Krista Kleiner does not regret saying that her previous relationship with Jay-R did “get abusive”

Former Bb. Pilipinas-International titlist Krista Kleiner did not retract, as she accidentally revealed in her guest appearance in Good Times with Mo, that her previous relationship with singer Jay-R got “a little bit abusive.” The beauty queen/actress/singer explained to, “It wasn’t my intention to really talk about it on that show. I was just there to give advice to someone else and in giving advice, of course, I had

Krista Kleiner was hesitant to talk any further about her accidental revelation that her previous relationship with RnB singer Jay-R ended because of physical and verbal abuse.

As soon as (Philippine Entertainment Portal) came up to Krista last night, March 13, at the Mango Spring/Summer Catwalk fashion event, the Bb. Pilipinas-International 2010 beauty titlist immediately said that she does not want to disclose anything more regarding the matter.

She initially stated, “Whatever I said on the interview or in the podcast, that’s it. I don’t know... see any reason to elaborate.

“And I didn’t lie. There’s no … I can’t deny what I said.”

It can be recalled that on Krista’s February 25 guest appearance in Good Times With Mo, the actress/beauty queen unintentionally disclosed that her three-year relationship with Jay-R “was getting a little bit abusive.”

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In the said episode, even Mo Twister was surprised about Krista’s statement and so he asked further, “Oh, physical huh?”

To which Krista replied, “Yeah… between that and verbal.”

At last night’s event, however, the 23-year-old Filipina-American pointed out, “It wasn’t my intention to really talk about it on that show.

“I was just there to give advice to someone else and in giving advice, of course, I had to explain personal things that I went through.”

Krista told PEP that she did not exactly mention “any name” during the taped episode.

“It just so happened that Mo was able to… Mo put a name to it.”


Expressing her discomfort about discussing anything more, Krista said, “In all honesty, I don’t want to talk about it na because it happened a year ago and I’m totally happy now.

“I just want to focus on where I am today. So, ayaw ko na pag-usapan.”

REGRET. Looking svelte and regal in a black and silver gown, Krista relayed during the interview that she “felt it was about to come out at some point” because she did not permit interviews after calling it quits with Jay-R in March last year.

“I didn’t take any interviews after the breakup until now.

“So, I’ve been busy working abroad and it’s only now that I’m starting to work [here] again.”

Asked if she feels remorseful about what she said in Good Times With Mo, Krista replied, “I don’t regret what I said because what I said was just about advice I was giving to someone.

“But I do regret that the name had to come out.

“If I could, I would have asked Mo to not say the name so it could have just been an anonymous, past relationship.

“But I can’t do anything. That’s it.”

Krista said that she and Jay-R did not communicate after the episode came out. According to her, she and Jay-R are “not close friends” but neither are they “enemies.”

“We’re okay. Like if we ever need to talk to each other, we’ll message each other but on a rare occasion.


“But it’s okay naman,” she assured.

ALBUM. PEP inquired about Krista’s pop/dance album Krista K, with the carrier single Feels So Good. The original album, which Krista produced, is comprised of a few songs she and Jay-R worked on.

Krista, who has been performing since 2010, told, “He did help me in a number of songs while we were still together.

“We’ve been working on the album for almost two years now. So, at that time, he was involved in a number of songs.

“We have a duet that I still chose to keep on it.”

It’s a good thing that Krista does not get affected whenever she listens to her debut album.

“To be honest, no,” she firmly said.

“I mean there was a time that I disappeared because I really just needed a time for myself. But at this point, I’m totally over it.

“I’m so happy. I’m in a totally different place.

“So, I guess when you’ve moved on from something, it doesn’t hurt you so much anymore.

“So, I can listen to the music and just appreciate it for being good music.”

LESSONS. Krista was not hesitant, meanwhile, to share the lessons she picked up from her breakup: “Stick up for yourself.

“Sometimes, even though you care for someone, you just have to know when it’s not the best thing for you. And not everyone is compatible with each other.”

She added, “It’s just one of those things. He’s a great friend, he’s a really good guy, I think.


“We weren’t just compatible to be in a relationship anymore.”

Lastly asked about her status at the moment—single or dating?— Krista laughed and quipped, “Secret! I’m enjoying life. Let’s just leave it at that.”





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