Julia Barretto reacts to Khalil Ramos’s crush on her: "I don’t want to think about those things first, I want to focus muna sa career. Next time na yung ganyan.”

Julia Barretto was officially launched as part of the Star Magic Circle 2013 and she plans to follow the footsteps of her aunt Claudine Barretto.

Showbiz royalty Julia Barretto officially joins the newest batch of discoveries of Star Magic Circle 2013.

Julia is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. She admitted that she has been waiting for this break for a long time and she’s excited to see what’s in store for her this year.

Julia narrated how she was discovered, “Ako tinanong ako if I was interested to play as the young Claudine in Walang Kapalit so I took the opportunity and it started there.

HANDLING PRESSURE. How is she handling the pressure of being considered showbiz royalty? What does she say about being compared to actresses Claudine Barretto and Gretchen Barretto?

Julia explains, “I think po yung pressure na andun is you have to take care of your reputation also kasi nagre-reflect yun sa parents mo and how they raised you.”

She continued, “Pressure siya kasi they’re good actresses.

“I feel like pag may show na talaga yung pressure kasi kailanagan ma-meet yung expectations ng tao na hindi sila ma-disappoint.

“Parang there’s always something to prove, so that’s the pressure na I feel.”

Can she reach what her aunts Gretchen and Claudine have achieved?

“Hopefully, because I am a really big fan of them myself, I am really hoping na makaabot ako.

“Like right now ang dami na nila na-accomplish and wish ko rin na maka-accomplish ng marami,” says Julia.

Whose acting does she think is better, her Tita Gretchen or Tita Claudine’s?

She answered, “I can’t tell. They are both good, talagang may ibang style ng pag-arte.”


Since her family is known and somehow controversial how will she answer questions involving her family?

“I think it’s best kung sila na mismo yung mag-answer sa questions ninyo?

“I think that’s how I’m gonna deal with the questions being asked to me about my family.”

PARENTAL ADVICE. What advice does she get from her mom and dad?

“They just told me that I have to remain humble, no matter what,

“You have to stay nice not only with the people you are working with on the set but also with the director, crew, everyone.

“And then they also told me na pag may mag-criticize sa ’yo, that will be for your own good, you can welcome that.

“But if that’s to bring you down, that’s what you shut down and don’t mind.”

ON KHALIL’S ADMIRATION. Khalil Ramos bluntly answered the question on who his showbiz crush is, naming Julia Barreto. What can Julia say about that?

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“I don’t want to think about those things first I want to focus muna sa career.

“Next time na yung ganyan.”





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