Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres celebrate 15th wedding anniversary with Ormocanons; look forward to their "victory"

"We look forward sa victory. We’ve been working so hard in this campaign and we want to win this campaign and we will win it," actor and Ormoc City mayoral candidate Richard Gomez told PEP when asked what Team Gomez is expecting before the election.

Despite their busy schedule in this election campaign period, celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez still managed to pause for a while to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary yesterday, April 28.

Although their marriage is still considered as one the local dream weddings, the couple celebrates it in a very simple way every year.

"We really want to keep it simple lang. At saka kasi gusto namin relax lang ang celebration namin together with family and friends," Richard told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a short interview before their campaign sortie last night.

For their crystal wedding anniversary, the couple hosted a simple lunch with close family and friends at the house of Lucy’s parents in Ormoc City, Leyte.

After that, they attended a regular mass with their daughter Julianna at the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church, where they first exchanged vows in 1998.

Joining them were Lucy’s parents, Manuel and Julia Torres, her sister Caren and brother-in-law Vincent Rama, who is running for councilor.

Right after that, Team Gomez took a short break to freshen up before the show they prepared for the Ormoc City residents at the plaza.

"Ang hirap mag-prepare ng grand celebration in between campaigns so ’yon ang napagdesisyunan namin, simple lang talaga," said Richard.

CAMPAIGN SORTIE. Last night’s campaign sortie of the Leyte candidates from Liberal Party was extra special because Richard’s close friend Willie Revillame brought his Wowowillie team to stage a show at the Ormoc City Plaza.

"Si Willie is nandito naman. He’s having a show and that itself is grand already," said Richard, describing the show as the main celebration of his and Lucy’s wedding anniversary.

Willie arrived in Ormoc City via his private jet named Wil yesterday. He was, of course, welcomed by Richard, who also played golf with him for a while in the early afternoon.


Before the Wowowillie program started, Lucy and Richard narrated their love story to Ormocanon in their local dialect.

The actor also performed a couple of song with one of the team’s bets for councilor.

Before Willie, Team Gomez had actor Coco Martin and the comic duo Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola at their opening salvo on April 7.

CONTINUOUS CAMPAIGN. When PEP asked for an update about his mayoral candidacy in Ormoc City, Richard related the latest local election survey result that his team got.

According to him, "The survey shows that we’re 64 percent against our opponent."

He also admitted that campaigning is "hard."

However, the 47-year-old actor said, "We’re working really hard right now because we want to win this campaign.

"Aside from the fact na medyo mainit ngayon, but we’re doing okay."

SC DECISION ACCEPTED. Meanwhile, Richard did not deny that campaigning is "easier" for his wife, incumbent and re-electionist District 4 Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez.

He also believes that the recent decision of the Supreme Court to disqualify his wife is a sort of blessing in disguise. So instead of filing for a motion for reconsideration, the 38-year-old congresswoman just accepted the SC decision.

"It affected Lucy in a good way," the actor said.

"Kung tutuusin mo, ang pag-unseat kay Lucy, parang she will be given another term.

"Parang she’s having a fresh mandate all over again, parang first time.

"So, in effect, if she wants to continue serving, it’s good."

With only about two weeks before the elections, Richard and Lucy are keeping the positive vibe in Team Gomez.

Richard told PEP in conclusion, "We look forward sa victory. We’ve been working so hard in this campaign.

"We want to win this campaign and we will win it."





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