Sam Pinto overtakes Marian Rivera in FHM??s Sexiest Woman 2013 poll

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Does Sam Pinto, FHM's "Sexiest Woman in the World" for 2011 and 2012, think she can beat rival Marian Rivera again? The 23-year-old sexy star says, "I don't know 'cause I know she has a lot of fans and all her fans are really die-hard and crazy so I don't know."

Sam Pinto has clinched the top spot in FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013 poll as of today, May 20, Monday.

The unofficial tally indicates that the 23-year-old actress/model has taken over the “Sexiest Woman” title, as GMA-7’s prime actress Marian Rivera slips to second place.

Since the election period opened on April 1, the Marimar star has consistently been the topnotcher—an advantage that Marian must have had after posing for the first time on the cover of FHM Philippines' 150th issue.

The Marian-Sam rivalry was a hot issue during last year’s competition when Sam was crowned the sexiest for the second time.

When (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and several members of the media had a chat with Sam last Wednesday, May 15, on the set of GMA-7 primetime soap Indio in Marilao, Bulacan, the Kapuso star seemed the least bit worried that she was then behind Marian in the polls.


“It’s really up to them—sa mga fans ko,” said Sam, smiling.

She stressed that she will not make an effort to campaign for herself: “Me, myself, I won’t. But the fans are doing it for me.

“Like, I told them, ‘I will support you guys whatever you want. If you want me to win, okay. If not, I’m happy I’m in the top ten.’”



RIVALRY WITH MARIAN RIVERA. The tension between Sam and Marian is brewing once again, all the more the rivalry between their fans.

Sam said she has nothing to comment on regarding the matter.

“I have nothing really to say. If they’re the one who’s fighting… Me, I don’t want to do anything about it, against it, or anything at all.

“For me, bakit mag-aaway kung ako, wala namang anything against her?”

Sam let out a laugh when asked how her relationship with Marian, her co-network talent, is.


“I don’t know. For me, that issue died. Nothing continued. Wala namang nangyayaring masama,” she pointed out.

Sam clarified that she does not really encounter Marian despite them both working for GMA-7.

“Actually, hindi kami nagkikita at all… kasi wala naman kaming shows together.”

And even though Sam and Marian appeared in the now-defunct Sunday musical-variety show Party Pilipinas, Sam said that their paths never really crossed.

“Hindi kami nagkikita sa Party P… kasi iba yung dressing room tapos pag pumupunta sa stage, napapanood ko lang sa TV sa dressing room ko.”

Did Sam ever try reaching out to Marian?

She quipped, “Nahihiya ako, e. Baka sabihin niya, 'Feeling close naman nito.'

“I [will] smile at her if I see her, maybe. Or maybe say ‘Hi!’ But that’s about it.”



BASHERS. Detractors have been harsh on Sam, particularly during last year’s race for the FHM “Sexiest Woman” title.


Sam revealed that she refrained from reading comments on her Twitter account during that time.

“Kasi alam ko, e… for me, I don’t want to read it ‘cause… wala lang, I guess it’s protection for myself.

“I browse through it but not really like, ‘Bakit kaya?’"

Asked if it's because she can’t bear it, Sam replied, “Hindi naman. It’s like… what for?”

The most hurtful remark, according to Sam, was being told that she was “not worthy.”

“Ang pinaka ayoko is ‘she’s not worthy’ and ‘puro katawan lang.’

“What’s up with that?

“I mean, I haven’t really [been given] the chance to show what I can really give.”

At the moment, Sam is again restraining herself from accessing the tweets being sent to her account.



SAM IN SECOND PLACE. While obtaining the title for the third time would be mean well to her, Sam knows that Marian is just one tough competition, especially this year.


Does she feel like she has a chance of winning again?

The Indio star said, “I don’t know ‘cause I know she has a lot of fans and all her fans are really die-hard and crazy so I don’t know.”

The sexy star said that in case she lands second, she would no longer be appearing on the main event wherein the rest of the "100 Sexiest Women" will walk the ramp.

Sam revealed that VIVA Entertainment, her talent management, might not really allow her: “Usuallly ganun naman, e. Walang top five na rumarampa.”

Personally, Sam feels that it would be best not to come either.

“So that all the attention will be on her… sa kanya talaga,” Sam lastly said.


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