BB Gandanghari on My Husband’s Lover: “Mahirap mabuhay sa isang kloseta… Akala mo mababago ka ng kasal.”

BB Gandanghari is all praises to GMA-7’s latest soap My Husband’s Lover for its realistic portrayal of gay relationships. In an interview, the transgender actress stated, “Parang uncalled for na ikuwestiyon ng mga nasa itaas. It’s really just reality… Ito talaga yung mga ibat’t ibang characters ng society. Hindi puwedeng babae’t lalaki lang, hindi. As much as we want to believe that’s i

BB Gandanghari lightly dismissed that she is eluding the topic of My Husband’s Lover, GMA-7 network’s latest primetime offering that tackles the relationship between two men.

The soap, a Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez-starrer, has become the talk of the town since it aired its pilot episode last June 17.

“Hindi ko naman iniiwas [ang usapan]!” the transgender actress said, laughing.

“Hindi lang ako nakaka-identify kasi meron akong ibang pinagdadaanan ngayon na mas nakaka-identify ako…

“Kung siguro ang bida ay transsexual, makaka-identify ako!” pointed out the TV/theater actress. and members of the press had a chat with BB yesterday, June 27, at the press conference of Beauty and the Sweet, a musical comedy show that joins the actress with actor/comedian John “Sweet” Lapus.

The controversial BB, formerly the hunky actor Rustom Padilla who was married to actress Carmina Villarroel, was asked to comment on My Husband’s Lover.


The Kapuso teleserye has gained popularity for the unconventional love triangle it features—a husband and wife (played by Tom and Carla Abellana), and a male third party (Dennis) who happens to be the husband’s former lover.

BB told the press that she, in fact, watches the soap.

The actress said she understands Tom’s character’s plight: “Napakahirap talaga ng buhay sa kloseta, di ba?

“Napakahirap mabuhay kung ikaw ay isang gay at nasa kloseta ka and you’re trying to impress [someone] when you’re not…

“Akala mo mababago ka ng kasal…”

Is it safe to say then that she sees her former self in Tom’s character in My Husband’s Lover?

BB clarified that she cannot relate with the character’s predicament altogether.

“Alam mo, hindi rin lahat-lahat. Kasi wala namang lover si Rustom noon, di ba?”

BB shared that she went through a different struggle when she was Rustom.


“Ito, honestly ha, nag-umpisa naman kasi yung exploration stage ko nung… 1997 [nung] natapos ang marriage, e.

“So, 1997 until now, that’s sixteen years, dun nag-umpisa yung Rustom na may gay…

“Iba ang pinagdadaanan ni Rustom nung nasa marriage siya, at iba yung pinagdadaanan ni Rustom after the marriage.”

It was in 1994 that Rustom and Carmina were secretly wed and in 1997 that the controversial couple separated.

The clandestine wedding was officially nullified in 2002, four years after Carmina filed a petition to invalidate the union.

BB recalled the rough patch she went through, “Napakahirap nun.

“Wala kang pinanghahawakan, yung ganun. Nagkakaro’n ka ng ibang pakiramdam sa sarili mo. Ang gulo-gulo.

“You start to question, for example, ‘Why [is it that] everything you hoped for didn’t [materialize] the way you want it to [materialize]?’

“Kaya mas mahirap yung pinagdaanan ni Rustom. Ibang-iba din!”

According to BB, who is now a more visible representative of the LGBT community, My Husband’s Lover only presents one “aspect of the gay’s life.”


She even pointed out, “Kaya hindi mo puwedeng i-stereotype, e. Iba-iba talaga.

“Parang straight na tao rin. Hindi porke’t lalaki ka, pare-pareho na pinagdadaanan ng lalaki na kagaya mo.

“Iba-iba din, parang ganun.”

IN DEFENSE OF MY HUSBAND’S LOVER. Recently, the Catholic Church, represented by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commision on Youth (CBCP-ECY), expressed their strong disapproval of the gay theme in My Husband’s Lover.

CBCP-ECY executive secretary Fr. Kunegundo Garganta prodded for the scrutiny of the said show.

“Malaking pag-aaral ang dapat na gawin sa mga bagong teleserye tulad ng My Husband’s Lover...

“Na sana maisaalang-alang na nasa isang bansa tayo na mayroong kultura na pinapahalagahan ang usaping moral o mga bagay na saklaw ng moralidad.

“Ito ang dapat na isaalang-alang ng mga gumagawa ng teleserye,” he said in a statement.

In defense of the Kapuso soap, BB responded, “If art imitates life or life imitates art, what can we do?


“This is the reality ng society natin ngayon… kaya meron tayong ganyang palabas ngayon.”

She finds no reason for the Catholic Church to take offense in the theme that My Husband’s Lover presents because it is a mere depiction of reality today.

“Napakaganda nga, actually I have to give it to GMA. Napakaganda ng treatment nila,” BB even went on to applaud the show.

“Parang uncalled for na ikuwestiyon ng mga nasa itaas,” she reiterated, emphasizing on the fact that the show coincides with the many celebrities such as Charice who have come out of the closet.

“Ito talaga yung mga ibat’t ibang characters ng society. Hindi puwedeng babae’t lalaki lang, hindi.

“As much as we want to believe that’s it, it’s not the reality anymore.

“Who knows why, we all don’t know.

“But it’s not reality anymore na babae’t lalaki lang nag-e-exist sa mundong ito,” she strongly ended her statements.






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