Claudine Barretto hospitalized due to severe allergy or "chronic urticaria"

Nasa isang ospital ngayon si Claudine Barretto dahil sa malubhang allergy o kondisyon na kung tawagin ay "chronic urticaria."

Kung ang komedyante’t TV host na si Michael V ay dinapuan ng dengue, ang aktres na si Claudine Barretto naman ay nagkaroon ng "chronic urticaria."

Sa Instagram account ng aktres, nag-post ito kagabi, August 15, ng litrato kung saan nakaupo ito sa isang hospital bed at may isang nurse na nagtuturok ng karayom sa kanyang kanang braso.


Tanging caption niya rito, “Chronic Urticaria.”

Ayon sa, “Chronic Urticaria (CU) is a type of hives, also called nettle rash, that lasts for more than six weeks. Shorter bouts of hives are considered acute urticaria, and are treated differently.

“Urticaria can be a manifestation of many conditions and illnesses, rather than one illness. Current research has shown that up to half of all CU is autoimmune, which means your body is making antibodies against itself, resulting in activation of basophils and mast cells. When these cells are activated, they release many different chemicals, including histamine, which results in hives, and in some people other allergy-like symptoms as well.”

Sa simpleng pananalita, malubhang allergy raw ito sa balat na tatagal ng halos anim na linggo.

Three hours ago, sa kanya pa ring Instagram account, nag-post naman si Claudine ng litrato ng kanyang braso na namumula at parang namamaga.


Caption niya, “Hate this feeling.”


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