PEPtalk. Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon open up about breaking their boundaries to become better actors

Lihis stars Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon both agree that actors should do indie films to improve their craft. For them, it’s a good way to do out-of-the-box roles and break boundaries.

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During the first episode of PEPtalk with Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon, the actors recalled the difficulties of shooting their love scenes for the indie film Lihis.

(Watch: #JakeandJoemonPEPtalk part 1)

Towards the end of the first PEPtalk episode, Jake and Joem were asked to comment on rumors linking hunk actors to gay benefactors.

The Lihis stars explained that whatever they have now are products of their hard work and dignity.

Joem pointed out, “For every ano naman namin… yung nakikita n’yo sa amin, siguro yung mga kotse, pinaghirapan naman namin.”

Jake added, “Ako, I’m proud to say… self-made. Everything that I have is from blood, sweat, and tears.”

That being said, does Jake have a special someone to share the products of his hard work as an actor?

“No, no, I’m single,” smiled Jake, “and ready to mingle.”

The soft-spoken Joem shyly admitted that he has been in a relationship for the past three years. He revealed that his girlfriend (named Crisha Crae Johns Uy) works as a TV commercial model.

When asked if his girlfriend was supportive of his job as an actor, he said, “Supportive siya sa lahat ng gusto ko.”

Will Joem’s girlfriend watch Lihis for him?

“Hindi!” laughed Joem.

LOVE FOR ACTING. Jake and Joem both expressed their love for acting by agreeing to do Lihis, an indie film about two activists who are fighting not only for the country but also for their own personal love for each other.

For them, acting isn’t entirely about the talent fee or even the fame. It’s the opportunity to work with renowned directors, writers, as well as fellow actors.

“There are some projects that you do for passion and this is one of them,” said Jake, pointing to the movie poster that was situated behind them.


He added, “Just to work with Joel Lamangan, Ricky Lee in one project with Gloria Diaz, Joem, Lovi [Poe] and Isabelle Daza… If you wanna evolve as an actor, you have to get into indie.”

BREAKING BOUNDARIES. Popular actors here and abroad share one thing in common: versatility.

Do Joem and Jake agree that actors should go out of their comfort zones to improve their craft?

“I think it’s [part of] the process of being an actor,” admitted Joem, “kumbaga madaanan mo ang iba’t-ibang emosyon.

Jake added, “As an actor you can’t have boundaries or limitations. How can you completely express when you’re holding everything back?”

Watch the continuation PEPtalk interview of Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon now!





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