Isabelle Daza admits "failed attempts" to rebel against mom Gloria Diaz

Isabelle Daza on criticisms: "If it [criticism] is something na I think they’re just trying to make me feel bad, then I ignore. But if it will help me improve, then ina-accept ko. Then I learn from it."

As a young girl, Isabelle Daza says that she had to deal with the strict rules set by her mother, actres and former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz.

Isabelle even tapped her past experience for her confrontation scenes in the movie Lihis with her mother.

What was the most difficult scene for you?

"All!" exclaimed Isabelle.

But then she explained, "Actually my solo scenes were pretty hard kasi I had to act by myself whereas kung kasama ko si Mom ko, parang dinadala lang niya ako.

"If may kaeksena ako na ibang actor, I feed off them.

"But if I’m acting alone, like yung sa teaching, parang nahihirapan ako."

How was it like shooting a bed scene for Lihis?

"That was nerve-wracking for me kasi first time ko magka love scene.

"Less than an hour nag-shoot because Direk Joel [Lamangan] knows what he wants.

"It was awkward kasi siyempre it was my first time to do a love scene.


"It was with Alex Castro but he was so nice."

Why was it nerve-racking for you?

"Because doing it with someone you don’t know, but it’s part of my job.

"I’m not gonna lie and say I’m comfortable agad."

How did she and Alex work on their chemistry together?

"Si Direk Joel...we were both scared of him kaya we had to it agad!" Isabelle laughed.

Was it difficult for her shooting the confrontation scene between her and her mother?

"Actually it was my mom who carried the whole scene kasi siya yung maraming lines. Ako lang ang nagre-react.

"Napakagaling niya so I was impressed by her. No acting needed."

How does she and her mother fight in real life?

"Ganun na ganun!" exclaimed Isabelle.

Is it just as intense as the one depicted in the movie?

"I think so."

What do you fight about?

"We fight about stupid things. Getting home late when I was younger. Now not so much because I’m older."


Did she have a curfew when she was younger?

"I had a curfew, yaya and driver para wala akong excuse not to be home.

"Curfew ko around 12 midnight or 11 p.m. until I was 18 years old.

"Noong nag-Boracay ako, nandun rin ang yaya ko. Nag-party kami nandun rin ang yaya ko."

Did she find it difficult growing with these rules from her mother?

"No, I was sanay with it. I know naman it’s for the best."

Did she rebel against her mother at one point in her life?

"Minsan, I try to rebel..."

What happened to her "attempts" to rebel in the past?

"Wala, failed attempts. Nagi-guilty ako, e."

As a newbie actress, Isabelle is bound to have people criticizing her performance. Is she affected by negative comments?

"I try to take it as constructively as possible. Pero kung bastos, I ignore it.

"But actually, I’m not too sensitive when it comes to things like that because I’m used to it.


"But of course, I am open to constructive criticism. My mom actually maraming constructive criticism siyang ibinibigay.

"If it [criticism] is something na I think they’re just trying to make me feel bad, then I ignore.

"But if it will help me improve, then ina-accept ko. Then I learn from it."


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