FIRST READ ON PEP. Raymart Santiago accepts Claudine Barretto’s dare to undergo drug test; appeals to in-laws: “Huwag na nilang kunsintihin."

In a statement released earlier today, October 2, Raymart Santiago accepts Claudine Barretto’s dare to undergo a drug test: “Papayag ako kung random blood test naming dalawa, at NBI experts ang gagawa."

“Anytime, basta harapan, at dun sa korte natin gawin.”

This was Raymart Santiago’s response to his wife Claudine Barretto, who publicly dared him to undergo a drug test yesterday, October 1.

In a statement released earlier today, October 2, by his lawyer, Atty. Ruth Castelo, the actor said: “Papayag ako kung random blood test naming dalawa, at NBI experts ang gagawa."

For her part, Atty. Castelo said: “He has no vices whatsoever, is very health-conscious, and will certainly not do anything that will damage his health because he wants to live a long life and see his children grow up.”

Of Claudine’s announcement that her drug-test results proved she was negative for banned substances, Raymart’s camp said:

“If it were true that Claudine Barretto is drug-free as of 30 September 2013, and the test is legitimate, genuine and accurate, Raymart can only be too happy that Claudine has perhaps finally seen the need to stay clean. Let’s wait and hope for the best.”

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CLAUDINE’S “HORROR.” In Raymart’s September 24 counter-affidavit—his response to Claudine’s August 29 complaint-affidavit—the actor revealed that Claudine’s sister, Gretchen Barretto, was the “final straw” that broke the Barretto-Santiago marriage.

He said Claudine wanted him to sue Gretchen.

“…Complainant imposed upon me to sue the latter’s sister, Gretchen Barretto, for alleged derogatory remarks made by her against our children,” Raymart said.

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Claudine refuted this.

During her October 1 press conference at Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City, the actress said: “Well, according to Raymart, sa affidavit niya, nagsimula ito lahat kay Gretchen.

“Kung basahin niyo mabuti, dahil pinipilit ko raw siyang idemanda yung kapatid ko, itong March.

“But that wasn’t [it], mali yung timeline niya. Meron silang ginawa sa akin nung 2010 that really traumatized me.

“Walang ginawa si Raymart para protektahan kami ng mga anak ko. Instead, ginamit pa niya yun para takutin kami.

“Yung nangyari sa akin was terrible. Horror talaga. I would not wish it to happen to anybody.”

But when asked about the traumatic incident, the actress refused to explain.

Raymart’s official statement now tackles that traumatic, but unclear, incident.

In the statement, Atty. Castelo said: “Claudine knows what took place one night in September 2010 which she says traumatized her.

“She brought that horrible experience upon herself because she refused to listen to anyone’s advice, especially Raymart’s.

“She says Raymart did not defend her, but there was no way he could have defended her when he was not even there when things happened that night, and when she was not in the proper state of mind to even remember what actually happened.

“Claudine’s siblings who genuinely cared for her at that time took charge of the situation and merely relayed the events to Raymart as they unfolded.

“To quote Raymart: ‘Wala ako dun. Si Gretchen at si Marjorie ang tumakbo sa bahay para tulungan si Claudine dahil nasa taping ako. Kinuwento na lang nila sa akin ang nangyari.’”


Continuing, the statement argued: “The defense that Claudine expected of Raymart immediately after that incident was also totally impossible because Raymart was the very first person to call Claudine’s attention and oppose her actions because these actions cause her to lose control of herself, thereby hurting and damaging herself and the people around her.

“Raymart can only do so much for Claudine.”

APPEAL TO CLAUDINE’S PARENTS. This was Raymart’s message to Claudine’s parents, Miguel and Inday Barretto, on August 30, after learning that Claudine had filed a complaint against him for violation of the Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children (VAWC) Act of 2004.

He said: “Mommy, Daddy, alam n’yo kung ano ang totoo. Alam n’yo kung anong pinag-usapan natin noon at sana panindigan n’yo yun.”

Raymart is making the same appeal now.

On his behalf, Atty. Castelo wrote: “…instead of denying Claudine’s drug abuse and closing their eyes to the problem, they should put their foot down as parents and compel Claudine to submit herself to rehabilitation.”

In Raymart’s words: “Huwag na nilang kunsintihin.

"Ipagamot na nila agad dahil kailangan na kailangan na.”





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