Gretchen Barretto threatens to reveal "molestation" if her Instagram basher does not stop

Sagot ni Gretchen Barretto sa isang nagngangalang @bullygretchen: "All you want from Claudine is what ever little money she has!!!! From here on in I will correct your every single lie. You despise me because you can’t have what belongs to tony & you can no longer take what is mine.”

Isa na namang Instagram user ang sinagot ng aktres na si Gretchen Barretto.

Ngunit sa pagkakataong ito ay hindi sa mismong Instagram account ni Gretchen (@gretchenbarretto) naganap ang pakikipagpalitan ng salita ng aktres, kundi sa Instagram account ng kanyang sister-in-law na si Connie Barretto.

Si Connie ang asawa ng pinakamatandang kapatid ni Gretchen na si Mito Barretto.

Tatlong linggo na ang nakalilipas mula nang nag-post si Connie sa Instagram ng larawan niya at ng kanyang anak na si John habang kumakain sa isang restaurant.

Sa naturang post ay nagpalitan ng magagandang mensahe sina Gretchen at Connie.

Sa isang punto ay pinuri ni Gretchen si Connie sa pagiging mabuting ina raw nito, na dahilan para maging inspirasyon daw ng aktres ang sister-in-law.

Sabi ni Gretchen: "...You and mito are officially. The head if our part of the family." ["You and Mito are officially the head of our part of the family."]

Ngunit sa puntong ito ay isang Instagram user—na may handle name na @bullygretchen—ang biglang sumingit sa usapan, at nagkomento sa sinabi ni Gretchen.

Sabi nito: “@gretchenbarretto ’the head’ double meaning comment. Aren’t you happy now hurting your family by humiliating them in the public. Go ahead create more multiple account to bash yourself. Should you resort to public humiliation to hurt your parent. Your said your blessed. I agree.

“Your blessed because you have a daughter with a millionaire. Blesssed with money, material things and self deception. If you ever considering this you need help your hatred is consuming you. To me it sounds like therapy will benefit you. You make fun of mentally ill people because your ignorant. Screw you…Cry for help!?? You need help.”

Hindi naman nag-atubiling sumagot dito si Gretchen.

Sa sagot ng aktres ay halatang may pinatatamaan siya, ngunit hindi niya direktang binanggit kung sino o ano ang pangalan nito.


Sabi ni Gretchen: “@bullygretchen and you must feel so awful knowing your children & grandchildren can’t love nor respect you because you are living a lie because you love only yourself (narcissistic) because you violate them in every way, you expect too much from them & most of all, you steal from them. All you want from Claudine is what ever little money she has!!!! From here on in I will correct your every single lie. You despise me because you can’t have what belongs to tony & you can no longer take what is mine.”

Dagdag pa niya: “@bullygretchen and if you don’t stop I will finally speak about the molestation. I am no longer the Gretchen that you can hurt nor can you silence me. I will go all out.

“And I am blessed to have a narsisstic mother who is abusive in every way & an alcoholic father who made his 2 daughters work for the family.”

THE JEWELRY STORE INCIDENT. Hindi rito natapos si Gretchen.

Isiniwalat nito ang isang insidenteng nangyari raw, maraming taon na ang nakakaraan, sa isang jewelry store.

“@bullygretchen remember miladay jewelry store? When you were hanging out a lot there & pretending you would help sell the jewelry? An expensive piece got lost do you remember where you kept that missing piece?

“It was a big issue where that missing jewelry went. Miladay even got a manghuhula to try & find out where that piece went. I guess it’s time the dayrits find out.”

Sumagot naman dito si @bullygretchen.

Aniya: “oh wow.. Your openly disrespectful to your parent. Stop being paranoid Greta it’s not your mom who is bashing you. You assume the worst in situation. Part of being paranoid is considering your parent or your sister is against you or out to get you. [G]row up girl! Your almost 50 but your state of mind is like a child. You started all this…Cyber bullying intend to hurt and embarrass your family. You are a serial bully and attention seeker. Talking shit about you parent in social media!?? Come on..What does it tells about you.. Your out of control.”


Sagot uli ni Gretchen: “I have reached a point wherein it’s time to protect myself. It has been 43years of abuse from you. I will not take it. Respect is earned, you have not seemed to earn it from anyone of your children.

“@bullygretchen I don’t hide my identity, I can own up to what I say or do. You are afraid of the truth.

“And oh I’m not out to humiliate you (You have done an awesome job in doing it to yourselves.

“@bullygretchen I don’t need to seek attention, I have more than enough of it. I don’t conduct press conferences you do I have loads to do, I’m very busy human being…I’m productive. You are idle & bored & mentally ill. Go see your dr. Mequita tan.”

Ito naman ang naging tugon ni @gretchenbully: “Molestation, mental illness, thief, drug addict, alcoholic, Get a life sweetie. Or pray your rosary. Hypocrite!!! Your butt of joke..It’s social media… Why you easily affected.

“Busy human being? Yeah it shows….

“Lol! Cold weather make people more depress…

“Tsk tsk.. Put on your red dress and go Soho. Amuse yourself. Press conference!? Did I? When? Your really paranoid. You can’t stand the fact there’s people who love and stand up for Claudine.

“You’re a serial bully!! Be careful what you ask for you might just get it. Oh yeah she’s mentally ill? Your worst than her. Paranoid!! Philippines should pass a law about cyber bullying and you should face a jail time for violating Claudine privacy right.”

Tugon dito ni Gretchen: “@bullygretchen sorry but I have no more time left for you. Pathetic.”

Balik-sagot naman ni @bullygretchen": “@gretchenbarretto yup I’m pathetic but I’m convinced your cuckoo. That’s what happen to a child not love by her parents turn to be deranged and despicable human being. I feel sorry you. Money can’t buy everything.. Most people like to have good things in life and.. I salute you.. Got yourself pregnant with a millionaire. Too bad he can’t satisfy you that’s why still sleep around…”


Dito nagtapos ang sagutan.

Abangan sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang komento ni Mrs. Inday Barretto sa mga posts na ito ni Gretchen.





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