Jericho Rosales and fiancée Kim Jones set wedding date

Kim Jones says Jericho is "very hands-on" in the planning of their wedding: "He’s always... he’s very vocal, he’s very helpful. Especially in things like brainstorming, like ideas, creative ideas."

Kim Jones had said “yes” to Jericho Rosales’s marriage proposal last August, and now she is happy to announce that they have agreed on a wedding date.

“We have a date. We do, yeah. It will be next year, it will be around middle of next year,” the Filipino-British model revealed in a chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on Tuesday night, November 6, at the Makati Shangri-la hotel.

The occasion was the bridal shower for Andi Manzano organized by Glaxosmithkline. Kim Jones hosted the event.

About her coming wedding, Kim said she and Jericho are not divulging yet the exact date.

She said, “I don’t wanna reveal. It’s a secret. It’s a secret for now.

“You know what, it will come around so fast that even if I did reveal it, it will just go by in a second.

“But, yeah, we’re looking at middle of next year.”

Will it be a big wedding or intimate?

“We’re still planning so… It’s months and months away yet so we haven’t decided all of the details yet but we do know that we definitely wanna get married at the beach.

“So that’s what we’re focusing on now. I mean, we just want the people that we love there.

“The people that have played a role in our relationship or people that we just love to be around—that’s who we want on our wedding,” she said.

Kim and Jericho are avid surfers, so will there be surfing involved in the wedding ceremony?


She said, amused, “If there was surfing involved in our wedding, no one would come to our wedding—everyone would be surfing! So, no.

“We’re gonna have a special surfer party just for our surfer friends.”

During the PEP interview, Kim appeared to be unfazed by the details involved in planning her own wedding.

“I mean, of course, I’m excited! I’m excited planning the wedding. I just like all the little details.

“But I’m so excited just to be married na. Like, I just wanna be married, I just wanna be a wife now—be Mrs. Rosales,” she affirmed.

How involved is Jericho in the wedding preparations? She said:

“Echo’s very hands-on.

“Echo knows what he wants. He’s always... He’s very vocal, he’s very helpful.

“Especially in things like brainstorming, like ideas, creative ideas.

“Yeah, it’s both of us planning the wedding.”

POST-WEDDING PLANS. Both Kim and Jericho are active in their careers, which, according to Kim, they will continue to be as husband and wife.

“But nothing’s gonna change. We’re both really still focused on our careers and things.

“We both just wanna have…we just wanna be married, we just want each other’s support, and be each other’s asawa.”

Kim held that her relationship with Jericho had changed after their engagement; it went from good to better.

“Yeah, I think it does change.

“We’re much more, sort of, we just feel that stability and security with each other, that you know, this is it, we’re together for a lifetime now.


“And we are closer, definitely,” she said.

And will they want a baby soon after the wedding? Her quick reply:

“Not soon, not soon.

“We both have so much na we want to achieve in our careers muna.

“So we’re gonna focus on that, focus on being newlyweds, it’s really down the track.

“But it’s all in God’s timing, you know what I mean.

“But I know that he has dreams that he wants to achieve. I have my own personal dreams.

“So we just wanna be a married couple."

Then she quipped, "And we have our dogs to keep us company before the babies come!”





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