Andi Eigenmann challenges herself to surpass mom Jaclyn Jose’s acting prowess

Andi Eigenmann, 23: “I will feel that I am really an actress when someone credible says na mas magaling ako sa mommy ko!"

After her controversial pregnancy two years ago, Galema star Andi Eigenmann made a movie comeback in the 2012 sexy drama, A Secret Affair.

Andi shone in the film as the third party in the relationship of an engaged couple, played by actors Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis.

The 23-year-old actress confesses that she had the greatest fear at the time—that she would end up being boxed in daring movies, which is the last thing she wants for her career.

“I thought that I would be typecast in sexy roles, and I just could not.

“I don’t have anything against it.

"It’s just that it doesn’t suit my personality,” Andi tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a November 18, 2013, interview at Citybest Restaurant on Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

Like answered prayer, the two projects that came her way after A Secret Affair appeased her: the comedy film Momzillas and the coming-of-age indie Coming Soon.


Says Andi, “Masaya ako na nagkaroon ako ng opportunity na mag-comedy and mag-drama again.

“Talagang napapatunayan ko po yung sarili ko at napapakita ko po sa tao kung ano ako at kung karapatdapat para sa akin.”

Belonging to the famous showbiz clan, the Eigenmanns, this daughter of award-winning actors Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose seems bent on validating her place in the limelight.

Indeed, she says, “Gusto ko patunayan na I can do anything the director tells me to do and whatever the script asks for.

“I want to prove my worth as a versatile actress and engage myself in different kinds of genre.”

AIMING TO SURPASS MOM. In choosing an acting career, Andi does not need to be reminded of the pressure that comes with having seasoned actors as parents.

It’s at the back of her mind when she recalls a compliment that Galema director Wenn Deramas paid her at a press conference this year:


“Para sabihin niya na ako yung pinakamagaling an aktres sa generation na ito…

"That was also an instance when I felt that [I’m an actress]."

But then, she muses, “Pero, siyempre, nawawala rin yun."

To make it stick, Andi says she has to aim higher than her mother’s achievements.

Otherwise, it means her goal is not lofty enough.

Challenged, she laughs at the thought, “Of course, I plan to surpass it!

“Babalitaan ko po kayo pag naramdaman ko na ‘yon.”

Kidding aside, she believes in earnest that her time will come.

“I will feel that I am really an actress when someone credible says na mas magaling ako sa mommy ko!

“It depends on who’s watching me and it depends on what projects are given to me and what I do.

“And I believe naman na magkaiba kami ng daan na tinake [take] ng Mommy ko.

“Siguro mas mainstream yung ginagawa ko.


"Compared sa kanya, mas quality," Andi explains.

Jaclyn Jose won plum awards for her performance in the films Takaw Tukso (1986), Itanong Mo sa Buwan (1988), Macho Dancer (1988), and Sarong Banggi (2005).

Reviewing her mom’s filmography, Andi reflects, “Big dream ko rin po talagang mababad sa mga gano’n.

"But I’m happy with what I have, with what I’m doing, and kung ano po yung mabibigay sa akin.

“I’m just doing my best.”

ON HER OWN. Her mom Jaclyn, according to Andi, was never the stage mother who fed her acting techniques or made her attend drama classes.

She relates, “That’s the healthy bit of my mom, not ever teaching me how to act.

"Or not ever watching me all the time.

"And telling me what to do and what and what not to do.

“In that way, I would have my own attack and my own take [in acting].


"I-e-execute ko siya in my own way.

“Mas raw po siya, mas sincere po yung mga ginagawa ko dahil po doon.”

Andi has come a long way since starring in her first teleserye project, Agua Bendita, in 2010.

This was followed by Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (2011), Kahit Puso’y Masugatan (2012), and the ongoing Galema (2013).

Will awards make her feel more like a legitimate actress?

Andi answers, “I don’t necessarily aim for it.

“When I accept the project, I aim to do the best that I can.

“And I aim to impress everyone watching me and the people who gave me that job.”


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