Karylle organizes post-Christmas party for kids at White Cross orphanage

Apart from music, Karylle and rumored boyfriend Yael Yuzon share an empathy for orphans. She says he often comes along when she goes to the White Cross orphanage to bring stocks of food for the children.

The true spirit of Christmas is found in sharing one’s blessings, that’s everyone’s line. But with Karylle, that’s not just a line, it’s a yearly tradition.

Every year for many years, she has been organizing a post-Christmas party for the orphans at the White Cross Children’s Home in San Juan City. This year, it’s January 18.

The 32-year-old host, singer, and actress has been extending help to the orphanage since 2005.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment) before Christmas, Karylle explained that holding a party in January sustains the holiday cheer for the kids.

“It’s an annual Feast of Three Kings party. Kasi, the kids every December have a party every day." This is courtesy of other generous donors.

“So, by the time January comes, everyone disappears, so they get a bit sad.

“What we do is we just try to fill up their pantry with stock, kung ano man ang kailangan nila dun for the year.”

SHARES ADVOCACY WITH YAEL. Karylle’s reported fiancé, Spongecola vocalist Yael Yuzon, has often joined her on her visits to the White Cross orphanage.

Apart from their passion for music, Karylle and Yael apparently share the same desire to help orphaned kids.

Karylle lets on, "Yeah, we don’t really publicize the ones that we do.

"Kunyari, in White Cross, the last time we went there, Kuya Kim [Atienza] was also there. He brought his animals.

“That was a nice treat not just for the kids, but also for the volunteers, especially the parents—mga titas and titos ko—sila yung pinaka nag-enjoy.

“All my friends go there with me to start the year right for the Three Kings party.”

Karylle admits that making time to visit the orphanage is a real challenge because her schedule is often packed with work commitments.


“To be honest, it’s hard to make it a yearly event.

"Like now, I’m so busy, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it in January.

“But I went there because of It’s Showtime, and I had a donation to give, and they told me one day is free. So, okay."

She says, self-effacingly, “It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m really responsible. Sometimes, it just all works out.”

IMPERFECT CHILDHOOD. Karylle believes that coming from a broken family is one of the reasons why doing outreach activities for orphaned kids is something she takes to heart.

Karylle’s mom Zsa Zsa Padilla and her dad Modesto Tatlonghari separated in 1990.

“I didn’t have a perfect childhood. I think that’s what made me want to help the kids," Karylle admits.

"Not everyone has the most perfect childhood. But despite that, people will always be there for you.

"In the same way that I have a lot of people around me who love me naman.

"So, I just pay it forward, and hopefully when they get bigger, they’ll do the same.”

Karylle enjoys seeing people volunteer to support the orphanage in any fashion.

“But more than anything else," she says, "it really makes me happy when we have kid volunteers.

“I believe all people wanna help, they just don’t know how or when."

Modestly, she says, “I actually don’t do much when I do the parties. I just set it and everyone else volunteers.

"Everyone wants to help. So this is one way that I help them also."





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