THE TOP LIST: Unforgettable Movie Lines of 2013

A good year for Philippine Cinema? Yes!

In 2013, (L-R) Sana Dati, On the Job (OTJ), Ekstra, and Tuhog were among those that provided a remarkable film experience for Filipino audiences. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) rounds up 2013’s unforgettable movie lines.

One or two film critics say that 2013 is not only a good year for Filipino films, but one comparable to the ’50s to the ’80s, or the "Golden Age of Philippine Cinema."

The Philippine Entertainment Portal thinks: No—not yet, not quite. The comparison is a bit of a stretch.

But, indeed, we grant that 2013 is a good year, producing a variety of admirable Filipino films and providing hope for more of the same next year.

Among the standouts are Transit, OTJ, and Ekstra, which made selecting an official entry to the Oscars’ Foreign Language Film category a tough one.

The chosen entry, Transit, eventually did not make it to the Oscar’s list of nominations, but it left many Pinoys proud.

In this TOP LIST, PEP focuses beyond the strong performances and stunning cinematography and goes straight to the films’ screenplays.

What’s a melodrama, after all, without the moving lines and riveting repartees between warring characters?

What’s an action film, after all, without the bold catchphrases that give protagonists high recall in the public mind?

Here is the TOP LIST of the funniest, most poignant, quite remarkable movie lines of 2013.

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