PEPtalk. Elmo Magalona talks about "healthy competition" with Daniel Padilla; Janine Gutierrez says Elmo is very caring

Elmo Magalona on being pitted against Daniel Padilla: "For me, it’s’s cool that siya yung sinasabi na kasabayan ko." Janine Gutierrez, Elmo’s Villa Quintana leading lady, admits: "I really like talking to Elmo and I’m happy na kami ang magkasama sa show."

Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez initially found it "weird" portraying two people in love for their afternoon soap opera Villa Quintana.

Save for the TV series Together Forever, where they played siblings in 2012, the two young stars never had the chance to work with each other and were not exactly friends.

In a PEPtalk with this writer, Elmo said, "It’s weird not only for us, but for the viewers. The best thing na ginawa namin was to do workshops...

"Nag-usap kami for us to break..."

Janine finished his sentence for him by saying, " we used to see each other."

In one scene of Villa Quintana, Elmo’s character, Isagani, had a heavy-drama scene with Sunshine Dizon, where he tearfully asked for her forgiveness because he did not follow her advice.

Both Elmo and Janine admitted that they can relate to Isagani.

Elmo narrated, "Hindi naman super serious but there are times na siyempre medyo rebellious ka sa magulang mo. Mayroon silang gusto na gawin mo pero ikaw, ayaw mo.

"Nangyari na yun sa akin at natuto ako the hard way. Feeling ko, sana maibalik ko kasi nakaka-regret nga but, in reality naman, nakatulong rin siya sa akin.

"It made me grow and that is how I am right now," the actor said with a smile.

When asked about the comments pitting him against Daniel Padilla, Elmo said he considers it a "compliment."

Elmo added, "People put you in a competition. I think it’s just healthy na may ganun. Because you feel like you’re not alone in trying to achieve the goals that you have in life.

"Meron kang mga kasabayan. Parang for me, it’s’s cool that siya yung sinasabi na kasabayan ko. Naka-connect rin siya kay Robin Padilla—it’s a big honor."

Since they are spending a lot of time together on the set and both are single, are they starting to develop feelings for each other?

Elmo answered he wants to know Janine better.

As for the 24-year-old actress, she revealed, "I really like talking to Elmo and I’m happy na kami ang magkasama sa show. Talagang wala kang masasabing masama about him."

As the interview progressed, the two stars were asked: Who’s more maalaga?

Janine pointed to her leading man.

And how does Elmo take care of Janine?

"Sa lahat ng bagay," he stressed. "Sa lahat ng makakaya ko."

The actor then turned to Janine to verify his statement. Looking into Janine’s eyes, he asked: "Tama ba?"

To find out Janine’s answer, watch the first episode of their PEPtalk interview.

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