K-POP NEWS: South Korean idol group A-JAX wants to try Sinigang and Halo-Halo

A-JAX—composed of (left to right) Park Sungmin, Maeng Yoonyoung, Moon Hyojun, Kim Hyeongkon, Ham Seungjin, Lee Seungyeob, and Seo Jaehyung (not in photo)—will perform their hit single "Snake" on Sunday night, February 2, for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

South Korean pop group A-JAX is in the country for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum which will happen tonight, February 2.

A-JAX—composed of Kim Hyeongkon, Seo Jaehyung, Moon Hyojun, Maeng Yoonyoung, Park Sungmin, Ham Seungjin, and Lee Seungyeob—will perform with fellow K-pop stars including Super Junior-M, BAP, Block B, A Prince, and BTOB with a special participation from Han Seungyeon of KARA.

The band met with some of their fans during their press conference held yesterday, February 1, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pasig City.

With the help of a translator, the band talked to members of the Philippine media who attended the presscon.

For most of the A-JAX members, this is the first time they visited the country and they are very excited to meet their Filipino fans and experience Filipino culture.

Seungyub said they did not expect the turnout of fans who met them at the airport.

He told the media, “It’s our first time in the Philippines and we’re surprised to see our Filipino fans around the airport with their placards so we aren’t expecting that kind of fans."

He continued, “And we saw that Filipino fans are jolly and cheerful and nice, so we appreciate it.”

A-JAX has been known to performing pop music but the group said they wouldn’t want to be associated with just one genre.

Sungmin expounded, “We, A-JAX, is not limited to one music or genre but we also sing ballad, r&b, electronic pop, and funky rock.


“We are trying various kinds of music and we are looking for a comeback with other kind of music.”

The seven-member idol group revealed that they prepared a surprise for their Filipino fans during the concert.

Hyeongkon revealed some the details and said, “We prepared an English pop song and a song from SS501.”

SS501 is another popular K-pop group whose members have gone to pursue solo careers in music and acting.

One of the most anticipated songs that the group will perform is their 2013 single “Snake” which they will perform in the concert and dedicate to their Filipino fans.

Yoonyoung said, “We’re proud of the song called ‘Snake,’ which is the third single of A-JAX.”

Since it’s their first time to visit the country, the members would definitely like to enjoy their stay in the country and experience the Filipino culture.

Yoonyoung told the press, “We look forward to riding the jeepney around the Philippines.

“We also like to eat Sinigang and Halo-Halo.”

Seungjin added that they would like to try Philippine pineapples.

He explained, “Sungmin had been here in the Philippines before and he said the Pineapples here are really good, so they wanted to try to eat pineapples from here.”

Aside from the jeepney and Filipino food, the members would also love to visit some tourists spots in the country.

“We also like to go to Boracay,” Yoonyoung said.

Hyojun added, “We’re here in the Philippines and we’d like to visit the tourist spot in the Philippines.”


Seungjin also took note of the Filipina beauty and said that Filipinas have really beautiful eyes.

Towards the end of the press conference, the members said they look forward to visiting the country again and perform for their Filipino fans.

Seunyub parted, “We’re in the Philippines for the first time and we’re looking forward to having more concerts after this and please support and love A-JAX.”





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