QC Prosecutor’s Office dismisses libel and unjust vexation complaints of Sarah Lahbati against Annette Gozon-Abrogar

The Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the libel and unjust vexation cases filed by actress Sarah Lahbati (left) against GMA Films President Annette Gozon-Abrogar (right) due to lack of probable cause. To date, all four cases filed by the actress against Abrogar have been dismissed for lack of merit.

Ibinasura ng Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office ang mga reklamong libel at unjust vexation na inihain ng young actress na si Sarah Lahbati laban sa GMA Films President na si Annette Gozon-Abrogar dahil sa "lack of probable cause."

Nauna nang ibinasura ng QC Prosecutor’s Office ang reklamong perjury at grave coercion na inihain ni Sarah laban sa GMA Films executive.

Ibig sabihin, lahat ng apat na reklamong inihain ni Sarah laban kay Annette ay na-dismiss na.

Ayon sa press statement na inilabas ng GMA Network sa media kahapon, February 27, nag-ugat ang mga reklamong libel at unjust vexation ni Sarah mula sa "malicious statements" ni Annette laban sa aktres sa mga programang 24 Oras noong July 19, 2013 at Startalk noong July 20, 2013.

Sa Resolution ni Assistant City Prosecutor Nicazio Rosales, na may petsang February 12, 2014, nakasaad na ang mga pahayag ni Annette ay reaksiyon lamang sa mga aksiyon ni Sarah pagkatapos nitong maghain ng mga reklamo laban sa network executive.


Sabi ni Rosales, “The complainant should not be onion skinned when she heard or read a reaction or comment to what she did.”

Dagdag pa nito, “Respondent is not motivated with ill-will or spite but in response to duty, that is, her duty to defend herself.

"A careful reading of the alleged defamatory imputation readily shows that there is nothing offensive in the language used by the respondent.

"It is only a truthful expression of her opinion regarding the filing of the criminal case filed against her."

Si Sarah ay produkto ng artista search ng GMA na StarStruck V, kung saan siya ang itinanghal na Ultimate Female Survivor.





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