Sheryn Regis denies affair with another woman

Sa kanyang official statement, sinagot ni Sheryn Regis ang pahayag ng isang Emy Madrigal tungkol sa diumano’y naging relasyon nila. Ani Sheryn, “I do not ‘use’ people nor will I allow myself to be used.”

Isang official statement ang ipinadala ni Sheryn Regis sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at Cinema News.

Ito ay may kinalaman sa interview ng isang Emy Madrigal, isang businesswoman at nagpapakilalang naging karelasyon diumano ng singer sa loob ng ilang taon.

Ayon pa sa interview ng businesswoman, ang tinaguriang “Crystal Voice of Asia” pa raw ang nanligaw at tumayong parang lalaki sa kanilang naging relasyon.

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Sa official statement na ipinadala via email ay pinabulaanan ni Sheryn ang mga naging pahayag ni Emy at sinabing maayos ang relasyon nila ng asawa niyang si Earl.

Narito ang laman ng official statement ni Sheryn:

"I would have chosen to ignore and keep silent about this unbelievable issue but I do have a family and I believe I have to be fair to them. To start with, everyone knew how I began in the industry, followed my career until I decided to migrate in the United States in 2010 to concentrate with my own family. I am very fortunate enough to have a loving husband and blessed enough to have a wonderful daughter. I don’t have any regrets and I will continue to be thankful to the Lord for giving me such a quiet and contented life.


“Alam ko sa puso ko kung ano ang responsibilidad ko bilang isang ina sa pagpapalaki ng aking nag-iisang anak. Tinanggap ko maging katuwang ng aking asawa sa paghahanapbuhay. For the record Tito Earl has a job in the U.S. until now contrary to the allegations that he is jobless.

“Moreover, I am proud to say na hindi ako nakakalimot sa aking responsibilidad bilang anak. I started going back to the Philippines since 2012 to be with my parents and spend my vacation. I am very blessed because whenever I’m in the country, I still receive bookings and attend various guestings and for this I am truly grateful for the fans and for those who supported me from the very start. Whatever I earned from those projects, lahat pinaghirapan.

“It is not my personality to get what I want at the expense of other people. I do not ‘use’ people nor will I allow myself to be used. Hindi ako pinalaki ng magulang ko para manira, manggamit, at manloko ng ibang tao.


“As regards to the gossips about me, this is all I can say, as we all know, being part of this entertainment industry would subject us to all kinds of defamatory issues. I cannot please everybody. There are people who think they know you and say whatever they want. Some would misinterpret my kindness, some would even assume.

“Once and all, I am issuing this public statement to protect my reputation as well as of my family.

“Whatever the intentions are for doing these will be given justice by the people who would either believe it or not.

“What matters is, for as long as I have the love of my family, my genuine friends and the support of my fans who truly know me by heart, I will remain strong, deeply grateful, and completely satisfied."


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