President Noynoy Aquino faces impeachment raps over DAP

Isang linggo bago ang kanyang State of the Nation Address (SONA), hinainan na ng impeachment complaint si Pangulong Noynoy Aquino sa Kongreso. Ito ay dahil daw sa tahasan nitong paglabag sa mga nakasaad sa Saligang Batas nang pinayagan nitong magamit ang mga natirang pondo ng gobyerno sa mga proyektong gusto niyang pondohan.

Pormal nang sinampahan ng impeachment complaint sa Kongreso si Pangulong Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

Ito ay may kaugnayan pa rin sa kontrobersiyal na Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) na kamakailan lamang ay idineklara ng Supreme Court na "unconstitutional."

Ayon sa walumpong pahinang reklamo, nilabag diumano ng Pangulo ang tiwala ng bayan nang i-convert nito ang mga natirang pondo ng gobyerno sa mga proyektong gusto niyang gawin.

Ito ang dahilan kaya naghain ng reklamong "betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the constitution" ang mga anti-pork group laban sa Pangulo ngayong araw, July 21.

Ayon pa sa grupo, “Thus Complainants accuse President Aquino of culpably violating the Constitution by usurping Congress’ power of the purse and undermining the principles of separation of powers and system of checks and balances. They likewise accuse the President of betraying the public trust by exacerbating the corrupt pork barrel system, committing tyrannical abuse of his powers, violating his oath of office, and perpetrating multiple counts of technical malversation and corruption of public officials.

“For this, he must be held to account so that lessons must be learned. For this he must be impeached.”

Pirmado ng dalawampu’t walong indibidwal ang reklamo na inihain sa Office of the Secretary General ng Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso.

Inendorso naman ito nina Bayan Muna Representatives Neri Colmenares at Carlos Zarate, at Anakpawis Representative Fernando Hicap.

ONE MAN’S PORK BARREL. Saad pa sa reklamo, “The Disbursement Acceleration Program turned the General Appropriations Act into one man’s pork barrel. By virtue of his unchecked exercise of discretion, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III juggled funds from one program to another, or in the case of DAP, to projects based on his mere whim.

"The DAP is not only fiscally and economically unsound but also evil.

"It not only destroys accountability but worse, spends public funds according to the discretion of just one man, the President.


“If the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) is evil, DAP is so much worse in terms of magnitude and vulnerability to corruption. The DAP, as mentioned, covers the entirety of the GAA.

"It is controlled by one man—the President.

"Without meaning to mitigate culpability, in the PDAF, at least, the corrupt Representative must connive with so many more personalities to reap the stolen proceeds.

"The DAP, on the other hand, has built-in mechanisms to allow both corruption and impunity to take their course smoothly and unimpeded.

“That DAP is pork can be seen so clearly in the lump-sum discretionary spending that allowed P17.3 billion in extra pork for lawmakers, P6.5 billion in extra pork for LGU’s, or the P2 billion roadworks for the President’s home province of Tarlac.”

NILAPASTANGAN ANG SALIGANG BATAS. Ayon pa sa nakasaad sa impeachment complaint, niyurakan daw ng Pangulo ang Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas.

“He says he acted in good faith. We say he did not.

"He culpably violated the Constitution. Nilapastangan niya ang Saligang Batas.

“The President knew or ought to have known that converting the GAA into one big pork barrel fund is not just illegal but immoral.

"It is contrary to the laws of the land and of good and principled conscience to devise a scheme that places public funds—the people’s money, the ultimate of all trust funds—in his own hands for use according to his whim.

"The President himself recognized this practice as evil during the time of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It cannot now be good just because he is the trustee of such funds.

“Pork barrel by any other name—especially if the pork has gotten fatter and its proponents greedier—can never be good nor beneficial.

"Pork causes social hypertension and cancer and altering its name will not change the fatal effects.


“The President insists, as we saw last July 14, 2014, that he is right, and everyone else is wrong.

“In his words, DAP was correct. ’Tama ang intensyon, tama ang pamamaraan, tama ang resulta.’

"Pero mali ang intensyon. Nilayon ni Aquino na ipitin sa pamamagitan ng DAP ang daan-daang bilyong pondo, na inilaan na ng Kongreso para sa tukoy na mga pagkakagastusan, para lang gawing higanteng pork barrel niya.

"Mali rin ang pamamaraan. Inagaw ni Aquino ang kapangyarihan ng Kongreso at lansankang nilabag ni Aquino ang Saligang Batas, ang General Appropriations Acts at iba pang mga batas.

“At lalong mali ang resulta. Naging pork barrel ni Aquino ang P144 Bilyong pondong DAP at ginamit sa mga proyektong kwestyunable o hindi naman nagpasigla ng ekonomya o nakatulong sa mahihirap.

"Bilyun-bilyon ang napunta sa panunuhol at dagdag na pork barrel ng Kongreso at may sinasabi pang P450 milyon na nauwi sa mga pekeng NGOs ni Janet Napoles.

“Sa pamamagitan ng DAP, pinasahol pa ni Aquino ang korap na sistemang pork barrel sa bansa, salungat sa pangako niya ’daang matuwid.’"

LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Ayon pa sa nakalagay sa complaint, “The President says DAP is a stimulus program done in good faith.

"This is belied by the list of DAP projects, most of which have nothing to do with stimulating the economy save for increasing government expenditures.

"In fact, the Executive misrepresented a World Bank report to falsely exaggerate DAP’s impact on the economy.

"But even if stimulating the economy were his motive, the President could have done so without violating the Constitution and the law.

“Lest we forget, it is the President who formulates the budget every year. This is the very same budget approved almost in toto every year by a Congress dominated by his allies.

"Why then did he have to secretly realign the budget that he himself proposed, in such staggering amounts, and in such a brazen manner?


"Why not simply submit a better-prepared budget the next year to an overly compliant Congress?

"Why insist that only he, not Congress, has the wisdom to decide ’priority projects’?

“The answer is clear as day: DAP is pork barrel on steroids.

"Through DAP, President Aquino exercised absolute power over billions of public funds and, as a result, placed the fate of entire institutions, local government units and politicians in his hands.

"DAP gave the President power, immense and absolute. And we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“We cannot buy the idea of good faith. Otherwise, any public official who violates the Constitution will always cry the same when he violates the law and expects to get away with it.

"We see the DAP for what it is—a political largesse gone mad and wrong, a straight path to dictatorship that has to be stopped.

“On top of the President’s hypocritical arrogance to condemn everyone else but himself is his failure to properly account for the funds that were disbursed.

"Several television appearances in all, the President has failed to disclose how the people’s money was actually spent.

“Lack of accountability is not simply the problem. It has been documented that he spent part of the DAP in trying to influence the impeachment and conviction of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

"Not only did DAP corrupt public officials, it also undermined the separation of powers of the Executive and Legislative branches.

“The President’s DAP is not an academic exercise in budgetary management. It is the creation of a program and the propagation of a culture that breeds, and actually bred, corruption.

"It violates the written and unwritten principles of the Constitution, from Preamble to Ordinances, and turns upside down the virtues that your grandmother had taught you, such as not coveting other people’s belongings.”


Ipinaubaya naman ng Malacanang sa Kongreso ang naturang reklamo.

May dalawa pa raw nakaambang na impeachment complaints ang ihahain sa Kongreso bago ang State of The Nation Address (SONA) ni PNoy sa Lunes, July 28.





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