Matteo Guidicelli denies rumored "tampo" because Sarah Geronimo was not able to join him in recent Ironman event

When asked how Matteo Guidicelli (left) communicates with girlfriend Sarah Geronimo given that they’re endorsing different apps, the actor said, laughing, "Line talagang ginagamit ko, e."

Before the interview held last night, August 6, at the Isabela Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La Hotel, the event organizers of Line asked the press, “No personal questions, please.”

But somehow, the reporters managed to ask Matteo guidicelli, one of the interviewee, about his love life

The first “personal” question was: Was it his preference to talk less about Sarah Geronimo, his girlfriend?

He began, “Ako, like work, I just wanna concentrate on work…

“I wanna leave my love life, more quiet, ‘di ba. I just want to keep quiet.”

When asked if he believes that keeping things private is actually the better route, he shook his head.

Matteo resumed, “I guess it really depends on how you keep it strong, ‘di ba.

“I just wanna keep work aside from love life.

“Things are gonna be better that way.”

Sarah turned 26 last July 25, how did they celebrate her birthday?

Still sounding quite uneasy talking about the Popstar Princess, he simply said, “We just had a simple get-together with friends.”

Was that his surprise?

“Yeah, yun lang. Yun na yun.”

HALF IRONMAN. This topic was opened with, “Totoo bang nagkaroon kayo ng tampuhan dahil hindi pinayagan si Sarah na sumama sa iyo?”

Matteo’s handler quickly intervened, “Line lang tayo…”

The 25-year-old actor recently joined Cebu’s third edition of Ironman 70.3, which is also known as Half Ironman.

He said it was his fourth Half Ironman, except that he wasn’t that ready this year.

Matteo added, “But I did my best. Mahirap talaga…

“Yeah, because I wasn’t really ready for it.

“I was in America for four weeks, I had shows there. And then I came back so I only had four weeks preparation.

Two things he likes about the triathlon, “You get to meet people. Sports is very healthy, you know. Very good cardio… Camaraderie with friends.”


Speaking of friends, Ryan Agoncillo has been training with them. The host’s wife Judy Ann Santos is very close to Sarah.

Matteo affirmed, “They’re good friends, you know. Ryan trains with us. Juday , they’re good friends. We hang out. They’re cool."

TV Patrol’s Mario Dumaual asked: “Kamusta naman yung mga sports activities nila ni Sarah?”

The Filipino-Italian star answered, “Okay lang, Sir. Pero busing-busy siya ngayon, e. Marami siyang ginagawa…”

And as a follow-up to the first question that was not answered earlier: Was there any tampuhan?

Matteo simply said, “Wala naman.”

YES! MOST BEAUTIFUL. This year’s edition featured him in the Fit & Fab category.

Smiling, Matteo remarked, “Very, very nice.

“Maraming, maraming salamat po sa YES! magazine for including me. Feel very, very blessed, ‘di ba, siyempre, we’re with the made people and very beautiful people, so yun.”

What’s his reaction after learning that his girlfriend is the Most Beautiful Star?

“Siyempre, ‘congratulations ,’at sabi ko, ‘Di ba sabi ko sa ‘yo…’ Yun. Yun lang…

“Yes, deserving, siya yung pinakamaganda, ’di ba. So yun.

“Siyempre I was very proud of her. I always tell her she’s beautiful but she doesn’t believe me.

“So the whole country is telling her now so she has to believe, ’di ba. Not just the whole country but the whole world.”





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