Fabio Ide "proud father" to daughter with Denisse Oca; on a break from relationship with Michelle Pamintuan

Fabio Ide on girlfriend Michelle Pamintuan: "She’s been accepting it and trying. But I think, maybe because of… out of anger or… You know, when you love someone, sometimes you do stupid things or say something bad. But me, as a Christian, I forgive what she said to Denisse. And I honestly don’t believe she really mean it. But, what is said is said."

Ilang araw pagkatapos pumutok ng balita tungkol sa pag-amin ni Fabio Ide na siya ang ama ng anak ni Denisse Oca, nakausap ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang Brazilian-Japanese model-actor sa taping ng Celebrity Bluff kagabi, October 1, sa Studio 6 ng GMA Network.

Kaugnay ng pag-amin ni Fabio ay ang word war naman sa pagitan ni Denisse at ng present girlfriend ng model-actor na si Michelle Pamintuan.

Matatandaang nagbitaw ng masasakit na salita si Michelle sa Instagram dahil sa pagpu-post ng ina ni Denisse n asi Melissa Mendez ng mga larawang kuha mula sa dedication ng anak nina Fabio at Denisse.

Dahil dito ay naglabas ng official statement si Fabio upang sabihin na siya nga ang ama ng anak nila ni Denisse at ikinalulungkot niya ang naging pahayag ni Michelle.

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Sa panayam namin kay Fabio kagabi, sinabi niyang nagkaroon siya ng “emotional relief” pagkatapos ng ginawa niyang pag-amin.

Saad niya, “Siyempre naman.

“Kasi, this is something that I wanted to have done before pa. Pero I was just waiting for the right time.

“Kasi, it’s a very delicate situation, especially because Denisse and I… we are not together.

“And you know, I was just waiting for the time for me to understand, to accept, to go for it.

“Because as I said, it’s not easy, ‘di ba?

“So, I was just waiting for the right time.

“And then, Denisse and I, I spoke with her before and I said, ‘Please, let’s just wait for the baptismal. After the baptismal, let’s just…’

“I’m sure, once I’m there, people will know that I’m the father.

“And I’m proud of being a father.

“And I wanna show everyone that I’m there, and people will take pictures.”


THE BAPTISM. Noong Linggo, September 28, ginanap ang binyag ng kanilang anak ni Denisse sa Christ the King Church, sa Green Meadows, Quezon City.

Sinundan ito ng isang dedication ceremony sa Tipsy Pig, sa Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Ayon kay Fabio, “It was a very beautiful celebration… we closed the place Tipsy Pig.

“All my friends were there, the friends of Denisse also were all there to celebrate the binyag.

“You know, as I said, everything happens for a reason. And everything happened in the right time.

“So, that’s why… it was good.

“Of course, siyempre naman, I’m relieved talaga.

“Like, I’m a proud daddy of my little daughter Danielle.

“And you know, things didn’t happen in a perfect scenario, but still, you know, my daughter cannot pay for the mistakes we made.

“And right now, my obligation as a dad is to take care of her and give her the best.

“And, you know… and to accept—that’s exactly what I did.

“I just wish things would have happened the way it was.

“It was everything planned—to post nice pictures and show our celebration.

“But because of the incident between Michelle and Denisse, that became a big, big... ” napapailing na sabi ni Fabio.

TAKING A BREAK. Kumusta na ngayon ang current girlfriend niyang si Michelle? Naintindihan na ba nito ang naging sitwasyon?

Saad ni Fabio, “She’s… hindi, kasi this is a process, e.

“And she’s been trying to accept.

“She was there in the baptism with me. She’s been trying to love Danielle.

“But for some reason, it’s something that… it hurts her a lot.

“It’s not easy for you to see the woman or the man you love having a baby with someone else, ‘di ba?

“But she knows I’ve never cheated on her.


“It happened two, three months before I even met Michelle.

“And then, when I found out that I was the dad, I told her from the beginning.

“I said, ‘Either you accept or you don’t accept. But if you do, you have to support me naman.’

“So, we’ve been dealing with this for five months. And she’s been accepting it and trying.

“But I think, maybe because of… out of anger or…

“You know, when you love someone, sometimes you do stupid things or say something bad.

“But me, as a Christian, I forgive what she said to Denisse.

“And I honestly don’t believe she really mean it.

“But, what is said is said.

“And you know, I’m sure she regrets.

“But, you know, this is something I can’t focus on.

“I’m not focused on the fight between Denisse and Michelle.

"I’m just focused on my baby, on my career… to do the right thing naman.”

Pero sila pa rin ba ni Michelle?

Pag-amin ni Fabio, “Uhm… we took a break now.

“I wouldn’t say we broke up na, but we… I told her I need space.

“I need some time for myself.

“I need some time for me to put my life back on track.

“And, you know, as I said, everything is supposed to be perfect.

“Unfortunately, the way it came out, it was parang, like…

“But, right now, I’m just trying to focus on my daughter Danielle.

“Denisse is also trying to do the same. She’s a great mother to Danielle.”

RECONCILIATION. Hindi kaya sila ni Denisse ang magkatuluyan ngayong may anak na sila?

Mabilis na sagot ni Fabio, “No, no…

“Denisse and I, we’ve been friends for a long time.

“And we both know we have to work as a team to make Danielle happy.


“To give her an opportunity to be someone, to give her a good education.

“But for now, Denisse and I… we’re just friends naman.”

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. Ano ang initial reaction ng pamilya ni Fabio sa Brazil nang malamn nilang nakabuntis siya at may anak na siya?

Aniya, “Of course, my family was shocked when I told them the news.

“Kasi, first they thought Michelle, my present girlfriend, was the one pregnant.

“And then I told them, ‘No, it’s actually someone else that I was with before.’

“And I just hold on the news now… lately. They’ve been shocked.

“And it’s sad kasi, even me, I haven’t seen my parents in three years.

“And my mom, she was really upset. Because she’s the grandmother and she can’t really spend time with my baby now.

“Because it’s so far, e. Brazil is so far, e.

“But, of course, next year, they already told me that next year, they would come here to visit my daughter.

“They are very proud.

“Kasi, my family… I am a very family-oriented guy.

“And they taught me everything that I should know in life.

“And that’s why I’m taking responsibility for everything.

“And from the moment that I found out that I was the father, I even told Denisse, ‘You know, despite of me and you being together or not the way it happened, I just want to give her [Fabio’s daughter] the best.’

“Or giving her my last name.

"I’m giving her everything that I can give to her.

“Education… I’m helping her financially.

“I’m giving her everything that a dad should give.

“She’s five months old now. I’ve learned about her four months ago.

“After she was born, for me to be sure talaga na I’m the father, I did a DNA test.


“The DNA test result came out after three weeks.

“They said from the result I’m the father.

“Then, that’s it! From that moment, I started seeing her every week and helping her.”

SINGLE DAD. Ano ang nararamdaman niya ngayong isa na siyang ama?

Ayon kay Fabio, “Parang, I feel more mature and then your priorities change. Your dreams change.

“You realize that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, there is something out there that you always have to look for.

“Someone out there that you always have to take care of.

“And she’s gonna be ano… my shadow.

“And whatever I do now, she will one day look at me and say, ‘Hey, Dad, you did this and you did that.’

“That’s I think the special feeling, when you do something, that’s not just for yourself, but it’s already for your kid.

“You’re already planning her future. And in whatever you do, you always have her in mind.

“And that’s a beautiful feeling that only a father knows.”

Sa ngayon daw, wala siyang ibang nasa isip kundi magtrabahong mabuti para masuportahan ang kanyang anak.

“I host a show in Viva channel… in Viva TV.

“It’s called Double Or Something. It’s a game show that I host, me and Petra Mahalimuyak as my co-host.

“And then, I’m really focused on my business.

“I’m part-owner of Gramercy, this is a lounge… We have a coffee shop on the sixth floor. We have a restaurant on the seventh floor. We also have a lounge club.

“So, it’s on the tallest building in the country called Gramercy.

“So, I became part owner there.

“And now we’re opening another club in The Fort called Palace. We’re gonna open in November.


“And I have other things going on. I have my own website now, FabioIde.com.

“I’ve been racing. I’ve been into sports, of course.

“And then, you know, taking care of my endorsements...

“There are a lot of good things happening in my life right now.

“Plus this baby who’s a blessing in my life,” saad ni Fabio.





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