PEP EXCLUSIVE. Roxanne Cabañero on court’s decision to junk her rape complaint against Vhong Navarro: “I am not going to give up just yet.”

Labis na ikinasama ng loob ng aspiring beauty queen na si Roxanne Cabañero ang naging resolusyon ng Pasig Prosecutor’s Office sa pagbasura ng reklamong panggagahasa na isinampa niya laban sa aktor na si Vhong Navarro. Pero hindi pa raw rito nagtatapos ang lahat.

Dismayado si Roxanne Cabañero sa pagkakabasura ng reklamong panggagahasa na isinampa niya laban sa aktor at TV host na si Vhong Navarro.

Sa resolusyon ni Assistant City Prosecutor Christine Perolino ng Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office na may petsang September 8, nakasaad na kuwestiyonable at hindi tugma ang mga detalyeng inihayag sa sinumpaang salaysay ni Roxanne sa kanyang reklamong rape laban kay Vhong.

Wala rin daw umanong sapat na ebidensiyang makapagpapatunay na may “probable cause” para sa reklamong inihain nito laban sa actor-dancer.

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DISSAPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED. Sa ipinadalang statement ng aspiring beauty queen sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ngayong araw, October 4, sinabi ni Roxanne na labis siyang nadismaya sa resolusyon ng korte.

Aniya, “I am dissapointed and even more frustrated by this result. I honestly feel that I am alone in this fight and it is so discouraging (that as a rape victim) that even before this went to court I am already being discredited of the truth, while the other party was allowed to deploy dirty tactics in an attempt to thwart my efforts.

“Whether it was through condescending remarks by the likes of Tony Calvento and co. or parodies on TV and jokes being made publicly by personalities on daytime noon shows, all of these works have contributed in cultivating a negative paradigm about my rape case and about me as a rape victim...”

Idiniin din ni Roxanne na gusto talaga ng kabilang kampo na yurakan hindi lamang ang katotohanan kundi maging ang kanyang pagkatao.

Saad niya, “In short they have all acted to malign and scandalize not just the truth but of who I am as a person. I won’t lie, I am deeply disheartened and I feel like giving up, but to do so would allow for more acts of injustice, unfairness and hopelessness for future victims of rape.


“For now I will evaluate my next steps carefully and consider all my options. I am encouraged by the other half of this result but it is not the right justice or punishment for the crime committed against me. I am not going to give up just yet.”

TRYING TO COPE. Pagkatapos magpadala ng statement, pumayag naman si Roxanne sa isang exclusive interview sa PEP.

May balak ba siyang iapela ang naging desisyon ng korte? Sagot ng 24-year-old aspiring beauty queen from Cebu, “At this point in time there is so much to absorb and think about—both emotionally and mentally.

“Of course I have to react to the decision and there is a process I must follow with my lawyers. On top of that I am also still reeling from this decision and emotionally, I am trying to cope with the backlash from both the media as well as the public.

“So realistically at this point, I don’t have a definitive answer. But when I do, I will make it known.”

Paano kaya niya binalak na mag-move on mula sa kontrobersiyang ito?

Tugon niya, “I don’t think it’s about moving on.

“To move on would mean to completely quit and I am not a quitter.

"A heinous crime was commited against me and from what we can see in the media, it’s not just against me but against two others also.

“This is a chapter in my life that I have to tackle head on and I won’t allow a rapist to dictate the fate of my life.

“Moreover I am representing the future victims of rape and so far I have established that it’s difficult as a rape victim to seek out justice especially against such a high profile celebrity.”

May mensahe ba siyang nais ipaabot kay Vhong?


Saad niya, "I don’t have a direct message to him but rather to the group of people who followed this case who would like to see me suffer and quit.

"I will continue to stand strong and I will stand up not just for me but for the future victims of rape. I will be an example of perseverance and prayer.

"I still believe that good people reside in our justice system and it is only a matter of time before someone will stand up for women and victims of rape.

"Until then I will remain fervent and on the course. This will not be easy not for me and neither for my supporters".





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