Mary Christine Jolly withdraws VAWC complaint; Derek Ramsay camp says: "He refuses to be a victim of extortion."

"Complainant’s allegations questioning the credibility of the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office is an insult to the institution. Complainant will NOT win because her case has NO merit. But she does not want to lose because it will obliterate any bargaining leverage to get 45M from Derek," says the legal counsel of Derek Ramsay in response to Mary Christine Jolly’s alleged reason for withdrawing her VAWC complaint.

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Binawi ni Mary Christine Jolly ang reklamong paglabag sa R.A. 9262 o Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) Act na inihain niya laban kay Derek Ramsay.

Pormal na inihain ni Mary ang naturang mosyon sa Makati Prosecutor’s Office ngayong araw, October 13.

Ito ay matapos kuwestiyunin ng kampo ni Mary ang diumano’y baluktot na proseso sa isinasagawang imbestigasyon kaugnay ng reklamo laban sa aktor.

Pahayag ng legal counsel ni Mary na si Atty. Argee Guevarra, “We received very credible information emanating from the prosecutorial service of Makati that our case, the preliminary investigation, will not be conducted along the avenue of ‘Tuwid Na Daan.’

“And that there are external forces out to influence the case in favor of Mr. Derek Ramsay.

“My client got wind of this information and she decided that she doesn’t want to pursue the case in Makati Prosecutor’s Office.

“She wants to withdraw it as a matter of her right and then file it before the DOJ [Department of Justice].”

Ayon pa sa abugado, may hinala sila kung sino ang diumano’y maimpluwensiyang personalidad na tumutulong kay Derek.

Ngunit tumanggi si Atty. Guevarra na pangalanan kung sino man ito.

Sa ngayon, ang mahalaga ay nakatutok sila sa merito ng kaso ni Mary.

Hindi rin umano nakaramdam ng panghihinayang si Mary, kahit pa ngayong araw ang itinakdang huling hearing ng preliminary investigation, bago mabigyan ng kaukulang resolusyon ang reklamo.

Sabi ni Atty. Guevarra, “Her position is—minus all the drama in showbiz that Derek is trying to introduce here like crying [and] his incredible statements about his love for his child which is nonexistent for the past 11 years—siguro that’s because he’s from showbiz.

“Sa amin, we must focus on the reality of litigation, on upholding the laws of the land and the rights that are supposed to favor her.


"We don’t want any attempt to frustrate her pursuit of justice."

Dagdag pa ng abugado, umaasa silang muling maihain ang reklamong VAWC sa DOJ bago magtapos ang Oktubre.

“If this person will not get justice, any woman or wife will not be able to get justice.

“We believe that public awareness of her case which touches sensitive cord among women similarly situated will prevent future attempts by Derek’s camp to unduly influence or interfere through the employment of underhanded, if not corrupt practices, to defeat rightful and just claims of our clients.”

DEREK: “A VICTIM OF EXTORTION.” Sa kabilang banda, umalma ang kampo ni Derek hinggil sa pahayag ng kampo ni Mary na diumano’y iniimpluwensiyahan ng aktor ang proseso ng imbestigasyon hinggil sa reklamong kinahaharap nito.

Kasabay nito ay ibinunyag ng legal counsel ni Derek, si Atty. Joji Alonso, na hindi tugma ang dahilang ibinigay ni Mary sa kanyang mosyon kumpara sa media statement na inilabas ng legal counsel ng huli.

Ang totoo ay nagpahayag umano si Mary na gusto nitong ipagpatuloy ang naudlot na pakikipagkasundo kay Derek.

Buwelta ni Atty. Alonso sa opisyal na pahayag na ipinadala nito sa PEP ngayong gabi:

“During the hearing today, Complainant filed a Motion to Withdraw the Complaint stating that: ‘After a series of discussions with complainant, she has decided to withdraw the complaint without prejudice to the refiling thereof, to pursue earnest discussion towards possible settlement with respondent.’

“Her counsel, however, offered a different reason, claiming that they received ‘credible information’ that the Preliminary Investigation proceedings will not be conducted along the avenue of Tuwid Na Daan.’”

Ngunit iginiit ni Atty. Alonso na hindi interesado si Derek na makipag-settle kay Mary.

Aniya, “From the outright lies proferred to justify Complainant’s actions, she has lost even more credibility, assuming that she had any to begin with.


“This is literally shopping for a forum which will favor her baseless demands.

“Unfortunately, she will not find one because Derek’s documentary evidence as well as testimonies of his witnesses, prove that the charges against him are all trumped up.”

Giit pa ni Atty. Alonso, malinaw na panganguwarta ang motibo sa likod ng VAWC complaint ni Mary laban kay Derek.

Kaugnay ito ng advance lump sum na nagkakahalaga ng P45 million na hinihingi umano ni Mary bilang sustento para sa 11-taong-gulang na anak nila ng aktor.

“Complainant’s allegations questioning the credibility of the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office is an insult to the institution.

“Complainant will NOT win because her case has NO merit. But she does not want to lose because it will obliterate any bargaining leverage to get 45M from Derek.

“So Complainant will not stop unless she gets a settlement but Derek will not budge as he refuses to be a victim of extortion,” saad ng legal counsel ni Derek.

Sa kabilang banda, nanindigan ang kampo ni Mary na ang tanging ipinaglalaban ng complainant ay ang karapatan ng anak nila ni Derek at pati na rin ang karapatan ng una bilang legal na asawa ng aktor.





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