Ericka Villongco thinks she’s "the most bashed in social media" after admitting breakup with James Reid

Ericka Villongco on ex-boyfriend James Reid: “When you see him on screen he’s very sexy, suplado, but if you knew the other side of him, he’s very romantic."

Tatlong taong naging magkasintahan sina Ericka Villongco at James Reid at nine months ago daw sila nag-break, bago nagsimulang sumikat ang JaDine loveteam.

Sabi ni Ericka, “I don’t think he denies it. I’ve seen some of the articles.

"He talks about me, he talks about our relationship. Nandun yung pangalan ko.”

Nakapanayam ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Ericka sa presscon ng Relaks It’s Just Pag-ibig, na pinagbibidahan nina Iñigo Pascual, Sofia Andres, at Julian Estrada, noong October 30.

Sinabi nito na January 2011 nang maging sila ni James, at may mga bagay daw siyang nami-miss sa kanyang ex.

“I guess, I think of him sometimes.

“Si James kasi, we were very like laid-back couple.

"Our favorite things to do were just eat and watch movies in his house.

"We were very alike in so many ways."

Kumusta ba si James as a boyfriend?

Ayon kay Ericka, “When you see him on screen, he’s very sexy, suplado, but if you knew the other side of him, he’s very romantic.

“Before he said I love you to me, he made me a costumized necklace that he designed himself.

"It was a heart na ’pag na-twist mo, nagiging circle. ’Pag na-twist mo ulit, nagiging heart.

“Ibinalik ko yung necklace sa kanya nung nag-break kami.

“But there were a lot of other things he gave me.

"He made a ring, I still have it, it’s still with me.

“It’s a ring na may diamond sa gitna and engraved with ’James-Ericka.’

“That one is mine.”

Wala kang balak ibalik yung ring?

“I can’t. It’s kept there,” na ang ibig niyang sabihin ay sa bahay nila.

HAPPY FOR JAMES. Sana nga raw ay nagkaroon ng malinaw na closure ang breakup nila ni James.

“It was very hard for me kasi I was going through… yung bashers.


"I was very emotional dealing with the breakup and dealing with the bashers.

"I was crying for one month.

“My parents were there for me, my sister, my friends. They made things easier.

"I just wish that we got that closure."

Nagalit ba ang parents niya kay James?

“No, they’re very happy for him as well. They see him on the magazines.

"My dad is also pushing him ’cause my dad and his dad are friends.

"So, parang he was asking advice from my dad if he would sign the contract with VIVA and everything.

"And my dad was pushing him, ’Just do it, just go for it.’”

SO IN LOVE. Samantala, umiiwas muna si Ericka sa lovelife ngayon.

“In a way, I’m scared na baka masaktan ako ulit.

"But I also wanna focus on myself talaga ’cause when were so in love, I lost myself, and he lost himself too in a way.

“He let go of his career, and now, it’s his second chance and I’m happy for him.

"And he’s doing such a great job.”

Bakit parang hindi kayo nagpapansinan ni James gayong masaya naman pala siya for him?

“Ako din, hindi ko rin alam. I really wish we could friends.

"I really wish that we’re friends, I wish we ended civilly para walang awkwardness.

"Kasi sayang din naman yung three years."

May gusto ba siyang sabihin kay James para magkaroon talaga ng closure yung breakup nila?

“I guess maybe in the future na lang, not now na lang.

"I don’t think it’s the right time.

"It’s better to talk when everything has cooled down and there are no distractions."

CONSOLED BY NADINE. Sabi pa ni Ericka, "If ever we talk pa, mas magugulo.

"Grabe yung fans talaga.


"Once they even see us out or have the slightest clue, they already assume so many…

“I’m used to it na kasi even when we were in a relationship, I had them.

"Mas dumami lang when he got famous, sobrang dami talaga.

"I think I’m the most bashed in social media right now.

"It’s terrible, I wake up with hundred notifications about Nadine, about James, but I don’t read those.

“I learned it from him, I got it from him.

"He said, ’Separate the negativity so it won’t affect you, because you know your worth and what you are.’"

Aware ba si Nadine Lustre, ka-loveteam ni James, na naba-bash siya nang ganito?

Sagot ni Ericka, “She is aware. And I’m sure she got bashers, too.

“Nadine is very much aware kasi she consoles me. ’I hope you’re okay?’

"And I’m aware of her bashers as well.

“Pero ayaw namin na nag-aaway-away, so I would tweet her sometimes para they would see, ’They’re friends pala.’

"And we really are.

“I can’t see James being paired with any one else, parang they fit so well together.”

Magiging happy ka kung magiging sila?

“I will be happy for anything if he’s happy.”

APART IS BETTER. Kung meron kang gustong sabihin kay James, ano ito?

“I’m very proud, that’s all I can say.

"Because I saw him grow from that shy, hindi marunong mag-Tagalog… that was his goal for the longest time.”

Umaasa pa rin ba siya na magkakabalikan sila?

“I can’t say. No one can tell the future. But maybe a few years, if ever it works out.”

Nakabuti o nakasama ba yung breakup nila sa kanilang dalawa?

“Mas nakabuti for both of us. Kasi he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing.”


Sa kasalukuyan ay pinagsasabay ni Ericka ang career niya bilang singer-actress at ang pagkuha ng kursong Marketing.

"I’m enjoying the company of my friends, that’s most important, my sister, she’s like my other half, my parents, my mom.”





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