John Spainhour jokingly reveals his "standard price" for indecent proposals: “A billion US dollars and an attack helicopter!”

John Spainhour on dealing with indecent proposals: “You know, when something like that comes up, I always joke around with their offer. I really find it kinda funny when they immediately offer me either cash, car or condo. They call it the 3Cs. Right off the bat, someone will ask me what’s my price. So I would answer something ridiculous that I know they can’t give me..."

First big role on television ng 27-year-old Filipino-American model-turned-actor na si John Spainhour ang Wattpad Presents: A House Full Of Hunks na bahagi ng mga bagong programs ng TV5 para sa kanilang Happy Sa 2015 campaign.

The former 2011 Century Tuna Super Bod winner at Mister World Philippines 2014 ay unti-unti na nang nagta-transition from his modeling career to acting.

Pamilyar na si John dahil sa kanyang mga bold and daring campaign pictorial para sa underwear brand na Bench Body.

Nakalabas na rin si John sa ilang TV shows tulad ng Two Wives, A.S.A.P., Juan Direction at sa pelikulang Shake, Rattle & Roll XV.

“We will start taping by next week. I’m pretty excited with the show because it’s going to be my biggest exposure as far as acting is concerned.

“I know most of the cast like Charlie Sutcliffe, Albie Casino, and Vin Abrenica. I still have to meet Jasmine Curtis Smith who will be the lone female in the Wattpad episode.

“I am just hoping that they don’t give me so much Tagalog lines because I’m still brushing up on my Tagalog,” ngiti pa ni John nang ma-interview siya ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa “Happy Sa 2015” press launch ng TV5 sa Sampaguita Gardens last January 13.

TAGALOG ONLY PLEASE? Inamin ni John na hindi pa siya marunong mag-Tagalog kahit na apat na taon na siyang naninirahan sa Pilipinas.

Pinagsabihan na raw siya ng kanyang manager na kailangan niyang matutong magsalita at intindihin ang Tagalog kung gusto nitong magtagal ang kanyang career sa bansa.


“I have been trying. It’s really hard to learn a new language overnight.

“But slowly I am learning new words to say and understand like ‘ang init,’ ‘gutom ako,’ ‘kain na,’ and ‘magandang araw.’ Mostly the basics. I haven’t gone to the long and difficult words yet.

“Just give me some time and I will be able to master the language,” diin niya.

CAREER TRANSITION. Si John na rin ang nagdesisyon na subukan na ang acting dahil matagal na nga siyang model at gusto niyang may iba naman siyang career na pagkaabalahan.

Alam daw niyang may age limit sa kanyang trabaho bilang isang underwear model.

“Models are getting younger every year and I know that I have to make adjustments to my career.

“I can still do what I’m doing as long as they want me to and as long as I can keep up with it physically.

“Otherwise, I can find a new career in order to survive living here.

“So getting into showbiz is a most likely thing because I’ve done a few shows and there are offers since I started modeling. So why not accept them now, right?

“Acting is really a lot more difficult than modeling.

“In modeling, you put on clothes or you take off your clothes, it depends on what show you’re hired for. Then you walk the runway and change and that’s it.

“Acting requires a lot of memorizing and motivating. And that’s what I want to learn. Plus I need to speak Tagalog well so that I would be getting lots of acting jobs in the future,” lahad pa niya.


MILITARY EXPERIENCE. Pinasok ni John ang modeling dahil na rin sa impluwensiya ng kanyang brother na si James Spainhour who was also a male model.

Wala na kasing balak pang balikan ni John ang kanyang buhay bilang U.S. Marine Corps sergeant.

Kuwento niya, “When my service with the Marine Corps ended in 2010, I had nothing to do back in North Carolina.

“I worked with the infantry in Iraq in 2008 and 2009.

“I’ve been to war and I am just lucky that after my military experience, I came home not scarred from it.

“I have friends who had much worse. I am just thankful that I came home with complete legs and arms.

“Though I was not physically injured, I might be mentally scarred.

“So I went through a series of psychological tests after I came home. They just want to make sure I don’t have trauma.

“Thank God, I was okay and I’ve moved on from it.

“My brother James was then modelling in Asia, so he asked me if I wanted to try it out. So I said yes because people have been asking me if I was a model. So why not make that real, right?

“My brother modeled only in Japan and Thailand. He was more into the formal and casual wears.

“Since I had a bigger built because of my training with the marines, I was doing athletic wear and beach attire. Until I was invited to join Century Tuna in 2011 and I won.


“That led to more modeling jobs and ad campaigns. I was also doing TV commercials.”

INDECENT PROPOSALS. Sa trabaho nga ni John bilang modelo, imposible ngang wala siyang matanggap na mga “indecent proposals.”

Hindi naman itinanggi ni John na meron at parati raw siyang nakakatanggap ng offer mula sa kung kani-kanino.

“Oh, yes, there are plenty!” sabay tawa niya.

“But you know, when something like that comes up, I always joke around with their offer.

“I really find it kinda funny when they immediately offer me either cash, car or condo. They call it the '3Cs.'

“Right off the bat, someone will ask me what’s my price.

“So I would answer something ridiculous that I know they can’t give me like a billion U.S. dollars and an attack helicopter!

“That’s my standard answer to those that they call indecent proposals.

“I guess no one will ever be able to give those two things right away just to make me say yes.

“But sorry, I’m just for the girls!” deklara niya.

IDEAL GIRL. Walang girlfriend ngayon si John pero on the lookout nga siya ng kanyang type na babae sa Pilipinas.

“My type of girl is pretty generic.

“I go for slim girls with long legs. She doesn’t have to be a model.

“I’m not also the type of guy who likes big booties or big boobs. I just want my girl to be just right,” detalye ni John.





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