#PopeFrancisPH: Pope Francis on his Philippine visit: “The gestures moved me.”

Ikinuwento ni Pope Francis ang mga natutunan niya sa pagbisita sa Pilipinas at kung ano ang most moving experience niya sa kanyang five-day visit sa bansa.

Isang oras matapos lumipad ang eroplanong sinasakyan ni Pope Francis mula Maynila patungong Vatican noong January 19, Lunes, isang press conference ang ginanap sa loob mismo ng eroplano habang bumibiyahe, kasama ang iba't ibang media organizations na nag-cover ng apostolic visit ng Santo Papa sa Pilipinas.

Sa nasabing press conference, ilan sa mga natanong kay Pope Francis ay ang kanyang unforgettable moment at experiences sa kanyang five-day visit sa Pilipinas.

Unang nagtanong ang reporter na si Kara David ng GMA News and Public Affairs.

Tanong ni Kara sa Santo Papa, ano ang mga natutunan niya sa mga Pilipino sa kanyang pagbisita?

Sagot ni Pope Francis sa wikang Italian, "The gestures! The gestures moved me.

"They are not protocol gestures, they are good gestures, felt gestures, gestures of the heart. Some almost make one weep.

"There’s everything there: faith, love, the family, the illusions, the future.

"That gesture of the fathers who think of their children so that the Pope will bless them. Not the gesture of one unique father.

"There were many who thought of their children when we passed by on the road.

"A gesture which in other places one does not see, as if they say ‘this is my treasure, this is my future, this is my love, for this one it’s worth working, for this one it’s worth suffering.’

"A gesture that is original, but born from the heart."

Patuloy niya, "A second gesture that struck me very much is an enthusiasm that is not feigned, a joy, a happiness, a capacity to celebrate.


"Even under the rain, one of the masters of ceremonies told me that he was edified because those who were serving in Tacloban, under the rain, never lost the smile.

"It’s the joy, not feigned joy. It wasn’t a false smile. No, no!

"It was a smile that just came out, and behind that smile there is a normal life, there are pains, problems.

"Then there were the gestures of the mothers who brought their sick children. Indeed mothers in general bring them there.

"But usually mothers did not lift the children up so much, only up to here. The dads do, one sees them. Here dad!

"Then many disabled children, with disabilities that make some impression; they did not hide the children, they brought them to the Pope so that he would bless them: ‘This is my child, he is this way, but he is mine.’

"All mothers know this, they do this.

"But it’s the way they did this that struck me. The gesture of fatherhood, of motherhood, of enthusiasm, of joy.

"There’s a word that’s difficult for us to understand because it has been vulgarized too much, too badly used, too badly understood, but it’s a word that has substance: resignation.

"A people who knows how to suffer, and is capable of rising up."

Nabanggit din ni Pope Francis ang babaeng namatay sa Tacloban City pagkatapos ng kanyang misa.

"Yesterday, I was edified at the talk I had with the father of Kristel, the young woman volunteer who died in Tacloban.


"He said she died in service, he was seeking words to confirm himself to this situation, to accept it.

"A people that knows how to suffer, that’s what I saw and how I interpreted the gestures."

MOST MOVING MOMENT. Isang miyembro rin ng media ang nagtanong sa Santo Papa kung ano ang “most moving moment” sa kanyang pagbisita sa Pilipinas.

Tugon niya, “The most moving moment…For me, the mass in Tacloban was very moving. Very moving.

“To see all of God’s people standing still, praying, after this catastrophe [super typhoon Yolanda], thinking of my sins and those people, it was moving, a very moving moment.

Nang idaos daw niya ang misa sa airport sa Tacloban noong January 17, Sabado, sinabi ni Pope Francis na na-overwhelm siya sa sandaling iyon.

“I almost couldn’t speak. I felt very little.

"I don’t know what happened to me, maybe it was the emotion, I don’t know.

"But I didn’t feel another thing, it was quite something.

“And then the gestures were moving. Every gesture.

"When I passed and a father would make this [gesture] and I blessed him, he would say thank you but… for them, a blessing was enough.

"I thought, but I who have so many expectations, I want this and I want that.

"This was good for me, no? Moving moments.

“After I found out that in Tacloban, we landed with winds at 70 miles per hour, I took seriously the warning that we needed to leave no later than one o’clock [in the afternoon] because there was a danger.


"But I wasn’t afraid."

Ano naman ang nararamdaman niya na nakagawa siya ng kasaysayan dahil ang misang idinaos niya sa Quirino Grandstand noong Linggo, January 18, ay marahil ang pinakamalaking Papal mass na nangyari dahil six million ang dumagsa rito.

Nahigitan nito ang Papal mass na idinaos ni Pope John Paul II noong 1995 sa Pilipinas sa pareho ring lugar.

Tugon ni Pope Francis, “As for the great turnout, I felt [overwhelmed].

"These were God’s people, and God was present, and the joy of the presence of God which tells us—think on it well—that you are servants of these people, they are the protagonists. Something like this.”





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