Heart Evangelista will walk the aisle alone

Heart Evangelista on walking alone on her wedding day: "It’s gonna be that little brave, that little girl in me. I have to be brave and this is my choice. So, paninindigan ko siya."

Heart Evangelista is beaming from within.

She is getting married in a few short weeks and her bride-glow is infectious.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got to do a quick catch-up with the soon-to-be Mrs. Escudero at the launch of Closeup Diamond Attraction, Tuesday night, January 28, where Heart was introduced as its newest ambassador.

Heart, who has gone through tough times with her parents, was recently spotted with them. Are they attending her Balesin Island wedding?

She answers shyly, "I'm not sure they are attending."

She then flashes a big smile as she continues, "But more than anything, siguro it shouldn't be a deadline.

“I mean, we have our entire life.

“Hopefully, it won't take an entire life, but, hopefully, everything will fall into place."

Asked whether her parents will be at her Manila reception, which happens a week after her wedding, Heart answers, "Uhm, I don't think they're going."

Who is going to give her away during the wedding then?

The bride-to-be of Senator Chiz Escudero firmly says, "I'll walk by myself...

“It's gonna be that little brave, that little girl in me.

“I have to be brave and this is my choice.

“So, paninindigan ko siya."

TIPS FOR BRIDES. Heart has also picked up several tips for other brides during her own wedding journey.

She shares, "You really need your husband beside you, your husband-to-be beside you.

“Because a lot of girls, when they get married, tinatamad the boyfriend, the fiancé to go with them.

“I was pretty blessed to have him [Senator Chiz] by my side."


Heart adds, "You really have to talk about things, you have to always be practical, and you have to always think about the day after the wedding when reality kicks in...

“You need to buy your house, you need to plan for a family...

“So, I guess, importante na maganda yung communication niyo para organized lahat at makatipid kayo sa inyong kasal."

LESSONS LEARFNED. Heart, the actress who has had many ups and downs during her long career in showbiz, is grateful for all she is learning about herself and her future husband, Senator Chiz Escudero.

Her most significant learning so far?

“I was raised in a way na I was very… everything was just given to me.

“With Chiz, he teaches me how to appreciate the value of every single thing, especially what you already have.

“And he always told me na, you know, this is just one day.

“Ang importante sa kasal, yung buhay niyo after.

“So, yun ‘yong na-appreciate ko sa kanya.

"Because aside from I have matured a lot in the relationship, I also learned how to be practical!” says Heart with a laugh.

BE PRACTICAL. We tell her that it seems being practical is a big trait and theme of her relationship and wedding journey.

She smiles again and says, "It is, it is because, you know, I am known to be very maarte, fashionista, and everything.

“And this is just like a turnaround for me, and it's good, it's good because I'm happier now."


She says that the practical Chiz is something she really, really appreciates.

She recalls, “Super, super, in the beginning, I was stressed, kasi talagang lahat ng ideas ko, binabaril niya.

“But we met in the middle, so I still get my flowers.

“But instead of organizing two times, kasi mayroon kaming reception in Manila, we're freezing the flowers, and then ire-revive namin ulit siya sa Manila.”

Her practical side is showing when she adds, “Kasi it's Valentine's Day so times six! So, hindi siya biro.

“Flying in and then flying out in a cooler. And we'll use them again!”





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