Fabio Ide reveals how fatherhood changed him: “Mas naging mature na ako noong maging daddy na ako.”

Fabio Ide talks about his lifestyle change since becoming a dad: “Before pa-easy-easy lang ako. I was single and I like to party. I’m Brazilian and everybody knows how we like to party, and have fun all the time. Now everything has changed, because I always think of my daughter, Danielle.”

Nag-iba na ang lifestyle ngayon ng Brazilian-Japanese model-turned-actor/TV host na si Fabio Ide mula noong maging ama siya.

Noong mapatunayan na siya ang ama ng baby ni Denisse Oca (anak ng aktres na si Melissa Mendez), kaagad niyang tinapos ang kanyang buhay-binata.

Lahat na raw ng kanyang ginagawa ngayon ay para na sa kanyang anak na si Danielle Mikaela, na wala pang isang taon.

“Mas naging mature na ako noong maging daddy na ako.

“Before pa-easy-easy lang ako. I was single and I like to party. I’m Brazilian and everybody knows how we like to party, and have fun all the time.

“Now everything has changed, because I always think of my daughter, Danielle.

“Lahat ng kinikita ko from my work, it goes to my daughter’s future,” kuwento ni Fabio nang makapanayam siya ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa photo shoot ng kanyang bagong endorsement sa Atlanta Tower sa Greenhills, San Juan noong February 5.


INVESTMENTS. Inamin ni Fabio na naging madalang na ang mga trabaho niya sa TV, hindi tulad noong nagsimula siya kunsaan apat-apat na programa ang ginagawa niya.

Mabuti na lang daw ay naging matalino siya sa pag-ipon at pag-invest ng kanyang mga kinita.

“Kaya nga, kahit wala akong masyadong TV shows, except for the game show I am doing, na Dobol Or Samting with Viva Channel, I am blessed to have invested in many businesses.

“I am part owner of Gramercy and Valkyrie. These are clubs that are doing very well.

“I’m also investing in other businesses like a Japanese restaurant, a coffee shop, a lounge bar, a swimming club and a beer bar.

“I’m also a business partner of Frontrow. We have branches here in Makati, Cebu and just recently, in Dubai.

“I just can’t rely all the time on showbiz because it’s such an unstable profession. I need to earn and work by other means. And I am thankful that meron akong mga naging investments.


“Lahat naman ‘yan is not just for me but also for my daughter. I love my baby, and I will do anything para magkaroon siya ng good future,” ngiti pa ni Fabio.

Kakauwi nga lang ni Fabio mula sa Brazil. Tatlong taon na raw siyang hindi nakauwi.

“I really missed my family. Na-miss ko ang nanay, tatay at mga kapatid ko. We all bonded for one month when I went home.

“I also met up with Akihiro Sato. He’s also a dad now. May anak na siya at may asawa na.

“He’s managing their restaurant by the beach. So he’s very happy with his life there.

“I needed to take that vacation, lalo na with what happened last year with my life.

“Naging magulo and I wanted to be with the people I love and who really care for me.

“I just wanted some balance. I wanted to get energized, and that vacation really made me think more of what I want to do with my life and of course, the future of my daughter.”


EXCITED GRANDPARENTS. Ang kanyang anak ang laging pinag-uusapan ng kanyang pamilya. Gusto na raw makita ng magulang ni Fabio ang kanilang unang apo.

“They all love Danielle and they can't wait to see her.

“My mother has an album with so many pictures of my daughter. Plus she has an Instagram account where I send her lots more pictures.

“I am happy that they love my daughter kahit na hindi pa nila nakikita in person. Lalo na ang parents ko kasi first grandchild nila si Danielle.

“They want to see her on Skype all the time and hopefully, when Danielle is a bit older, I can take her to Brazil. Or my parents can fly over here to see her.

“Sana on Danielle’s first birthday ay matuloy ang pagpunta nila rito,” panalangin niya.

FEUDING EXES PATCH UP. Nagpapasalamat din si Fabio na tahimik na raw ang kampo ni Denisse at ng kanyang girlfriend na si Michelle Pamintuan.


Though inamin ni Fabio na medyo rocky ang relasyon nila ni Michelle ngayon.

“Gano'n naman kami ni Mitch. We have this relationship that we sometimes disagree on things.

“But I really don’t want any more drama in my life because I want to think of what will be the best for everybody, especially my daughter.

“But I am happy na things are okey na with her and the family of Denisse.

“Mas okey if we all get along, 'di ba? There are times that we say things out of anger and frustration. But in the end, if we say sorry, everything is forgiven na.

“In fairness naman kay Michelle, she has been supportive of me especially when she found out about the baby.

“Everything was okay until things got out of hand but that’s in the past na.

“I said nga that she has to accept whoever comes into my life. Now that I have a daughter, she has to be broadminded about everything.


“We all want the best for everybody involved especially with my daughter Danielle,” diin niya.

FRIENDS WITH DENISSE. Maayos naman daw ang relasyon nila ng ina ng kanyang anak na si Denisse. Good friends naman daw sila sa simula pa lang at nagkataon lang na nagkaroon sila ng baby.

“Ever since naman, Denisse has been a good friend. It just so happens that things went this way, but that didn’t change anything sa pagiging magkaibigan namin.

“I don’t know if Denisse has a boyfriend, because I don’t really ask or make tanong about what’s happening in her personal life. I only ask about Danielle, because nasa kanya parati ang anak ko.

“But I wish Denisse to have a good relationship with somebody. I mean, I also want somebody to take care of our daughter kapag wala ako.

“I admit that I am not with my daughter all the time, because I have to work, I have to fly out somewhere for my job.


“But when I’m here naman, I try to spend as much time as I can with my daughter.

“Alam naman ni Denisse 'yan and I am happy that she understands my situation,” pagpapasalamat niya.

FROM SEXY TO DADDY IMAGE. Dahil sa anak niya, umiiwas na rin si Fabio Ide na magpa-sexy.

Ang pagiging ama na nga ni Fabio ang dahilan kung bakit hindi na siya sumali sa Cosmo Bachelors Bash last year.

“I go crazy when I do Cosmo Bachelors, kasi. I throw my underwear to the audience para masaya!” tawa pa ni Fabio.

“But now that I am a daddy—I have a daughter na, I want to do less of that.

“I’ve been doing Cosmo for the past three years and I think tama na ‘yon. There are younger models now who can do what I did to make the crowd go wild.

“Even with my photo shoots, ayoko na yung masyadong sexy like before.


“Okey lang yung parang sa Men’s Health because it’s a health magazine naman. But other than that, I want to move on because I want to be a good example to my daughter,” deklara niya.

SEARCHING FOR NEW MANAGER? Tungkol naman sa pag-manage sa kanya ng Mercator Models, pumasok ba minsan sa isip ni Fabio na maghanap ng ibang magma-manage sa kanya?

“Yes, it somehow entered my mind to find someone else to represent me.

“I guess, natural lang 'yon because sometimes we love our manager but sometimes, we get disappointed.

“But you know, that’s how the business is. Sometimes meron, sometimes wala. So you try to make things happen for you.

“Right now, I am co-managed by Viva Artist Agency. I am still with Jonas [Gaffud], and I know that he’s doing his best to really give me work. Kaya nga nandiyan din ang Viva to help in managing me.


“But I admit, that sometimes I expect a lot and if I don’t get it, I get frustrated.

“Nag-uusap naman kami ni Jonas and I know how busy he is as well.

“Sometimes when I need him, he’s not there. But I understand why and I don’t take that against him. I support him in whatever he does.

“That’s why I don’t just sit around watching TV and doing nothing. I have to make something for myself, para may kitain ako.

“That pushed me to get into business, put up my own website and make money for myself.

“It helps to get a little frustrated in order for you to think of what you are going to do next.

“Especially now that I have a daughter, I need to provide for her, the best way I can.

“So I try to make things happen for me and surprisingly, things are going great,” pagtatapos ni Fabio.



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