Maggie Wilson criticizes exclusive resort’s "yaya’s meal" and "no credit card, no eat" rule on Facebook

Beauty queen turned fashion writer Maggie Wilson expressed her dismay on Facebook when her son’s yaya was not allowed to order what she wanted at the exclusive Balesin Island Club.

Hindi napigilan ng beauty queen turned fashion designer and writer na si Maggie Wilson na maghayag ng kanyang dismaya sa patakaran ng Balesin Island Club ng pagkakararoon ng "yaya’s meal."

Ang Balesin Island Club ay isang private, for-members-only, exclusive resort sa Polillo, Quezon Province.

Miyembro ng naturang island resort ang pamilya ni Maggie.

Kahapon, April 4, bago mag-tanghali, nagsimulang magpost ang 2007 Bb. Pilipinas-World na si Maggie sa kanyang Facebook account ng insidente na kinasasangkutan ng kanyang ina, ng kanyang anak na si Connor, at ng yaya nito.

Saad niya sa kanyang post, “So I just found out that Connor’s nanny was not allowed to order what she wanted to eat. They told her she can only order the 'yaya's meal!' WTF, seriously?! How discriminating!

“Yayas, Nannies, Drivers, The Help, they are people, too, and they should have a choice of what they want to eat! I was so shocked that the management actually allowed such a rule! I am disappointed, Balesin!”

So I just found out that Connors nanny was not allowed to order what she wanted to eat. They told her she can only order...

Posted by Maggie Wilson-Consunji on Friday, April 3, 2015

Ilang personalidad ang nag-comment sa post na ito kabilang na sina Paolo Paraiso at Claudine Trillo.

Sa comment section din ay dinagdag ni Maggie na, “So I just cleared it up with management. Here was the incident:

“My mom, Connor and his nanny, Nanay Belen went to have breakfast this morning. Our nanny ordered her meal and my mom wanted the same thing.

“The waiter said, 'Oh, hindi pwede Ma'am, kase that's a yaya's meal.'"

"So when I checked with management, they said that they won't stop the yayas from ordering what they want.


“But they do have such a thing as a 'yaya's meal.' The waiter that served them was clearly not informed correctly. But still the fact that there are people who don't want their yayas to eat whatever they want to is beyond me. Hence the reason being, that the resort offers a 'yaya's meal.'"

'NO CREDIT CARD, NO EAT' RULE. Dagdag pa ni Maggie sa Facebook: “Oh and not to mention, the 'No Credit Card, No Eat' rule, which we also only found about after we ate our first meal here.

“We have our own credit cards, but what if people don't have [their own?] They also won't accept cash!

“So if your guests or yayas decide to eat with you and you don't have a credit card they'll end up starving.

“Would've been nice if we were informed about this before we arrived on the island.”

Oh and not to mention, the No Credit Card No Eat rule, which we also only found about after we ate our 1st meal here. We...

Posted by Maggie Wilson-Consunji on Friday, April 3, 2015

Komento naman ng TV personality na si Claudine, “That doesn't even make sense! What's the fuss if you have nothing but cash on you? It still pays for the meal doesn't it?”

Sagot ni Maggie, “Claudine Trillo yes, that's what's weird! I also complained about that.”

Nagkomento din ang kapwa beauty queen na si Parul Shah tungkol sa "yaya's meal."

Aniya, “Thats so rude! And why is there a "yaya's meal" in the first place? thats discriminating .... down right disrespectful!!”

Tugon ni Maggie, “Parul Shah Right?! It made me so angry when I found out!

HOPING BALESIN WILL CORRECT POLICY. Inaasahan ni Maggie na ayusin ng pamunuan ng Balesin Island Club ang kanilang patakaran.


Sa mensahing ipinadala ni Maggie sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal), sinabi niya, "Here's a status I posted yesterday on my final words about the Balesin incident:

"Balesin [has] already apologized regarding the incident. I checked with management they said that they won't stop the yayas from ordering what they want.

"Which is true because we been here for 3 days and not once was our nanny told she couldn't order what she wanted. But they do however have such a thing as a 'yaya's meal.' It is not Balesin's fault on why they offer such a meal but some of the members who insisted on offering it.

"It was however their fault on how they trained their staff. What was said was rude and offensive, especially so that the comment was made in front of my mom, our nanny, Nanay Belen, and our son.

"I also think they need to review their policies on the 'No Credit Card, No Food' rule. When they won't even accept cash. What if my mom or nanny or let's say even a guest who [doesn't have a] credit card wants to eat? They will not be served or allowed to order because of that very policy. Hope Balesin finds away to at least correct that and review their policies. That's all!"

Nagpadala na ng mensahe ang sa Balesin Island Club Facebook page para sa kanilang nais ihayag.





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