Carlene Aguilar claims husband Yo Ocampo mobbed in their hotel room in Boracay

Nakaranas diumano ng pambubugbog ang asawa ni Carlene Aguilar na si Yo Ocampo sa kamay ng may-ari ng isang hotel sa Boracay. Maayos na raw ang kundisyon ng kanyang asawa ngayon at itinuloy pa rin nila ang kanilang bakasyon sa ibang hotel na sa pamosong beach resort.

Naghayag ng kanyang sama ng loob at galit ang dating beauty queen na si Carlene Aguilar.

Sa kanyang official Facebook account, idinetalye ng Bb. Pilipinas-World 2005 ang itinuturing niyang “harrowing experience” sa isang hotel sa Boracay noong May 1.

Ang petsang ito ang pinaka dinadagsang araw sa pinakasikat na beach sa bansa na tinaguriang #LaBoracay.

Sabi ni Carlene sa kanyang Facebook post, “Harrowing Experience at GRAND BORACAY Hotel! Please read my very own Personal account of the incident & you be the judge!

“It was around 1-1:50 a.m. when I was returning to my room at the 4th floor of the hotel. I was then walking at the corridor, which 3-4 adults side by side can pass, when I noticed a guy walking towards me.

“I was surprised that when we crossed paths, He intentionally bumped me. He smelled intoxicated, obvious ang amoy ng alcohol.

"I could have let the obvious harassment done to me pass, but my husband who was waiting for me near our room's door saw what happened, no sorry was heard from the guy who brags to be the son of the owner.

“A simple sorry would do sana but my husband, educated as he is, let the incident pass and we went inside of our room.”

Ilang sandali bago ang pangyayari, nakita pa ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) staff writer na si Nikko Tuazon ang mag-asawa sa isang party sa Boracay.

(Photo by Nikko Tuazon)

THE ALTERCATION. Patuloy na kuwento ni Carlene, patulog na sila ng asawa niyang si Yo Ocampo nang may narinig silang malakas na pagdabog sa labas ng kanilang kuwarto at sigawan.

Kaya naman minarapat nilang tingnan ang kung anumang nangyayari sa labas ng hotel room nila.

“We were about to sleep na sana then suddenly a very Loud Bang from our door and shouts from several Angry people were heard outside our room.


"When we checked, we saw an old guy (Mr. Tony Tan, the father of the owner of the hotel), the guy who bumped me, and his older brother (family names are Castro not Tan), & 2 security guards.

“Since we saw a supposedly decent elderly man, my husband opened the door, but he was hit by a pitcher by the elder Castro.

"By instinct, my husband who at that juncture was about to be mobbed, got a bottle of liquor and used it to ward off the elder Castro, who we heard was hit on his wrist by the bottle.

“To my surprise, instead of being the peace maker, Mr.Tan, I clearly saw, released d 1st blow to my husband, then d 2 security men held my husband down and All 5 of them manhandled, mostly on d head, my husband.

"I intervened. Even I received some blows from them. They only stopped when I pleaded.

“Guess what, Mr. Tan, the older Castro, and d instigator of it all, the younger Castro were All intoxicated. They shouted for us to immediately leave d Hotel. Which we did for my priority is our SAFETY and my husband whom I rushed to d hospital in Kalibo (2hrs. Travel) for a CT scan.”

ALTERED FACTS? Dahil daw inuna niya ang kaligtasan ng asawa, hindi muna lumapit sina Carlene sa pulisya upang magpa-blotter.

Kaya raw naunahan na sila ng mga may-ari ng hotel na magpa-blotter at tuluyan nang naiba ang istorya.

Saad ng beauty queen-actress, “They, as expected, where d first one to file the blotter as I prioritize the condition of my husband, who until now is experiencing severe drowsiness, vomitting due to severe blows on his head.

“The Police Report will be released on Monday, May 4. The investigator himself kept on moving his head when he said d other party changes testimonies every now and then.


“What is surprising for a family who are all allegedly intoxicated and instead of promoting PEACE & ORDER in their hotel acted otherwise.

“If you are in our shoes what will you do?”

Harrowing Experience at GRAND BORACAY Hotel! Please read my very own Personal account of the incident & you be the...

Posted by Carlene Aguilar Ocampo on Friday, May 1, 2015

Sa ngayon ay okay na raw ang lagay ng mister ni Carlene at muli na nilang ini-enjoy ang kanilang bakasyon.

Ed's Note: Bukas ang PEP sa panig ng mga pangalang nabanggit ni Carlene sa kanyang salaysay.





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