Maxene Magalona reveals biggest lessons from her five heartbreaks

Maxene Magalona on lessons from her five heartbreaks: “Kasi I’m very hardheaded when it comes to love and relationships. I wish I listened to my mom when she said to me before that there doesn’t need to be a rush when it comes to relationships."

“I should have listened to my mom when I was younger,” said Maxene Magalona, who admittedly made a lot of mistakes in her past romantic relationships.

The 28-year-old actress once had a “playgirl” reputation given her publicized failed relationships with fellow celebrities like JC Tiuseco, Dominic Roco, Neil Arce, and Renz Fernandez.

Her last relationship with a non-showbiz boyfriend also didn’t work out because they both realized they’re not compatible for each other.

When (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about her biggest lesson on love, Maxene candidly stated: “Kasi I’m very hardheaded when it comes to love and relationships.

“I wish I listened to my mom when she said to me before that there doesn’t need to be a rush when it comes to relationships.

“And me, as a person, I’m always very impulsive.

"Lagi akong, ‘Oh, my gosh, kinikilig na ako agad. Na-in love na ako agad!’


“Ang advice ko is to really get to know the person.

“And pinakauna pala, love yourself.

"And take time to make yourself grow and become wiser para ready ka talaga for the relationship.

“Because you can’t be in a relationship unless you are happy on your own.”

PEP and other entertainment reporters caught up with Maxene and her mom Pia Magalona during their launch as endorsers of Optix Colors, held at The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Taguig City, Wednesday, May 6.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Pia also revealed that of all her eight children, she had the most difficulty disciplining Maxene.

“Wala namang limit [pero] yung unconditional love, parang nabuhos ko 'ata lahat kay Max. As in tinest niya talaga ako as a mom,” Pia told reporters.

At this point, Maxene got emotional as she recalled her rebellious years and how her mom stood by her through her worst mistakes.

“She never gave up on me.


"I think yung love na hinahanap ko sa past relationships ko, dito mo lang mahahanap, sa family, sa mom mo mismo, sa parents mo.

“All the trials na pinagdaanan namin [ng mom ko], starting when I was younger pa in showbiz and going through all my tigas-ulo days, my mom never turned her back on me.

“Magagalit siya but she will always welcome me and love me and hug me with open arms.

"Yun talaga yung love."

Even Pia teared up as she listened to her daughter’s realization about love and family ties.

SINGLE BUT HAPPY. In the meantime, Maxene said she’s happy being single for now.

“Ay naku, my career is my boyfriend!

"And it’s the boyfriend that really made me the happiest,” said Maxene when asked about the current status of her lovelife.

Although she has her fair share of admirers, the Kapamilya actress doesn’t want to jump into a relationship just for the sake of having one.


“May mga nagte-text ganyan. Wala from ABS[CBN].

“But I’m at this age in my life if there’s someone na nagpaparamdam, pero wala naman yung kilig factor.

"I don’t wanna go through with it anymore.

“I’m at this age na hindi puwede yung parang high school na ligawan, tapos let’s see where this goes.

“I need to be wise about love,” Maxene reasoned.

The 28-year-old actress is also happy to say that she’s not bitter about failing a lot of times in the love department.

“Hindi ako nahihiyang sabihin na I’ve had my heart broken a lot of times.

“It’s ok with me. I don’t blame my past relationships because I also have my own faults.

“But the most important thing is natuto ako.

“For me to be able to say this to other people and not be ashamed of it, I think that’s one of the reasons why God put me on this earth—para i-share ko yung lessons na yun,” she concluded.






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