Enrique Gil already said "I love you" to Liza Soberano

Enrique Gil says that he received shoes and a bag from Liza Soberano for his 23rd birthday. The bag contained a letter filled with touching messages from the 17-year-old actress.

Although Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano consider each other "special," it is Enrique who is vocal in saying that he is already in love with his loveteam partner.

Enrique made this declaration during the June 1 press conference of their upcoming movie titled Just The Way You Are.

What is their status now?

"Okay naman po... Okay means good, very good. Special," Enrique said simply.

Is he still not allowed to court the 17-year-old actress?

"Hindi pa," reiterated Enrique.

Is he willing to wait?

"Kung may forever nga, e, siyempre, 'di ba?

"Ako, naniniwala ako sa forever," the 23-year-old actor said with a smile.

Does it frustrate him that he cannot yet court Liza?

Enrique paused for a while before answering, "Oo, pero kasama ko naman lagi sa trabaho kaya okay lang sa akin.

"Masaya na ako dun."

Liza was asked if it is alright to have Enrique wait for her to turn 18 years old before courting her.


Before Liza could answer, Enrique teased her by saying, "Naka-smile na, e. Alam ko na."

Liza struck Enrique's shoulder playfully before she answered, "Okay lang po."

How would she describe her relationship with Enrique?

Liza said, "He's somebody who is always there for me and someone I can tell everything to.

"What's the word for that?"

Enrique answered with a smile, "Special."

ATTRACTIVE QUALITIES. What are the characteristics that Enrique like most about Liza?

Enrique looked at his leading lady before answering, "Yung dimples.

"Nung una, akala ko niloloko niya ako, e. Yung mga similarities namin, nung sinasabi niya ang mga favorite niya.

"Yung mga ayoko, ayaw rin daw niya.

"Nung una nga [iniisip ko], 'Hindi naman yata totoo ito. Niloloko yata ako nito.'

"Pero totoo pala! Tulad ng suka, ayoko ng suka. Ito pala, allergic siya sa suka.

"Mga flavor ng chocolate, ice cream, parehas talaga."

Enrique says he got to know Liza even more while they were shooting the teleserye Forevermore, which ended recently.


"Nakuwento niya sa akin ang life story niya sa akin sa Baguio.

"It's more of respeto kasi hindi niya nasasabi sa lahat ng tao, pero sinabi niya sa akin.

"Dun yung respeto sa kanya at dun na nagsimula."

SWEET GESTURES. What sweet gestures did Liza do for Enrique?

"Yung birthday ko," recalled Enrique, who celebrated his 23rd birthday last March 30.

"Nasa hospital ako nung birthday mo," disclosed the Kapamilya actress.

Enrique then clarified that he liked Liza's gift for her. What was her gift?

"May sapatos saka bag saka may letter dun... basta may message."

Finally, Enrique was asked directly: Is he in love with Liza?

At first, the Kapamilya actor avoided answering the question by asking back, "Ano sa tingin mo?"

He was told that the confirmation should come from him.

After pausing for a long while, Enrique joked, "Abangan n'yo, may forever naman, e."

He looked over at Liza and said, "Yun na yun."


Enrique eventually relented by saying: "Silence means yes."

Has Enrique told her that he loves her already?

"Pinaparamdam niya," she revealed.

For his part, the 23-year-old actor pointed out, "Maraming beses na pero sa eksena nga lang."

Enrique then admitted, "Oo, sinasabi ko na po sa kanya yun."

How did Liza react when Enrique said "I love you" to her?

"Thank you," recalled Liza.


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