Coleen Garcia apologizes to service crew who got fired because of her complaint on his alleged rudeness

Coleen Garcia’s message to the service crew who lost his job: "To the employee affected, I extend my sincere apologies and I hope you understand that it didn’t have to come to this. I will still try my best to fix all of this so that you can get the fair treatment that you deserve."

Nilinaw ng actress-TV host na si Coleen Garcia sa kanyang Instagram account ang isyung siya ang naging dahilan ng pagkakasibak sa trabaho ng isang service crew sa kinainan nitong Japanese restaurant kamakailan lang.

Lumabas sa isang blog site ang mensahe ng isang Instagram user na may handle na @jejeromemalvar na kinomento nito sa isang post ni Coleen.

Sinabi nitong ang naging reklamo raw ng lola ni Coleen, na ipinarating ng It's Showetime host sa isa may-ari ng restaurant, ang naging sanhi ng pagkakatanggal niya sa trabaho.

Ang buong komento ni @jejeromemalvar:

"To ms @coleengarcia, ako po yung server n'yo nung kumain kayo sa __________. Sana po masaya na kayo sa nangyari.

"Wala akong ginawang masama at, unang-una sa lahat, hindi ako RUDE katulad po ng sinabi ng lola n'yo sa 'kin.

"Ni minsan hindi ako nagiging rude sa mga guest ko.

"Unang-una sa lahat, tinanggap ko yung card ng lola n'yo, ang pagkakamali ko lang eh sinunod ko ang utos ng manager ko about sa promo nung Father's Day.


"Ako lang ang tumutulong sa pamilya ko sa panggastos namin sa araw-araw at ako lang ang inaasahan nila.

"Pero sa ginawa n'yo, nawala lahat yun at dahil po sa complain ng lola n'yo sa 'kin na rude ako, kahit hindi ko ginawa, natanggal ako sa trabaho.

"Kung mabasa n'yo man 'to, sana po masaya na kayo sa nangyari."


Patuloy pa ng nasabing service crew, hindi raw siya nagkaroon ng complaint sa kanyang trabaho sa loob ng siyam na buwan na nagtrabaho siya sa nasabing restaurant.

Aniya, "@yuave8 di ko sila bine-blame pero yung complain nila sa 'kin na RUDE ako, which is not true at kahit kailan di ako nagiging rude sa loob ng 9 months ko sa __________ never ako nagkaroon ng complain.

"Sila ang nagsabi sa management na rude ako. Anong magagawa ko? Celebrity sila, server lang ako.

"Kahit nagpaliwanag na ako, wala na akong magagawa kahit hindi totoo paratang nila sa 'kin.

"Pero sa complain na hindi ko ginawa, natanggal ako sa work.

"Alam mo siguro ang obligasyon mo bilang breadwinner ng family at feeling na matatanggal ka sa work na hindi mo ginawa."


COLEEN EXPLAINS. "I don't usually address these kinds of things, but this case is different because someone else has been affected and I honestly don't think that it is fair."

Ito naman ang bungad ni Coleen sa kanyang mensahe upang linawin ang isyung kumalat na rin sa social media.

Dagdag pa niya, "Also, this has apparently already reached a site that is known to be very, very biased and one-sided when it comes to publishing articles."

Kuwento pa ni Coleen, una siyang naglabas sa kanyang Instagram ng mensahe para sa nasabing restaurant dahil hindi nito nagustuhan ang nakitang "very gross" sa pagkain mula sa restaurant.

Pinangalanan din ni Coleen ang restaurant na kanyang kinainan, kasama ang kanyang pamilya, sa kanyang komento.

Kalauna'y humingi rin ng dispensa ang isa sa may-ari ng restaurant kay Coleen at sa pamilya nito sa tulong ng isang kaibigan na malapit sa dalawang kampo.

Saad pa ng Pasion de Amor actress, "So here's the side that most of you already know, but has unsurprisingly been overlooked.


"Some time ago, I took to Instagram to briefly express my disappointment upon finding something very gross in my food while dining at @ramennagi.

"On my post, I merely warned everyone to be careful with what is in your food, as I could have easily overlooked it as well.

"One of the owners of @ramennagi got in touch with someone who knows my family personally.

"They had that person apologize on their behalf to my dad and lola, and they asked them to tell me to take my post down.

"(They did not get in touch with us personally, only through our mutual connection. No one on their side has texted me personally at all.)

"My lola told them that she wasn't going to do that because she witnessed everything (and so did the rest of my family), and it added to the fact that she felt offended by the staff that day.


"It doesn't even matter. I took it down anyway because there were no hard feelings on my end."

Dagdag pa ni Coleen, nag-iwan din ng mensahe sa kanyang Instagram account ang nasabing may-ari ng restaurant upang humingi ng paumanhin.

Sa kanilang pag-uusap sa Instagram ay nabanggit din ni Coleen ang naging reklamo ng kanyang lola sa service crew ng restaurant, ngunit hindi naman daw niya intensiyong matanggal ito trabaho.

Sabi ni Coleen, "@ramennagi messaged me here on IG to apologize.

"I accepted their apology, and I told them that I understand that things like that happen to the best of us.

"However, I also added that my grandmother had been offended while dining there.

"I don't think it was anything intentional, though.

"And my exact words were: 'Everyone makes mistakes and has shortcomings, and there is always room for improvement.'

"I thought that maybe better training should have been provided, and that is something that the management should take care of.



"But I do think that the management should have taken full responsibility and come up with a solution that should benefit everyone, including both their customers and employees."

Simula nang malaman ang isyung ito, sinikap daw ni Coleen na makausap muli ang restaurant owner patungkol sa service crew na tinanggal, ngunit hindi pa ito sumasagot sa kanya.

Sabi pa niya, "In fact, I heard about this issue five days ago and SINCE THEN I have been trying my best to contact @ramennagi for answers, since I wasn't sure if it was true.

"I told them that if my feedback was the sole cause of this, I really didn't intend for it to get to that point because all I really wanted was for the management to fix their existing problems so that dining there would be more pleasant for others the next time around.


"Customers usually give feedback every time they aren't happy with the service, and I did so privately and with no anger at all."

Dagdag pa niya, "Now I also asked if this particular person had already reached their maximum number of warnings/offenses because that would also be a different case.

"It has been five days and they still haven't gotten back to me.

"I just find it funny because they were so eager to talk and so quick to reply when it came to my post, but once I took it down, they suddenly disappeared.

"I'm only addressing this here and now because they don't seem to care much about their employee's status as much as they cared about my post, so I don't think we'll be able to resolve anything.

"I don't want to blow things out of proportion, which is why I tried to fix it privately.


"But now it has gotten way out of hand.

"It would have helped if anyone actually got back to me.

"I know that there are people out there who are eager to blame me for everything regardless, so it doesn't matter to me where I stand in all of this.

"I really wouldn't care if it's just me who is affected here because quite frankly I'm used to it.

"But I think that they are being very UNFAIR to their server, if he's right about working there for 9mos without any trouble.

"I hope that this could still be fixed, at least just for his sake."

Mensahe naman ni Coleen sa service crew: "To the employee affected, I extend my sincere apologies and I hope you understand that it didn't have to come to this.

"I will still try my best to fix all of this so that you can get the fair treatment that you deserve.


"But no more of this social media BS. This is something that should be resolved privately."


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