Kris Aquino apologizes to Mayor Herbert Bautista after accusing him of taking her for granted on national TV

Kris Aquino on why she felt the need to apologize to Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista: "Na-realize ko I was being bad kasi nagpaka-gracious naman siya to guest [here in the show]. So, dapat hiwalay yung feelings na I was taken for granted as opposed to feelings na nagtatrabaho ka ngayon."

Kris Aquino, 44, apologized to Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, 47, for accusing him of taking her for granted on national television.

The Queen of All Media admitted that bringing up the topic of her personal opinion of him on Kris TV's July 7 episode was made in bad taste.

Speaking to guest co-hosts Mayor Herbert and K Brosas, Kris stated: “Na-realize ko I was being bad kasi nagpaka-gracious naman siya to guest [here in the show].

“So, dapat hiwalay yung feelings na I was taken for granted as opposed to feelings na nagtatrabaho ka ngayon.

“So, dapat, ‘di ba, as a common courtesy, parang kinulang naman ako dun sa ano...

“At least, na-acknowledge ko na I was wrong, kahit na oo, ‘di ba…”

K, for her part, interjected that if Kris sincerely intends to say sorry, the TV host-actress shouldn’t say any ‘buts’ anymore.

“Bakit kailangan may ‘kahit na,’ dapat kapag wrong ka, sorry na lang,” K frankly remarked.

Then, Kris went on to apologize to Mayor Herbert, “It won’t happen again.

"Kasi dapat ganun daw ang I’m sorry. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

"I promise it won’t happen again. What can I do to make it right to you?"

Herbert refrained from prolonging the discussion and merely observed that Kris’s apology has “three” main points.

But Kris further explained that it was wrong of her to put him on the spot about ignoring her for three consecutive days.

“Yung basis lang ng pagso-sorry ko, I was not a gracious host.

"Kasi nagbigay siya ng oras tapos inulit-ulit ko, kinulit-kulit ko, at brinat-brat ko sa kanya na three days niya akong dinedma.

"So, okay lang."

In the July 6 (Monday) episode of Kris TV, the Queen of All Media also confronted him about not checking on her during the time she had a bout of allergy attack.


To which Mayor Herbert explained that he assumed that she’s okay and nothing really serious happened to her.

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KRIS TO HERBERT: "THREE DAYS DEDMA KA." As seen in the continuation of the same-day food trip with Mayor Herbert and K in Kris TV's July 7 episode, Kris revealed the odd dynamics between her and the mayor whenever they have misunderstandings.

Kris even admitted that she tends to send long text messages to Mayor Herbert whenever they have a disagreement.

“Nobela! ‘Hay naku,’ sabi niya, ‘script na naman ang pinadala mo sa akin.’

“And in fairness, straight English, ha. ‘Pag galit talaga ako, straight English, mas madali mag-isip.

“Sasabihin niya, ‘Mainit ang ulo mo ngayon, bukas na natin pag-usapan.’

"Tapos siyempre sasabihin ko, ‘No!’" Kris related in between laughs.

Ever the gentleman, Mayor Herbert replied when K asked how he reacts to Kris’s angry text messages: “Hindi ako pumapatol.”

But it seemed that Kris couldn’t contain her pent-up emotions as she confronted Mayor Herbert about his supposedly “unfair” treatment of her.

“Sabihin ko lang, ha, don’t get offended. Kasi, bakit ikaw ang hilig mo mag-ignore ng tao?

“Pero kapag ikaw ang in-ignore, straight minsan missed calls.

"Why are you like that? Minsan hindi ka namamansin.

“Tapos kapag ikaw ang hindi pinansin, tuluy-tuloy ka naman.

"Tapos ang favorite niya, padala empty na texts na sunud-sunod, na parang, ‘Bakit ‘di ka nagre-reply?’

“No, I swear! May isa pa binilang ko, 14 missed calls na tuluy-tuloy.

“So, ba’t ganun ka?

"Kayo mo naman na three days dedma ka. Pero pag ikaw dinedma, bakit hindi mo matanggap?”

To which Herbert kept his cool and evaded Kris’s inquisition, saying, “Hindi ko masasagot.”

OPPOSITES ATTRACT? K, for her part, teasingly remarked that Kris and Herbert “complement” each other despite their opposite personalities.


“Ngayon, alam ko na. Bagay kayo. Opinyon ko lang naman,” said K, referring to Kris and Mayor Herbert who had a short-lived relationship last year.

Apparently, K didn’t approve of Herbert for Kris especially when the latter was hurting because of him.

Prodded by Kris, K proceeded to tell Mayor Herbert about the time when the Queen of All Media was brokenhearted because of him.

At the time, K and Kris were swimming in an unnamed place while swapping stories about their struggles in life.

K narrated, in between laughs: “Ikinuwento ko buong buhay ko, tapos ikinuwento niya yung problema niya that time.

“So, nag-e-emote siyang ganun, mga three hours na kaming naka-marinate [sa tubig].

“Tapos siyempre madaling-araw na, alas-dose na [ng hatinggabi], nangangatog na akong ganyan.

“Ayaw niyang umahon. Sabi niya, ‘Why? Hindi kaya cold.’

"Sabi ko, 'Pinaglihi ka kasi sa aircon.'

“Ang lamig! Tapos ‘di kasi ako makaahon kasi nga ngawa nang ngawa, masisira yung moment [ni Kris]…

“Sabi ko, ‘Tapos, Madam?’

"Sabi niya, ‘Alam mo, ang bad niya [Herbert]!’

“Mayor, in all fairness, hindi kita kilala nun!”

Mayor Herbert proved to be a gentleman and a good sport though as he smiled and lightly remarked about the two women’s opinion of him, “Ang bad, ha?”

K, for her part, admitted that her opinion of Mayor Herbert has changed now that they have finally met.

“Tapos ang opinyon ko naman sa ‘yo [that time], nasabi ko na sa kanya [Kris].

"At least, ako, masaya ako na nakilala na kita at last,” K concluded.





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