Vice Ganda posts #NoToSuicide message on Instagram

In his #NoToSuicide Instagram post, Vice Ganda reminds his millions of followers to be the kind of friend "who listens, never judges, understands and sticks with him until his tears are dry."

In the wake of recent headlines that rocked the world of show business, It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda posted a #NoToSuicide message via Instagram.

With over two million followers on the said photo-sharing app, Vice spoke about avoiding incidents of suicide simply by being the kind of friend who listens and is not quick to judge someone’s inner conflicts.

Vice further shared in the caption of his photo with fellow Kapamilya star Angeline Quinto: “Everyone has to have a friend.

“And your friend needs to be assured that he has a friend in you. So that in times of trouble he knows that he has someone to turn to.

“That he is loved.

“That he is never alone because he has a friend.

“A friend who listens, never judges, understands and sticks with him until his tears are dry.

“Let us be our friends' strength. Let's keep them. Don't lose them.



Vice didn’t mention any names on his Instagram post, but the news of the sudden demise of 15-year-old Oh My G! star Julia Buencamino made headlines last week and left a lot of showbiz personalities shocked and saddened at the same time.

Daughter to veteran stars Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino, Julia reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling at the Buencaminos’ residence around 8 P.M. of July 7.

Both Nonie and Shamaine have long since appealed for privacy as their family “wish to remember Julia and celebrate her life in peace and quiet.”

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To date, they have yet to speak about possible reasons behind Julia’s sudden passing.

Incidentally, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sought the counsel of a subject-matter expert about understanding teenage troubles in general and the importance of open communication and proper media exposure.


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