Ella Cruz flattered by Shaun Salvador's admission that he sees her as "girlfriend material"

Ella Cruz on Shaun Salvador's expression of admiration: "Thank you. Siyempre compliment para sa babae kapag sinabing girlfriend material. [Parang ang ibig sabihin], 'Uy, ano ka, parang, maganda ka, mabait kang kasama.'"

It seems like the on screen chemistry between Ella Cruz, 19, and showbiz newbie Shaun Salvador, 17, has translated into real-life kilig.

The two have noticeably grown closer as they kept whispering to each other during the joint presscon of Parang Normal Activity and LolaBasyang.com at Mario's Restaurant in Baguio City, Saturday afternoon, August 1.

Asked about their closeness, Ella told PEP.ph [Philippine Entertainment Portal] in a separate interview that Shaun has become less shy compared to when they started taping Parang Normal Activity last June.

She cheerfully exclaimed, "Si Shaun hindi na siya tahimik!"

At the same time, Ella couldn't help but feel flattered when told that Shaun describes her as “girlfriend material.”

“Thank you. Siyempre compliment para sa babae kapag sinabing girlfriend material.

“[Parang ang ibig sabihin], 'Uy, ano ka, parang, maganda ka, mabait kang kasama,'” she beamed.

Shaun, for his part, was a bit lost for words when prodded about his admiration towards Ella, especially since they were standing next to each other during the interview.

“Kasi I'm more of, yung utak ko mystery, e. Alam ko yung feeling pero 'di ko masabi,” he shyly stated.

The 17-year-old added that Ella has "a lot" of admirable qualities and he likes the way her "talkative" nature complements his quiet one.

But for now, what's clear is that Ella and Shaun enjoy each other's company whenever they are together at work.

“Oo palagi [kaming enjoy magkasama sa taping]. Sabi nga nila ina-apply daw niya sa totoong buhay,” said Ella, referring to how their co-stars have noticed their growing closeness on and off cam.

True enough, Ryle Santiago and Andre Garcia couldn't help but tease Shaun and Ella during PEP's group interview with them.

“Opo [pag magkaeksena sila Shaun at Ella] kinikilig po kami,” said Ryle.

Andre cheerfully interjected: “Hindi pa po namin sure [kung totohanan na yung kilig nila] pero ina-analyze po namin.”


Shaun and Ella merely smiled and didn't say anything more about being romantically linked to each other, in spite of their co-stars' hints about their sweet moments off cam.

In Parang Normal Activity, all four young stars easily established rapport among themselves, especially since Ella, Andre, and Ryle are under Star Magic talent management.

Shaun may be a newbie (the TV5 series happens to be his very first acting stint). But he had no trouble warming up to his co-stars' friendliness and easygoing personalities.





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