Piolo Pascual admits he is picky about choosing a potential girlfriend

Piolo Pascual on being single: "The reason why I'm single is because I wanna check out the [dating scene]. I just wanna be able to know for myself. Kasi isa lang naman 'yan, e. Why rush?"

Piolo Pascual admits that his lovelife took a backseat as he got busy doing three movies in the past few months.

“Dun mo na lang ine-express.

“Sa sobrang busy natin, I don’t think I would have time for anything else for now.

“I’m happy to be watching a mainstream I’m part of, and then something so different a couple of weeks after.

“And then do a black and white movie with John Lloyd [Cruz].

"It’s all fun,” said Piolo, referring to his acting stints in The Breakup Playlist, Silong, and Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Piolo after the special press screening of the indie film Silong held at Greenbelt 3’s My Cinema this Friday, August 7.

NOT IN A RUSH TO FALL IN LOVE. At 38, Piolo maintains that he wouldn’t settle for anything less than what he feels right for him.

As such, he has grown picky in choosing the right girl to be in a serious relationship with.

“Of course, definitely [mas picky ako ngayon].

“My pastor told me that the more na pinapatagal mo, the more you become comfortable being single.

“It becomes so complicated and difficult kasi parang you only get to choose once.

“The more I enjoy being single. The more I enjoy, not necessarily dating, but just only my time.

"Nakakatakot ‘di ba?

“But, you know, yun nga lang, e. Parang ‘di ka dapat nagpapaapekto sa edad mo, sa panahon, sa sinasabi ng ibang tao.

"And then just see where it goes," he stated.

When asked what would it take to win his heart, Piolo clarifies that he doesn’t really look for specific qualities in a potential girlfriend.

“You know, I’ve come to that point in my life na hindi ko iniisip yung mga set of requirements mo or values that I’m looking for in a girl.


“When it falls into place, when it happens, you don’t need to think of things.

“You have certain goals in life but you just go with the flow, and if it happens, it happens.”

Interestingly, Piolo claims that he has not grown jaded when it comes to love and still believes in love at first sight.

“Oo naman. Yeah, I love the feeling of kilig.

"And then you get interested, and then you pursue, and then you go from there.

"I believe in all those [things]," he beamed.

EURO TRIP WITH IÑIGO. In the meantime, Piolo is looking forward to his week-long European trip with son Iñigo in September.

The Kapamilya heartthrob says that getting a vacation is his way of coping with his feeling of wanting to quit showbiz.

“I still do [think of quitting showbiz].

“There are some things you cannot take away from me.

“I work so hard. I also need to give myself a break.

“Maybe not necessarily quit but slow down, I think. I deserve it.”

At the same time, Piolo says that he’s excited to spend time with Iñigo who’s turning 18 on September 14.

“I’m taking him to Europe for the first time, before he’s 18.

“Whenever I work so hard two months straight, I always look forward to that at least one week straight off and I’m good.”

As for giving Iñigo a fatherly advice, Piolo stressed that he believes his son is mature enough to make decisions for himself.

“For me, go through the ups and downs.

"I don’t wanna shelter him because hindi matututo. I don’t even meddle.

“I let him decide on his own because he’s almost 18 and he’s an adult.

“For me, lalaki naman ‘yan, e. Hayaan mo siya matuto sa mga pagkakamali niya.


“Pick up the pieces and be a better person afterwards.

"Otherwise, ‘pag bineybi mo, baka hindi matuto."





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