Paolo Bediones answers gay issue; hits back at bashers

Paolo Bediones sends this message to bashers: "At the end of the day, you know what, you guys, you’ll never have the life of the celebrity you’re bashing. You’ll never enjoy the kind of life that they have. You’ll never be able to know what it’s like to be that popular."

Dahil sa paglabas ng video scandal niya noong 2014, tila nawala ang matagal nang ikinakabit na isyu sa TV5 anchor na si Paolo Bediones—ang pagdududa sa kanyang pagkalalaki.

Dahil daw sa nasabing video ay napatunayang lalaki talaga si Paolo.

Pahayag ng TV host tungkol dito sa panayam sa kanya ng Good Times With DJ Mo noong August 17, “Since I started in showbiz, what, eighteen years ago, mainstream showbiz probably sixteen years ago, I think it was my packaging that really gave…

“People were thinking, ‘Oh, you know, maybe he’s gay, he’s homosexual, he’s doing a showbiz-oriented show on TV.’ Tsismis yun, e, di ba?

“And my style of hosting is always very refined, the way I speak is calm. Somebody said I have feminine movements and whatnot.

“But, I think, a lot of people in showbiz, a lot of our friends, they also go through this…

“With me, my personality, the way I know myself, and if I were, I will go out and proclaim it to the world ‘cause I’d be proud.

“I’d be proud, the hell I was!

“And I don’t take offense to any people who say that. I still get some on Twitter.

“It’s funny, sometimes it’s totally unrelated to your post and they’ll say, ‘Bakla ka, di ba?’

“And then you decide, ‘Am I going to reply or I’m just gonna…’”

ALDUB AND BASHERS. At dito na pumasok ang usapan tungkol sa bashers.

Inamin ni Paolo na may mga pagkakataong sinasagot niya ang ilan sa mga ito.

“Come on, you wanna have fun sometimes, di ba?” nangingiti niyang sabi.

Pero pinagsasabihan daw siya ng mga taong malapit sa kanya na huwag na lamang itong patulan.

May mensahe rin si Paolo sa bashers:

“We do read it, we do end up reading it.


“Some of us are affected by it. Some of us laugh at it. Some of us find joy in trying to concoct a reply.

“But at the end of the day, you know what, you guys, you’ll never have the life of the celebrity you’re bashing.

“You’ll never enjoy the kind of life that they have.

“You’ll never be able to know what it’s like to be that popular.

“This is not so much for me, it’s for other celebrities who hear the bashing, you know.”

Ibinigay pa ngang halimbawa ni Paolo ang AlDub phenomenon—ang tambalan nina Alden Richards at Yaya Dub o Maine Mendoza sa totoong buhay—na umaani ng batikos mula sa bashers na tila hindi matanggap ang popularidad nila ngayon.

Saad niya, “People are now starting to compare Yaya Dub with other princesses of other networks and saying, ‘Oh, she looks nowhere near what they look like, blah, blah, blah, and how can this be more popular?’

“Well, it’s not a question of how can it be more popular, ‘cause it already is—one million tweets, this and that.

“So, for me, I would be happy for Alden because the guy has been waiting for long.

“I’ll be happy for Maine or Yaya Dub because she’s really talented.

“She can be irritating for some, and apparently she is entertaining to a whole lot more.

“So, why can’t we just create this culture where we’re happy for the success of other people?

“And, I think, if we can come up with that kind of environment, and we share our blessings…

“I know this sounds cheesy and very hopeful… I’ve been in showbiz for almost two decades and it pains me sometimes that it’s still there.


“Yung crab mentality, nandun pa rin, e.

“But eto yung point ko, e, si Mo [Twister] and myself, we can deal with it, e.

“Some other people can’t.”

Dagdag pa ni Paolo, “And I have spoken to so many celebrities… ang daming lumapit sa aking celebrities na bina-bash on Twitter.

“I don’t know, I guess I have this father-figure, kuya-figure image that you come to me and ask for advice.

“And they can’t handle it. They can’t handle the criticism.

“They actually get depressed, they actually get affected by what people say.

“These are people [bashers] who use pseudonyms.

“My point is, if you can’t freakin’ put your real name there, then that opinion is not yours.

"You don’t own that opinion."





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