Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2015: Carnival with wild men on the loose

(L-R) Daniel Matsunaga, Elmo Magalona, and Alex Medina were some of the Cosmo hunks who flaunted their bodies at the 2015 Cosmo Carnival at the Mall of Asia concert grounds.

Not even a heavy downpour could stop Cosmo hunks from fulfilling fantasies during the 2015 Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

The September 5 #CosmoCarnival was a fun, flirty fete that left audiences at the MOA concert grounds clamoring for more.

To kick off the carnival theme, the opening number was a rousing production featuring acrobatic hunks and even a fire breather throwing out flames that lit up the night sky.

One of the highlights of the evening was the appearance of Daniel Matsunaga.

Described as the "Master of Hearts," Daniel wore a black robe and green pants as he walked down the elevated ramp while fans screamed for him.

The Pinoy Big Brother All In winner removed his black robe to bare his abs, prompting even louder screaming.

He then threw his robe towards the cameras and videocams set up in the media booth. It was quickly grabbed by a female reporter.

Daniel is on the cover of the Cosmo Men supplement included in the September 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. His girlfriend, Erich Gonzales, is on the cover of the said Cosmo issue.

Other Cosmo centerfolds had their own gimmicks as they walked down the ramp that night.

L.A. Aguinaldo and Elmo Magalona entertained their fans by keeping in tune with the music while showcasing their brand of sexiness.

Model L.A. danced to the tune of "Twerk It Like Miley" as he shook his hips and made his way down the ramp.

Elmo Magalona was described as the heartthrob wonder as soon as he stepped on the stage.

He wore a white sando and grinded onstage while Chris Brown's "Take You Down" played in the background. He lay flat on the stage floor and came close to delighted fans.

He then took off his sando to bare his toned body.

Janine Gutierrez, the girlfriend of the GMA-7 actor, was present that night to show her support, as he did his first appearance at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.


Jens Knuttel was described as a "carnival charmer" with a "disarming smile and buff body." He slightly lowered his pants before he ended his walk.

The long-haired Kurst Viray, who was described as a "daredevil," showed his fearless side in heating up the crowd. He lowered his pants to reveal his checkered shorts underneath.

Derrick Monasterio threw his sando towards the crowd before holding the hands of spectators surrounding the ramp.

Making one of biggest surprise moves of the night, Derrick knelt down and reached into his crotch area. He retrieved a lollipop that he licked first before handing it to a lucky fan who swallowed it!

JC de Vera knelt in front of fans and even stood on top of a platform as he bared his well-defined torso.

Fil-German actor Clint Bondad and Brazilian actor-model Amadeo Leandro completed the Cosmo centerfolds.

Other celebrities who added a fun and sexy vibe were Enzo Pineda, Benjamin Alves, and Alex Medina.

Enzo brought a pair of scissors to snip his pants. He also placed his hand inside his pants to tease the crowd!

Ben Alves gave a salute when he reached the end of the ramp. Over-enthusiastic fans grabbed his tank top and he had a brief tussle with them before he finally let go.

Alex Castro slid across the stage while Miko Raval initially wore his polo before taking it off for the crowd.

Alex Medina had one of the most playful routines of the evening. He grinded his hips as he danced to the music. He then covered his crotch area with his hand and wagged his finger as if to signify his private parts are off limits.

He also rolled on the floor and slid across the stage.

Mimicking a rockstar, Alex acted as if he would jump at the crowd to bodysurf.


Before leaving the stage, he stood on a platform and pretended to pull off his red pants.

The 2015 Cosmo Bachelor Bash ended with the Cosmo hunks baring their abs one last time before confetti dropped down from the rafters.

#CosmoCarnival zoomed to the No. 1 spot of trending topics on Twitter Philippines that night.

Alex Medina #CosmoCarnival

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