Diego Castro happy over archbishop’s decree that Lipa Marian phenomenon is authentic

Diego Castro says that if his mom June Keithley is still alive, news of Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Arguelles's statement on the authenticity of the Lipa Miracle would make her very happy: "She would be screaming, ‘Yes!, Yes! Yes!’ with arms up. Ganun siya ma-excite."

Isa ang UNTV newscaster na si Diego Castro sa milyun-milyong Pilipino na natuwa dahil pinatotohanan ni Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Arguelles ang Lipa Marian phenomenon na nangyari noong September 1948.

Naglabas si Archbishop Arguelles ng decree ukol dito noong Sabado, September 12, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary.

Ito ang nakasaad sa decree:

“Therefore, I, by the grace of God and the authority of the Apostolic See, the seventh bishop of this local church of Lipa, the Fifth archbishop of this Metropolitan See, the most unworthy Servus Ancillae Filius, declare with moral certainty and with the best intentions and hopes in mind, seeking the compliance of the norms of the Holy See, acting for the greater Glory of God and ascertaining always greater love for the Holy Mother the Church,

“That the events and the apparition of 1948 also known as the Marian Phenomenon in Lipa and its aftermath in the recent times do exhibit supernatural character and is worthy of belief.

“Thus, I encourage the devotion to the most Holy Mother Mary under her revered and worthy title Mediatrix of All Grace.”

JUNE KEITHLEY’S FAITH. May dahilan si Diego para matuwa.

Ang kanyang ina—ang EDSA hero, broadcast journalist, at Marian devotee na si June Keithley, na pumanaw noong November 2013—ang isa sa mga nagsulong na kilalanin ng simbahan ang pagpapakita ni Blessed Virgin Mary sa postulant na si Teresita Castillo noong September 12, 1948, sa garden ng Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace church, sa Lipa City, Batangas.

Saad ni Diego, “Grabe, kung alam mo lang na even in sickness, my mom always talked about it na sana, if wala na siya, gumawa kami ng way to further the cause.


“Now, we are a step closer to authentication sa Vatican.

"The Lipa series came via a book and documentary on TV [The Woman Clothed with the Sun]. 1992 ‘yon.

“In prayers, kasama ‘yon sa intentions ni Mommy.

“[Had she been alive today,] she would be screaming, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ with arms up. Ganun siya ma-excite.

“But my mission is to get Lipa, The Movie produced.

"Mom almost did it with Peque Gallaga, eight years ago.

"Last year, I almost got it done with a group of filmmakers."

Matatandaang iprinodyus ni Keithley noong 1992 ang TV documentary tungkol sa Marian apparitions na pinamagatang The Woman Clothed with the Sun.

Kasama rito ang kuwento tungkol sa milagro sa Lipa.

Mapapanood sa YouTube ang documentary ni Keithley at ang panayam niya kay Castillo, na 88 years old na ngayon.

Kasama rin sa docu ang panayam ni Keithley sa mga madre, church officials, at mga ordinaryong tao na nakasaksi sa Lipa miracle.





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