Sam Milby opens up about love, breakup, and moving on

Sam Milby's lesson on moving on from a past relationship: “Personally, it's seeing the other person na happy and also being ok with it.

Sam Milby admitted that he considers ex-girlfriend Anne Curtis as his “great love.”

But even though their relationship didn’t work out, the Rockoustic Heartthrob is happy that he and Anne remained good friends through the years.

“I am friends with my exes. And it’s something that you learn from.

“Someone that you’ve really invested so much emotion in, so much time in… just relationships, in general, you learn from them," he stated.

Known for their on-and-off relationship back then, Sam also hinted that Anne was the one who broke up with him during their “last goodbye.”

LESSONS ON LETTING GO. In an interview with Tonight With Boy Abunda last night, October 7, Sam was asked how he puts an end to a romance that turned sour.

The 31-year-old singer/actor replied: “No, [I don’t talk with them]. When you go through a breakup, you try to be okay.

“Pero when you go through a breakup, mahirap talaga, e. You have to heal [on your own].”

Sam also opened up about the fact that a guy’s pride usually gets in the way of a possible reconciliation between an ex-couple.

“Kasi kahit parang breakup, parang gusto mo ipaglaban. There's still that love.

“Sometimes it’s pride. Parang, ‘Wala akong ginawang mali. Ikaw ang may ginawang mali.’

“You always have that pride, that ego thing.

"Both sides have that reasoning [behind their] arguments," he explained.

Sam added that couples usually call it quits not because of third party but because of “differences” and constant "arguments."


BEING FRIENDS WITH ANNE. Sam has always been vocal about staying single since his breakup with Anne six years ago.

But he explained that it doesn’t mean he’s not over their past relationship yet.

“Some people say you haven’t really moved on until you have somebody else.

“I think it’s better actually to move on na wala pa [kapalit] to be fair to the next person.

“But I think, when it's over, first up, you see how happy the other person is.

“Personally, it's seeing the other person na happy and also being okay with it.

“Sometimes ang sakit, pero happy ka rin na happy yung ex mo.”

Incidentally, Sam invited Anne to be one of his special guests for his 10thanniversary concert, The Milby Way, to be held at Kia Theater on November 28.

The ex-couple briefly reunited during Sam’s guest appearance in It’s Showtime yesterday.

Sam told Anne when he went on stage at the Kapamilya noontime show, “Guest ka, ha?”

To which, the 30-year-old actress/TV host eagerly replied, “Oo, sige ba!”





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