Pastillas Girl saddened by suitor Evan Vergogna's decision to quit It's Showtime

Pastillas Girl on suitor Evan Vergogna: “Nakita ko naman yung efforts ni Evan before. Hindi ko naman kino-close yung door ko."

Pastillas Girl (a.k.a. Angelica Yap) admitted that she felt saddened by Evan’s decision to drop out of It’s Showtime’s reality segment “Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas.”

The said dating segment features Pastillas Girl’s search for a potential boyfriend dubbed as "Mr. Pastillas."

Pastillas Girl maintained, however, that she’s open to entertaining Evan as one of her suitors off cam.

“Nakita ko naman yung efforts ni Evan before. Hindi ko naman kino-close yung door ko.

“Malay po natin after the segment, hindi rin po natin alam,” Pastillas Girl said on It’s Showtime this Saturday, October 10.

According to Pastillas Girl, Evan has decided to quit from the dating segment to prioritize his real-life profession.

“May sinabi pa siya about off cam, puwede pa rin naman po, liligawan po niya yung lolo ko, di ba?

“Pero sa ngayon po, siyempre gusto ko mag-focus siya sa career niya. Suportahin na lang natin siya.”

This stemmed from Evan’s Instagram post this Saturday, October 10, explaining his absence in the noontime show for the past few episodes.

Evan told Pastillas Girl in the caption of the same post: “Off cam I will be keeping in touch and continue what we have shared...Ingat ka palagi. I wish for your happiness.”

To date, there are five remaining Mr. Pastillas aspirants on It's Showtime's dating segment.

Pastillas Girl, for her part, also prepared a message for Evan, which she shared with the fans of their tandem on national television.

She later posted a photo with Evan on Instagram, and its caption partly read, “ I want you to grow in your own little way.


"I don't want you to regret anything in your life. No matter what, I will always be here for you, Evan.

"You will always have a special place in my heart, Honey Bee.”

I can control my destiny, but not my fate. I believe we have the choice to fulfill our destiny, but our fate is sealed. I would say being part of It's Showtime family, i have enjoyed meeting new friends and had fun. Along the way, there were criticisms but that didn't dampen my spirit to challenges and open doors for opportunities what life was in store for me. The segment Ms. Pastillas have mixed reactions and feedbacks. I was not spared from bashers and negativeness. But I never regretted that I was a part of the search for "Nasaan ka Mr. Pastillas?" Words are inadequate to express the happiness to know I have partaken sharing joy to MADLANG PEOPLE. Maraming salamat po to the EVANATICS, VANTILLAS, EVANGERS, and all that is part of It's Showtime--- the staff and crew who made me feel comfortable and helpful. The Showtime hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, Jhong, Karylle, Jugs & Teddy, Mr. Kim, Coleen, Eruption, Ryan & specially to Billy Crawford--- I can't thank you enough for being all so nice. I am now a big fan. My gratitude for your unselfish ways of showing your human side. Your kindness makes it difficult to say goodbye. Thank you to Topher, Richard, Jess, Michael, and all other aspirants. Brothers we will keep in touch. My co-workers and my workplace, thanks for the understanding and covering for missed days sa work. To--- my Mama, my Papa, my siblings and my family you are the best! If I were to write a book, the pages will be filled with good memories. Angelica, the memories will make me smile and remember your sweetest smiles. Off cam I will be keeping in touch and continue what we have shared... Ingat ka palagi. I wish for your happiness. There may be a thousand little choices in a day, all of them count. Listen to the quietest whispers of your mind for it will help you the most. You looking for Mr. Right? He is just here off cam. Till we meet again. Never say goodbye! Salamat po and God bless. Sincerely, EVAN 😊

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