PEP EXCLUSIVE. Model-TV host Avi Siwa explains her side on alleged gold bar scam

Pinabulaanan ni Avi Siwa (kanan) na miyembro siya ng sindikatong nambibiktima ng potential buyers ng gold bars. Lehitimo raw siyang broker at negosyante. Buwelta niya sa nagdemanda sa kanyang si Eric Allison (kaliwa), “Many times I felt like giving in and just paying him back the whole 500k but what he did was so unfair and I think that this foreigner needs to learn his lessons too. That he can't just shit on anyone it in our country just because he has money.”

Lumikha ng ingay ang mga patutsada ng 2009 FHM cover girl na si Avi Siwa laban sa singer-actress na si Vina Morales.

Diumano, hinahadlangan ng Kapamilya star ang boyfriend na si Marc Lambert na madalaw ang kasisilang pa lang nitong anak kay Avi.

Si Marc ay isang French national na dating ka-live-in ni Avi.

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AVI SIWA’S GOLD BAR SCAM. Ngayong Miyerkules ng umaga, October 28, isang text message naman ang natanggap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) mula sa isang nagngangalang Eric Allison.

Ito ay kaugnay ng gold bar scam na kinasasangkutan ni Avi.

Tinawag pa ni Allison si Avi na "con artist" at "coke dealer."

Sinampahan na rin daw niya ng kasong estafa ang model at TV host.

Ito ang buong text message na ipinadala ni Allison sa PEP:

“We are hoping you will report on the up coming criminal trial of Avi Siwa, Youtube 'Avi Siwa Gold Bar scam,' she cheated my family.

“I hired Avi and learned quickly she was a con artist. She threated to kill me if I filed charges. She is part of a syndicate. She also has criminal charges for assult and battery. Our trial is in 3 weeks in Taguig.

“The case is public record... please watch Youtube video from TV5... Avi Siwa gold bar scam...

“I hired Avi to be a VP in my company, she approached me saying she broke up with her American BF Jimmy Cassel and she had no money.


“She had a dear friend kuya Joel who she was helping to sell gold. She asked me to help buy a gold bar and she will resell it the next day to Max Ching the relative of the Tan family.

“So I gave her P500,000 and then when I took the gold to the store the next morning to test it, we found it was fake. I asked her to return my money and prove she was not part of a scam with kuya Joel and she refused over a year.

“She promised to pay me back but never did. Then she started making grave threats and talking so very arrogant.

“I filed charges and the fiscal agreed I had a strong case for estafa as I have 320 texts from Avi proving her false stories and lies.

“We went to court and the judge said there was indeed enough proof for a formal trial and issued an HDO order so have couldn’t leave the country. We will now have trial in a few weeks.

“When I posted the story on Facebook so many other people contacted me about being hurt by Avi.

“She has tried to settle with me but never can honor her words she can only talk, talk, talk but her actions plastic.

“We will now seek justice in court and expect a guilty verdict. Avi thinks she is above the law because she is a model. But if u ask around many networks fired her for being a diva and bringing drugs on the set.


“She is known as a coke dealer in BGC at the clubs before she got pregnant. She says she pities my 6 kids as they are all babies because soon they will have no daddy.

“Grave threat! That's the real Avi Siwa.”

AVI SIWA’S VERSION. Sa pamamagitan ng text messaging, hiningi ng PEP ang panig ni Avi kaugnay ng mga akusasyon ni Allison laban sa kanya.

Fifteen text messages ang kanyang ipinadala sa PEP ngayon ding araw.

Saad ni Avi, “Okay.... So, an AMERICAN LAWYER introduced me to a group of local (Filipino) sellers who claims to have found gold bars from treasure hunting.

"I was into treasure hunting and financed a few 'digs' years ago, so I'm known in my network to have gold and diamond buyers... I became a go-to person when it comes to these things.

“But I stopped because I lost millions of money in it. I was scammed many times.

"But because of this American lawyer who I trusted, I reconsidered helping the group he brought to me....

“Eric Allison (who is suing me) an AMERICAN businessman and a Merge & Acquisition guy for a few big companies came to me and offered me a partnership in an investment (private equity) firm as VP of Marketing because he knows I'm well connected in the Philippines and friends with a lot of CEOs of different companies.

“I met him at PGIMI, a Hong Kong based company when I brought a company he was representing to my group of investors.


"He found out I have brought over 100 clients to that company. His offer was very good - equity in the company and huge salary - and I agreed to become his business partner.

“While we finalize partnership, I mentioned the local gold sellers to him. He got excited and said he loves collecting gold and he also can buy it and sell for me.

"Since we are putting up a company I prioritized him as the buyer despite the fact that I have my own solid network of gold buyers...

“So, I introduced the main guy (JOEL) to him and they agreed with all the terms and procedure.

“On the day of the deal, ERIC changed procedure and instead of doing the assay (testing) of the gold bar inside the hotel he said we have to do it in his SUV. The sellers said NO. Then after I negotiated with sellers they finally agreed

“Then ERIC changed procedure again and said he also wants to do it at the parking lot of his place (Serendra)...again had to ask sellers of okay. The deal almost didn't happened because of all these changes

“Finally...we get into his SUV, with his wife and the sellers and my maid. They took samples from the bar by drilling it.

“The bar was kept safe in a locked box. We then went to Cebuana Lhuillier to check the samples and confirmed it gold. Eric hands the down payment to sellers (500k pesos), he took the box of gold , sellers gave me 50k commission.


“The next day, Eric says the bar is fake and blamed it all on me saying I'm part of a syndicate. He bashed me on social media and harassed my family and friends and now suing me for estafa.

"Sellers are no where to be found.

“I pleaded not guilty and didn't agree for settlement.

“He dragged the some names of my business associates and one of them is suing him for two cases. That's when he softened and tried to talk me into dropping the case if my business associate drops the cases against him also.

“Kumbaga may kapalit. I thought it's unfair he is connecting our case to cases against him.

"Because I was pregnant and scared of miscarriage I offered to pay him back even if I'm innocent, but I can only give it when I close a business deal, he didn't want to and wanted COLD CASH.

“He also put me on channel 5 and made me look like a criminal when he hasn’t proven in court that these lies. He's been trying to destroy my reputation by tagging all my friends in Facebook and show the link to this video and his posts."

Ang tinutukoy ni Avi ay ang public-service program ng TV5 na T3, kung saan nagkaroon ng entrapment operation laban sa kanya.

Patuloy niya, “He made it look like I was arrested when I already paid bail by setting me up in Greenbelt.

“He has said he will say sorry to everyone if my associate drops the case against him but unfortunately my associate is not backing out on suing him.


“I have another trial in 3 weeks and I still will not settle. What he did to me is UNACCEPTABLE.

“My mother, because of stress, got Bell's Palsy when he was bashing me and her friends.

“The embarrassment he brought to my whole family is not something I can get over with and until now I'm going through a trauma from it. And imagine all these are happening while I'm pregnant...

“Many times I felt like giving in and just paying him back the whole 500k but what he did was so unfair and I think that this foreigner needs to learn his lessons too. That he can't just shit on anyone it in our country just because he has money.

“I need to fight this case at all cost.”





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