Gab Valenciano gets bashed for criticizing presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte

Samu't saring panglalait ang natanggap ni Gab Valenciano dahil sa kanyang paghahayag ng opinyon laban kay Davao City Mayor Duterte. Pero paglilinaw niya, "I am not saying all this for pity, instead, for people to gain a certain level of consciousness of the current educational and mental state of the country. Now, not every comment was irrelevant."

Pinuri ni Gab Valenciano ang pagpuna ng singer na si Kitchie Nadal sa naging pag-amin ni Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte na bukod sa kanyang asawa ay may iba pa siyang kinakasamang mga babae.

Sa kanyang Facebook post noong December 2, sinabi ni Kitchie: “This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become MATRIARCHAL—mothers have to take all the responsibility of raising whole family, while the husbands womanize with society’s quiet approval.”

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Nakarating sa anak ni Gary Valenciano ang naturang komento ni Kitchie, na naging viral at nagpaikot-ikot na sa social media.

Linggo, December 6, nag-post si Gab sa kanyang Facebook account ng opinyon niya tungkol dito.

Pahayag niya, “Wisdom. Pure wisdom. Respect for Kitchie has quintupled.

“Would you hire a murderer to look after your kids? Would you invite a thief to look after your home?


“In this case, would you, who was born and raised a Filipino with the values and morals set and taught to you by past generations, appoint a president who completely rejects the morals we Filipinos are known for?

“Family. Faith. Tact. I'm sorry, but leadership does not justify compromise.”

Kasalukuyang nasa Amerika si Gab.

“I CANNOT SUPPORT HIS MORALITY.” Dagdag pa niya, walang dudang magaling na lider si Mayor Duterte pero hindi raw niya ito nakitaan ng mga kaakibat na katangian ng isang magaling na mamumuno sa bansa.

“This is the sad reality. The Philippines' greatest weakness isn't the government anymore, it's the people who so eagerly, desperately and blindly fall for anything that looks and sounds good.

“No doubt, Duterte is a leader who leads, and leads well.

"But what about the model and nature in which that leadership is put across? Doesn't that matter anymore?

"I respect him for his honesty and eagerness to lead our country back on track, but I cannot support his morality.


“No matter how great you are at what you do, your character is what will define you and what you leave behind when everything is said and done.

“Kudos, Kitchie. Kudos.”

COMPROMISING FOR CHANGE. Sa comments section, may isang follower si Gab na naghayag din ng kanyang opinyon.

Sabi ng isang nagngangalang Marn Garcia: “Before you convey your opinion, lalo na about this coming 2016 election, please think of ordinary Filipino citizens, young professionals who are stuck in a bullshit contractualization employment system, OFW's...

“We are MAD for CHANGE you know!
The Filipino youth look up to you Mr. Gab Valenciano so please keep an open mind in discussing such thing!”

Tugon ni Gab dito: “I am for no one. Sadly.

“The issue here isn't about who should be president or who would be better. I made that quite clear.

"He is a leader, no doubt. Please do not take my opinion out of context. I am speaking about morality and what a true Filipino should stand for.


"Yes, the others have so much garbage latched on to them as well, and I would never represent or endorse them in any way, but when any decent person boasts about dirty laundry, in this case a presidential candidate, that shouldn't be socially acceptable.

"You say you want change yet are willing to compromise for the sake of acquiring that change. I think that should be reason enough to rethink your argument. Marn.

“I say this with much respect and from a good place. I completely understand where you're coming from and I wish there were much better options.

"The PH is in dire need of leadership and the worst part is, outsiders see our country as a place with good clubs, traffic and filthy officials.”

“ATTACKING MY HUMANITY…” Madaling-araw ngayong Miyerkules, December 9, isang mensahe ang ibinahagi ni Gab sa kanyang followers sa Facebook.

Aniya, marami ang nanlait sa kanya dahil sa pagbatikos niya sa katauhan ni Mayor Duterte.


Ang masaklap pa raw nito, personal ang mga naging atake sa kanya.

Narito ang Facebook post ni Gab:

“Dear People.

“I woke up today with a barrage of messages over all my social media accounts, attacking not just my personal opinion, but my humanity as well.

“Apparently, my Facebook status was featured and shared online (which was never my intention) and that's where the backlash started.

"I would have loved to indulge in constructive arguments with people and go head to head on this issue, instead, they talk about how ugly I am, how I'm using this issue to boost my popularity, how I'm just desperately looking for attention because I don't have a career anymore AND how I was never fit for show business.”

Ayon pa kay Gab, ibinahagi niya ang naturang pananaw hindi para sa sariling kapakanan kundi para magkaroon ng puwang ang mga taong mag-isip tungkol sa mga isyung maaaring makaapekto sa kapakanan ng lahat pagdating ng araw.


Diin pa niya, pinanindigan niya ang kanyang mga nasabi at wala siyang balak humingi ng dispensa.

“Wait, what? WHAT? I find it quite amusing. It doesn't stop there. The list goes on and on and the comments go insanely low.

“I am not saying all this for pity, instead, for people to gain a certain level of consciousness of the current educational and mental state of the country. Now, not every comment was irrelevant.

“There were a couple of issues brought up and definitely made a lot of sense, but at this point, it wasn't worth the participation anymore.

“It's sad. Heartbreaking even. Not necessarily with what they were saying about my personal life (since I've heard all that over and over before anyway), but seeing how real people who live real lives think and feel nowadays.

“It's scary. It's scary seeing where Filipinos stand culturally, socially, spiritually and mentally. What happened. What the heck happened.


“It's deeper than just haters. It's deeper than just trolls. These are actual people. The country is known to have a very shallow social media presence, but what about disgraceful, distasteful, uneducated, disrespectful and ignorant?

“I commend everyone who gave valid comments and arguments on my original post. Because you actually are for the advancement of our country and are educated enough to know how to handle opposition.

“I stood up and spoke out for what I believe in, and I will not apologize nor back down. So come at me with your garbage, and I will retaliate with my education.”





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